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Torno drogato a casa mi vede mia mamma e chiede: “Che hai?”
Un’ altra pazza mi scrive su Whatsapp chiede: “Che fai?”
Tutti che fanno domande ma non lo vedete da soli? Eddai
Non voglio sentire nessuno mi mandi affanculo? Evvai!
Lasciatemi stare non voglio parlare non voglio ascoltare
Lasciatemi stare non voglio parlare non voglio ascoltare
—  Jesto.
Sono tante le cose che non so dirti. Lo so è strano, pensavi che io non sapessi come dirtelo, e invece è proprio il contrario. Basterebbe parlarti, o addirittura urlarti in faccia, magari dopo un abbraccio o una litigata. Non c'è giorno che passa che io ti ami e ti odi allo stesso tempo, come fai tu con me, come mi hai insegnato. Non riesco a immaginare la mia vita senza di te eppure non perdo tempo ad immaginare come sarebbe se scappassi di casa, se mi verresti a cercare o mi aspetteresti in salotto, come fai sempre. Sappi che il “ti voglio bene” seppur è una frase che dicono tutti, che potrebbe non aver nessun significato è difficile per me dirtelo. Scusa se non sono come vorresti, se anche se sono brava per te sono sempre una “maledetta figlia ribelle” che non vuole fare niente e non è brava a fare niente. è vero, sono goffa, impacciata, combino più casini io di chiunque altro. Non riesco a concludere mai nulla di buono, e se mi impegno non è mai abbastanza. Non sono all'altezza di ciò che mi viene richiesto, non sono perfino riuscita ad esserlo per te, figuriamoci se ci riuscirò mai con le altre persone. Oggi abbiamo litigato per la milionesima volta, e per la milionesima volta terremo entrambe il broncio per una, forse due settimane. Non leggerai mai questo testo perché non ti piace quello che scrivo e ti capisco, io non sono brava con le parole, ma gli auguri te li voglio fare lo stesso. Auguri mamma.
—  @art-of-risa

gotham-ruaidh  asked:

28 (teaching the other something new) for Briste, please!

#28 teaching the other something new

I stood, rooted to the spot in horror. When my angel said she’d teach me how to ride a bike I didn’t think she meant motorbike.

“No, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t need to learn how to ‘properly’ ride a bike.” I shook my head just as her arms wrapped around my waist and her chin rested on my back.

“My big, strong, army survivor, highlander isn’t scared of a tiny motorcycle is he?” She taunted, I could feel her silent laughter vibrate through me.

“I’m no scared, I’m horrified! Ye mean to tell me ye ride this? That ye ken how to operate such a thing!”

She full out belly laughed this time.

“Yes, I do and this happens to be only one of a few that I own.”

I spun her around to face me. “Claire! This is your bike, and you own more than one?Jesus God, M'aingeal! How are ye still in one piece?”

She crossed her arms and glared at me.

“You mean to say you don’t think I can ride a motorcycle because of how clumsy I am?”

I nodded vehemently.

She leaned back and was, somehow, now gracefully perched on the deep blue motorcycle.

“That’s a shame you don’t believe me, and to think you were getting off easy with this cruiser. The street bike is much more difficult to control, then there’s the trails bike where there isn’t a seat at all, and the–”

“Ye own all these things and know what to do?” I interrupted her, and she only smiled wide. “Christ! I don’t know if I’d rather lock you in a room or roll you in bubble wrap then lock you in a room so you don’t hurt yourself!”

“I’m quite good. I’ve been riding since I was a child.”

My face must have portrayed my disbelief.

“You still don’t believe me? You? The one who damn well knows how I am when straddling something.”


She laughed and threw her leg around so she was straddling the motorcycle beneath her.

“Come on you big wuss, I’ll show you controls while we go for a wee ride.” She said tossing me a helmet before fastening her own.

At least that was one less worry I had about this thing.

“Are ye sure this is proper?” I hesitated, not sure how we were to fit.

“Just get on! This isn’t 1920!”

I did as she asked and climbed on, noticing the foot pegs she had extended and out for me.

“Put your feet up on the pegs, I can handle the weight. Now the first thing you need to know is that with this particular bike you don’t have to kickstart. This is a simple push start. Can you see?”

I looked over her shoulder to where she pointed at a button just below her thumb.

“Clutch,” she squeezed her left hand, “handbreak,” she squeezed the right, “foot break,” her right foot wiggled on top of the break, “and gears are on the left hand side. Good?”

“Aye, what are those other toggles? Where’s the gas?”

Claire laughed and I think smiled and went back to showing me the controls.

If my faves had tumblr:
  • Kate Mulgrew: *posts mainly Throwbacks of cast members, red carpet selfies and gets into the occasional pro-lgbtq debate*
  • Meryl Streep: *posts thoughtful quotes and follows all musical blogs she can find. Also compulsively reblogs designer shoes *
  • Emma Thompson: *doesn't post often but when she does it's sassy comebacks and quotes and images of great leaders.*
  • Mary McDonnell: *her blog should have a selfie or two somewhere but first you have to dig through the hundreds of cute animal photos and the occaisional hair tutorial video reblogs (what is unicorn hair and why do people keep talking about it??)*
  • Helen Mirren: *stunning nature photography and dirty jokes, has been threatened with blocking for getting into violent disagreements about Shakespeare and Feminism*

all about the green- a collection of showtunes which prove that money makes the world go around

money, money, money - mamma mia! // more - ghost: the musical // big money - see what i wanna see // money - cabaret // i don’t understand the poor - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // mr. cladwell - urinetown // the life that you wished for - chaplin // all for the best - godspell // the money song - avenue q // that’s rich - newsies // diamonds are a girl’s best friend - gentlemen prefer blondes // wealth - the apple tree // all about the green - the wedding singer // i’m outta here - ghost: the musical // boho days - tick, tick…BOOM! // rent - rent // 96000 - in the heights // and the money kept rolling in - evita //


Auguri Mamma.
Vorrei di te, almeno la metà della forza che hai. Sono orgogliosa e fiera di avere una mamma come te.
Ti amo da morire! ♡