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I was looking at some old(er) photos and came across a photo of Mameteru of Tama wearing sakkou, which surprised me as I have no knowledge of her ever being a geiko (I only recently started following and taking notice of individual geimaiko). Did she quit at the very last minute before her erikae, did something happen that compelled or forced her to leave, or was she allowed to wear sakkou to signify the end of her apprenticeship?

She was allowed to wear sakkō at the end of her apprenticeship because she was actually leaving to get married ^^


Geisha life : Kyoto, Japan / Japón by Miguel Michán
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Maiko de la okiya Tama en Gion, Kioto, Japan / Japón ・日本・京都市・祇園 geiko / kimono / people / japanese girl EXPLORE Nov 28, 2011 Pulsa L para ver sobre negro / Hit L to see on black Pulsa F para marcar como favorita / Hit F to fave