1) Favorite person or people on tumblr? All the people I tagged in this post. :)

2) Favorite place in the world? My beach on Philip Island back home. Miss it every single day.

3)Favorite food and drink? California rolls and pepsi, but it varies.

4) Favorite place to live? Australia because it’s the best country in the world. :)

5) Summer; Spring; Fall or Winter? It’s a toss up between summer and autumn.

6) How do you imagine your future? A lot less confined.

7) The most important person in your life? My son. <3

8) Movies or books? Books definitely. Movies cut so much out.

9) Bath or shower? Shower. I can’t sit in my own filth lol ew.

10) Piercings and/or tattoos? I have nine piercings and 4 tatts.

11) The word who describe you: The word that describes me? Umm… intricate. Or annoying. lol either one is fine.

mammasaurusrex replied to your post:This mornings workout looked like this: 3…

You are super mom!! I don’t have the energy to even go pee sometimes, I definitely would fall asleep if I tried to go to the gym!

Definitely not super mom.  Every time the alarm goes off, I have to fight my eyelids to get up and go.  I will say that eating a paleo diet helps a lot.  I cannot get out of bed the next morning if I go off the rails with food.  Also, I’ve started taking a herbal iron supplement if I notice that I’m sluggish for a couple days in a row.  It’s been unbelievably helpful in elevating my energy levels.

mammasaurusrex replied to your post “I find it funny that two people unfollowed me for the convo with my…”

I can’t imagine ever unfollowing you! Idk how someone could be offended by that post either

I guess I kind of get it…  If they don’t know our background, it could seem like gratuitous bragging.  It’s just funny to me since it was such hard work.  M once refused to swallow one bite of brussel sprout so he held it in his mouth for three hours.  No joke, he honestly napped with it in his mouth rather than swallow it.  I didn’t even realize he was still cheeking it until he woke up!

And I couldn’t imagine unfollowing you either!  I wish you’d move back to California!  I’d drive you around and talk to cashiers for you so you don’t have to.  :)