mamma mu

Anyone in need of a good role model? 

Look at Mama Moo, sitting way up in the treetops all proud of herself. 

Thing is, she’s a cow. A non-anthropomorphic dairy cow who lives in a barn with other cows, walks around on all fours, grazes and ruminates.

But if she wants to climb a tree or learn to ride a bike or whatever, she does it.

If someone - like her rather more conservative and cynical friend (/foil) Crow tells her that building treehouses or learning to read aren’t appropriate cow activites, Mama Moo replies that

she’s still going to try,

maybe these things aren’t for everyone

but at the same time she’s not going to let a mere detail like being a cow stop her from taking up new hobbies

And more often than not, the things Mama Moo wants to do are really really difficult. Like learning to ride a bike, or building a treehouse, or reading. But she doesn’t give up, and even if things don’t work out then at least she’s tried it.

I just think that’s an awesome thing to teach children: Don’t let society use biology to tell you what you can and cannot do.

And if you mess up and break the waterslide when you try it, well then you just have to try and fix it, which means you’ve learned another useful life skill. 


Headphones © Britt Nicole

anonymous asked:

Hi, I really love your art style and it's very inspiring! May I ask when you began drawing and how you got to where you are now? Have a great day!

hi!! well uhm it’s rly not much i’ve drawn since as long as i can remember(when i was a kid i usually drew fanart of children’s stories like mamma mu) 

then at some point i read dragon ball and was like this style is so cool? i wanna do stories like this, and heres som early examples of that post-dragon ballJay Art™ i was abouut 6 years old. (note the guy being split in half and the bull horn demon thing. little jay didn’t fuck around)

then eventually i started drawing ~proper~ fanart and it looked kinda like this. think i was eleven when i made this: 

then the rest is history… the fandoms changed, the style evolved but i always drew every single day and tried sorta. pulling forward always drawing.

every fandom is sort of a unique experience so my fanart changed a lot from fandom to fandom, since in every fandom there’s different influences, and also because i’m a very insecure person. i always feel i’m not doing good enough, so i change my style almost constantly, at least have until now. there’s no guarantee how my style will look in the future though. 

for fun, here’s a timeline of some styles from my highschool years.. some of them look like they’re made by different people altogether which makes me kinda sad. but yea!! it’s just. that. drawing a lot n pushing forward and now i’m here and i’m drawing the stuff i like now!??? 


Tjena mors!
Filippa har varit här, på landet, i förra dagar nu. Men idag åkte hon hem. Jättetidigt. Vi var tvungna att gå upp klockan tio. Vi har promenerat, målat, pratar och spelat gamla tv-spel. Det har varit jättemysigt.
Sedan har en vän äntligen kommit hem, och sagt att hon kanske kanske kanske kanske kommer, bara kanske flytta till området nära mig. JAG BLIR SP BARA SÅ PEPP!!!!
och sen får jag hjälpa Filippa att måla hennes nya väggar. OHHH.
Oooch så ÄLSKAR jag Barnkanalen. Alltså - Mamma Mu, du är min BÄSTA idol. Du får mig glömma bort att skolan början snart.