Saint Shushanik Mamikonian.

The Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik is the first extant piece of Georgian literature. Purported to have been written between 476 and 483, the earliest surviving manuscript dates from the 10th century.

The author is Iakob Tsurtaveli (Jacob of Tsurtavi), a contemporary and participant of the events described in this hagiographic novel. The novel describes the martyrdom of Saint Shushanik, an Armenian noblewoman, at the hand of her spouse, bidaxae (high prince) Varsken, who had renounced Christianity and embraced Zoroastrianism.

Shushanik, whose father was the sparapet (military leader) of the Christians in Armenia Saint Vartan Mamikonian, refused to follow him, so she died as a martyr after years of imprisonment and tortures.

Source: წამებაჲ წმიდისა შუშანიკისი დედოფლისაჲ.The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia by Tsurtaveli, Jacob, 1990.

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450 ans avant Tara Duncan - La fille La Belle - Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian

450 ans avant Tara Duncan – La fille La Belle – Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian

♦ Éditeur : La Martinière J. Fiction
♦ Nombre de pages : 296
♦ Date de parution : 2 avril 2015
♦ Prix : 17,90€

Résumé : 450 ans avant la naissance de Tara Duncan, c’est le 16e siècle sur Terre et Le siècle de la licorne sur AutreMonde, dans le royaume de Lancovit.
La Belle et la Bête se sont mariés, mais la malédiction est restée dans les veines du roi Damien. Le fruit de leur union, une petite…

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My OC’s historical quizz part.1

As the title says, those are the answers to a quizz about History for my OC. I’ll answer through his point of view.

questions found on this post

1. Who is your favourite historical person?
Vardan Mamikonian, but don’t tell my grandmother, she would be ways too smug about it.

2. What is your country most famous for in history?
Lot of things. A fair deal of great rulers, multiple wars with all our neighbours, some great inventions and sciences progress. Pick the one you like.

3. What is your country most infamous for in history?
I would say invading the vast majority of Europe During the rule of Napoleon ? Dude sure knew how to make people hate him, right ?

4. Favourite historical era?
Nineteenth century. I’ve always had something for this era’s literature and paintings. Not quite sure I would have liked to live at that time, though.

5. Favourite weapon?
I like myself a good old mace. Or maybe a Warhammer. Well, something that knocks off quickly.

6. Military unit?
Infantry, probably.

7. Historical dressing, uniform, or costume?
Hm… some nice but stylish 18th century English uniform. You know, “Barry Lyndon” style. The English may be stuck-ups, but they do have some class, you have to give them that.

8. What is the last thing you have read, listened to, or spoken of with historical reference?
Does North and South count ? I’ll say it does.

9. Favourite historical film?
Man. Too many. The Elisabeth with Cate Blanchett, maybe ?

10. What pieces of art (i.e. paintings, sculpures, lithographies, etc.) related to history do you like the most?
I like antique sculpture. I also like illustration of uniforms, or all the paintings of the Napoleonian Era.

11. Have you ever participated in reenactment? What it was like?

12. Would you take part in reenactment? In what era and as whom?
I don’t feel the need to go team with a bunch of people to pretend to be something I am not. I perfectly respect people who do it, but it’s just not my thing.

13. [share some random historical trivia!]
Did you know that Henry 2nd of France dies in a tournament by taking a spear through the eye ?

14. Why are you are interested in history?
Because it’s the best way to learn from mistakes, to understand how the World works, and make sure we can make it better. I have a hard time figuring out why people don’t find history interesting, or even useful, at all, to be honest.

15. Were the history classes taught in an interesting way in your school, college, or university? What would you do to improve them if you were the teacher/lecturer?
It depends on the teachers. Usually, it was interesting enough, but if you have a mean teacher, or a boring one, it can be really hard to concentrate. I don’t think there’s any way to change that.
What I fond lacking in general, though, was a more global comprehension of History. It’s taught by themes, and a lot of students are confused as to who lived at which time, and the people who lived at the same time, and it gives a really fragmented vision of history, pieces by pieces and culture by culture, instead of a more linear comprehension of how things went.