Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome one and all, to the official homepage for The Mamira Group! 

Officially open for business, every single member of The Mamira Group is dedicated to bringing together musicians, photographers, dreamers, freaks, geeks, and all artists of The Greater Los Angeles area together under one epic roof—

Ours, here at The Mamira Group where talent, freedom, and creativity abounds, and where your next big event takes place. From parties, to art galleries, residential living, creative workshops, and everything in between, you can rely on The Mamira Group to host your next big event with professionalism, fun, and above all, understanding as to what each and every single one of our clients needs, because, very much like the eclectic, multi-talented bunch that makes up The Mamira Group, each artist (regardless of your craft) is unique; different, and beautifully, imperfectly human.

For more information, feel free to click on any of the tabs for more information, or start by dropping us a line via our official email,┬áto get started planning your next major event! Don’t forget to follow us on:




Welcome Home. 


Guys!! Our friends @mamiragroup is having a party this Saturday and we are going to be there for the good times! You should come too to utilize the bounce house! DM us for RSVP! #mamira #whitetrashpoolparty