This is KickThePJ, aka PJ Liguori. He has been making videos since 2007. He is an overwhelmingly creative and funny YouTuber who makes amazing videos. His short films, such as The Forever Train and PJ Tiny Planet Explorer, as well as his more laid-back videos such as his Q&A’s that he calls Slurp’s, are never shy from outstanding and imaginative.

He currently has about 612,000 subscribers. He is so under-rated and should have so many more. So that’s what I was hoping we could do. He is just so wonderful that I want to shout his url from the roof tops because it makes me frustrated that he doesn’t have more.

So please take 30 seconds and go subscribe to him. He deserves his first million.

Do you ever read something so sarcastic that you just feel the sass flowing through your veins