mami is mommy in spanish

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I love your blog so much , you're always made my day 😍💓 . I'm just wondering How Does NCT "all members" Named their Girl in their Phones? " sorry if my english is bad "

A/N: Your English is totally fine, don’t worry

Jaehyun: “Bae”

Taeyong: “【one of your nicknames, most likely ending in a ‘y’ to be cute】”

Sicheng: “(Y/n)”

Ten: “Mami Chula”【sexy ‘mommy’ in Spanish】

Yuta: “【a nickname you hate】”

Mark: “Dudette💚”

Doyoung: “Girlfriend #26”

Taeil: “자기야” 【jagiya - baby/darling in Korean】

Donghyuk: “🦄💖✨”

Johnny: “ ;) ”

Hansol: “【your last name】”

Kun: “宝贝” 【baobei - baby/darling in Chinese】

Doyoung, Yuta, Johnny, and Hansol are little shits, smh-