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Hello friends there’s this movie that is coming out in May, it’s called Bad Johnson. AND IT IS COMPLETELY PLAGIARIZED. In 2009, Starkid made a show called Me And My Dick (part one here), which as you can tell was way before this movie was a thing. Loads of people are already calling them out on it, but just spread the word that this is NOTan original movie. Starkid worked hard on their musical, as they have on everything, and it is not fair for something they poured their heart and soul into to be ripped off like this. Please do not watch or support this film.

The signs as starkid quotes

Aries:Oh so you think that you’re better than me because you can read? Well get out of my book store! We don’t like your kind in here anyway.

Taurus:you think killing people will make them like you, but it doesn’t. It just makes them dead.

Gemini:A song is a dick in sheep’s clothing. A song means a dick is on the way

Cancer:God did it to us, damn him to hell.

Leo:I heard Joey Richter cries in the choir room.

Virgo:That is a boss Zefron poster.

Libra:I’m Bruce Man. I mean. I’m Bat Wayne. FUCK!

Scorpio:Thank you sir. I am a tough bitch.

Sagittarius:You are not permitted to touch!

Capricorn:Looks like you guys are up to your old Twix

Aquarius:So, you guys like Star Wars jokes?

Pisces: I did not fuck a tiger!!!