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Ragazze che postano screen di messaggi dove dicono ‘dai sali’ al ragazzo alle due di notte, io se faccio na cosa del genere mia madre prende prima me a sprangate , mi rasa i capelli stile caludio bisio e poi butta a lui dal balcone e lo usa per giocarci a angry birds . 

Fake Chats #143
  • Hoseok: oh, Jungkookie!
  • Jungkook: yeah?
  • Hoseok: give hyung a hug?
  • Jungkook: why don't you ask the resident koala?
  • Hoseok: the resident koala is with the resident hedgehog.
  • Jungkook: what about the resident puppy?
  • Hoseok: he's with mamma bird.
  • Jungkook: and it's not like Namjoon-hyung is super cuddly.
  • Hoseok: he can be, he's just not exactly a cuddle monster.
  • Jungkook: funny.
  • Hoseok: point is, I want a hug, so hug me, bunny!
  • Jungkook: okay, okay! You're cute.
  • Hoseok: you're cuter.
  • Jungkook: well, yeah. Bunnies are super cute.
  • Hoseok: oh, Kookie.
  • Jungkook: oh, sunshine.
  • Hoseok: that's it. You're staying here with me.
  • Jungkook: you're lucky this bunny loves hugs.
  • Hoseok: oh my gosh, stop.

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This small bat likes to check in on her other flighted friends sometimes. I'm interrupting tonight's current programming to remind you that you are a lovely mamma bird and send some happy/relaxing vibes your way. Hope they reach you soon. :)

You are so incredibly kind & I appreciate this message so much. Thank you so much, little bird 🌿

Request: Girlfriends

Request: Could you write one where Ima introduces her best friend Y/N to the club and they all are surprised because Ima’s best friend is young and really sweet and haven’t dating yet and they don’t know why she’s friend with Ima, but she just is. And Ima is a real friend for Y/N

Yes, I did it, somehow I managed to include glorious Happy moments on this imagine…I hope it’s okay.

Originally posted by minddykaling

Your best friend promised Charming would be a good place for you and though your beliefs might differ a little, Ima never had put you in bad situations before. You packed your stuff and drove to that little town in California, crashing on Ima’s place until you find your own. She was really excited about having you there and took you to meet her other friend, Lyla.

Lyla was a really nice girl, she worked in a porn studio called Red Woody and though you were a little out of your element there, getting constantly blushed, it was fun to hang out with the girls. There was this new girl there, who just had broken up with her boyfriend, making a show right in front of the studio. However, she didn’t seem so bad, she turned on the stereo, some happy song playing. You recognized “Ugly Heart”, by G.R.L and smiled. The song was perfect for the moment.

You started to move your hips as you helped Lyla to put some things back in place inside the studio. She laughed and started to dance too. You were making funny faces and weird moves when someone cleared his throat behind you. You turned around to see this blond guy smirking as he looked at you, behind him there were a few other guys, also smirking.

“Hi Jax”, Lyla said, not embarrassed at all, walking towards the blond to hug him.

“Hi sweetheart”, he said hugging her. So this was the famous Jax Teller that Ima talked about so much? He was handsome and as she had feeling his presence, Ima came from her room, stopping next to you.

“There you go…Samcro”, she said, pursing her lips as you looked up to her, taller then you with her heels.

“Who is your friend?”, this bald guy asked to Lyla, looking you up and down. You were about to introduce yourself when Ima stepped ahead, like she was protecting you.

“She is Y/N”, she said, hands on her hips. “My best friend”

“You? A best friend?”, a dark haired guy laughed. “I didn’t think whores had BFF”

“You better stay away from her”, Ima said, narrowing her eyes.

“Let her decided that”, the bald guy said, still looking at you like you were a prey.

“Ima…”, Lyla interrupted the conversation before your friend could do any damage. “You have things to do”

Ima looked at the boys once more, her eyes piercing at them, like a warning and walked away. “Yell if you need me”, she said before leave you with Lyla.

“Sorry”, you mumbled walking with Lyla to the bar where the boys where sitting around, she was introducing them to you. “She is super protective”

“Ima? Protective?”, Jax said, lightning a cigarette. “How did you ended up being her best friend?”

“Well, Ima was always a solitary person”, you said, putting on the fridge the bottles Lyla was handing to you. “She may seems the Prom Queen, but it was not like that”

“How about you?”, the bald guy, you learnt to be called Happy asked, everybody looking at him. You blinked a few times before answer.

“I was a solitary girl too”, you said blushing.

“Y/N just lost her parents”, Lyla said, smiling to you. “She is staying with Ima for a while”

“Christ!”, the black haired guy, named Tig, said. “Good luck girl”

“She is not that bad”, you said, defending your friend. “Ima always had been a good friend to me. I mean, she can be a bitch sometimes, but she is a good person”

“If you say so”, the Irishman, Chibs, shrugged. “Okay…We wanted to talk to you, Lyla. We need to throw a party here, Jackie boy needs it as a favor”

“Of course”, Lyla said without a second thought. “When?”

“Tonight”, Jax shrugged. Lyla grimace for a second and then nodded. “We can make work right?”

She looked at you, waiting for your answer. You weren’t that much for parties and it seemed it would be a hell of a one. Blushing, you nodded, “Okay, I can help”

“You are blushing”, Happy said, everybody looking at him again, shocked.

“I’m not a party girl”, you said in a low tone, Lyla smiling to you. “But I can help, don’t worry”

“Are you sure you are Ima’s friend?”, Tig asked again. You laughed and ignored them. Lyla needed help to prepared everything for the party and you stayed at Red Woody all day long. The boys had a private meeting at one room in the back of the studio and Happy looked at you before they left. You waved at him, blushing again, receiving a smile in response.


Red Woody was looking incredible and people didn’t stop arriving. Ima was close to you, being all mamma bird.

“Seriously, I’m fine”, you said for the thousand time. You knew she wanted to dance and flirt with the guys, but she was stuck with you. “Go have fun”

“I don’t want any of these pigs messing with you”, she said. “I have to protect you”

“Ima, I’m not a child”, you whined, looking at the not alcohol drink in your hands. She huffed and stayed by your side. Suddenly, you felt a presence by your side and turned to see Happy there. “Hi”

“Hi”, he said, making Ima notice him. She narrowed her eyes, ready to shove him away. “Easy…I’m not going to hurt her”

“You better not to”, she said, trying to pull you away with her. You pushed your hand back. She looked at you and hissed. “You can’t stay here with him. You don’t know who he is. You never dated before, and suddenly you are here with the Killer”

“I’m here, you know”, Happy said. Ima pursed her lips and looked at you again. You nodded and she left, huffing on her way.

“Sorry about her”, you said to Happy. He shrugged and took a swig of his beer. You blushed, thinking about what you would talk about, you didn’t want to look weird, keeping the awkward silence all night. “Uh…Thanks for…Keeping me company…I mean, you don’t need too…miss all the fun”

“I’m having fun”, he said in a low tone that sent shivers down your spine and then he said something that almost made you squeal. “Believe me, little girl”

Read Taken - Part 1

mamma, is it so unusual that while you believe in angels, i believe in people?

here’s the truth: i am a bucket of bolts and hard tissue and i write better when it is raining and when i am aching. here’s the truth: i stick around for the people i love more frequently than i stick around for myself. here’s the truth: every person you meet forever changes you.

i think about this a lot, mamma. i think about this whenever i ride the train or buy groceries or stare up at the ceiling where we painted the soft y-shape of cancer’s constellation. i think about this and i do my best to make each meeting one that i am not ashamed of. i smile at every person i make eye contact with. i play pretend with preschoolers. i am the first to react to help someone.

so why is it so strange, mamma, that someone would be the first to hold my hands back from bruising my body. why is it that i give myself out like a christmas present but i can’t ask for help from anyone, why is it that when i say “they’re good for me,” your lips twist downwards like a leaf filling with too much water.

mamma, i swear i never meant to be a damsel, mamma, and i’m not. i’m just a dragon with her fire gone out, see, i’ve been trapped in cages and been clawing my way out of them, mamma, and i’m a little tired now, i just need somebody else to pull the splinters from the places i can’t reach, i just need a little push here and there, mamma, like how birds need a nudge to get out of their nest, i’m just like that, mamma, i know my wings could carry me but my body’s not convinced.

it’s the same how you always smile whenever daddy comes home, mamma, no matter how weary the day has made you. no matter how thick the skin of your palms get from hard work, you always touch him gently like he’s an orchid. it’s the same as how when us kids start getting crazy you look over to him as your grounding, it’s the same as how when you’re scared you take his hand and when you’re angry he’s who you vent to. see, mamma, us dragons need folk to shine our scales now and then. doesn’t mean we’re not capable of burning cities, mamma.

treasure don’t have to be gold. it can just be having someone waiting for you when you return to your den.

i’m sorry, mamma, but they make me strong and i love them.

—  “I can’t picture life without them.” /// r.i.d

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Okay those birds almost gave me a heart attack when i found them cuz they were in like the middle of my back yard well the back yard hardly ever gets mowed so the grass was like a little over waist high to me and im like 5ft tall. And the mamma bird was watching from a tree she didn't attack me but she kept chirping at me from a tree kinda like she was angry but i for the life of me could not figure out why so im mowing the yard and i LITERALLY mowed straight over the top of them and

Day 8: Favourite Flying type - Talonflame

Even though it’s a newbie, I think Talonflame is one of my favourite pokemon of all time. I love it’s design, I love my flame body, big mamma bird, equally as much as my perfect IV, gale wings battle god. I love this birb.

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So like I googled gray ace but I still don't get it. I understand asexuality but I just don't get the gray bit... I really hope this didn't come across rude. It's just something I've never come across before and I'd hate to be ignorant about something and then upset someone. So if you wouldn't mind explaining I'd really appreciate it. Obviously if it's not something you want to discuss I totally understand. Think you're great mamma bird x

I already explained it. It’s the spectrum between asexuality & sexuality. 🌿