So I wasn’t sure if people on tumblr would be interested in my posting excerpts from Erin’s translations from Jpopjrock. The main purpose of these are so fans can get to know their favorite artists better so hopefully they’ll find a wider audience here. This is from a Kimura Kaela interview with Oricon about her latest single “Mamireru!”

–In the liner notes for your new single “Mamireru,” you specifically request listeners to read the title with an accent on the “ma.”

Kaela: I want them to pronounce it like “parareru” [“parallel”]. The world of the internet, the world of my emotions, the world of emotions for others… There are a lot of parallel worlds, and the image here is of all those feelings people don’t share or try to get rid of, collected into a “Mamireru World.” That might be a little hard to understand because it’s just a feeling I tried to attach to the song, but that’s more or less the idea. (laugh) –(laugh) What are you trying to say with the lyrics? K: There are a lot of weird rumors circulating on the internet right now, and the number of people hurt by it is growing. There are too many threats, and there are a lot of troubling problems. You can’t tell the truth from the lies, you can’t tell what’s worthwhile or important, and you don’t even know what to say. I thought that if I referred to this with the word “congestion,” then people would get a bad impression of “being covered” [“mamirete iku”] by a congestion of important things. I don’t want my feelings and my existence to be covered up by important stuff. It’s because we are smothered by those things that I think we need to place importance on a human connection.

–In the song, you sing about searching for your downcast love, wanting them to come back to you.

K: I think that a person takes stress from their environment, and when they start to doubt the worth of their existence they can’t even call out for help. At times like that, I have to start expressing my feelings toward that person through different treatment and behavior. I want people to notice when those close to them are downcast and sighing. I’d want to find those people, hold them tight, and never let them go if I could. But I don’t know everyone in the world, and it’s not like I can directly do something for them all, so their family, friends, lovers… I want everyone close to those people to know their feelings from their expressions, treatment, and behavior. I want everyone close to those people to jump in and understand what they’re going through, no matter what the situation.

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