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Poe waxing poetic about Leia (for hours, if he gets his way) to anyone that will listen??? because she’s canonically his idol and that just makes me so happy

Leaning back in his chair, Poe finished his story with: “She blew open one of the grates and threw Han Solo down it into a trash compactor.”

“She didn’t,” Rey said, sitting beside Finn on the medbay bed, cradling Finn’s hand between both of hers. “I’ve heard stories about the Generals of the Rebellion, but I’ve never heard that one!”

“She’s an amazing woman. Amazing General, too. Knows her stuff better than anyone I’ve served with, though I haven’t served with her long,” Poe said. He reached out to rub his fingers over the thick muscle of Finn’s thumb. A reassurance. “I always wanted to though. My parents were at the battle of Endor and I still remember my father talking about the way the Generals managed to convince a group of Ewoks to fight for them. Though I was told it was General Organa that first made peace with them.”

“She’s a real princess then?” Rey asked. “I’ve never met a princess before.”

“She’s royalty, but definitely not like the ones you hear about: the ones that sit and do nothing when their people are in danger. The General would never stand by it. She fought harder for her people than anyone I know.” Poe sat back, grinning up at the ceiling. “She single-handedly kept the Resistance from being dissolved by the New Republic. Pulled some strings, scared some politicians, gained the support she needed. I don’t know how she does it.”

“She’s Luke Skywalker’s sister, right? Does she have Jedi powers too?” Rey turned to look at him, but said nothing else, her eyes wide. Poe nodded.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she gave up the Jedi lifestyle to keep the good fight going. She’s put herself between evil and her people enough times that she’s basically a Jedi without all the fancy training.”

“You’re embellishing again, Dameron,” Leia said dryly and Poe winced, looking over his shoulder at her. She held the curtain of Finn’s door, smiling softly. “I didn’t throw Han down the shute. I told him he had a choice: get shot or get in. I think he preferred his torso with less holes.”

Moving further into the room, Leia touched the sheet covering Finn’s feet. “Can’t say this kid will enjoy you’re wild stories, Poe. You should stick with the facts.”

“Which are?” Poe asked, tongue in cheek.

Leia’s smile widened. “It’s not royalty that had the senate turning a blind eye most of the time.”

With that she turned and walked out of the room, nodding at Doctor Kalonia as the curtain slid shut. Rey turned to Poe as soon as she was gone, mouth open. “She can’t be real.”

“Just wait till you see her command. It’ll make you swoon.”

“I can still hear you, Dameron,” Leia called through the curtain, and Poe’s ears flashed pink but he ducked his head with a smile.