Geisha life : Kyoto, Japan / Japón by Miguel Michán
Via Flickr:
Maiko de la okiya Tama en Gion, Kioto, Japan / Japón ・日本・京都市・祇園 geiko / kimono / people / japanese girl EXPLORE Nov 28, 2011 Pulsa L para ver sobre negro / Hit L to see on black Pulsa F para marcar como favorita / Hit F to fave

Geiko Suzuha, minarai Sayaka, maiko Mameteru and minarai Tsuruha by Jaque Tseng on Flickr

For geiko fans this photo is quite epic ‘cause all of them became very famous and successful in Gion Kobu, plus they are standing in front of the Ichiriki-tei (most famous tea house in Kyoto) which makes this pic even more legendary. What happened to these girls? Suzuha retired at the top of her career, Sayaka is now a very famous geiko with own tv show (“KoiMaiko”), Mameteru retired just before the erikae and Tsuruha is also a successful geiko now. Tsuruha’s Gion career is even more important because she is the first geiko from Okinawa.