mamath makes things


I’ve been working on some DX Boxfox variants for the Kickstarter. I think the first goal will be regular orange DX Boxfox buuuuttt I know everyone wants a kitsune boxfox and I think an extra fuzzy arctic boxfox with longer fur would be great. :) Of course, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to fund this far. :’) But I’m prepping prototypes just in case!

Anyways, stay tuned!! I’m working on it!!

Oh, I made these last week! I totally forgot about them haha… They’re sorta pudgy MLP ponies. xD Unfortunately this is the only record I have of most of them cause I already sold all but the two Octavias (I guess Octavia’s not in right now :( I like her tho).

I got a bit sick of them after sewing up 8 at once and swore to myself I wouldn’t make more but now I’m over it and kinda DO want to make more so we’ll see. xD Maybe I’ll tweak the pattern into something completely new and that’ll scratch the itch to sew new pudgy stacking cute things. :)


My stickers from ZAP! Creatives arrived this past week, right on time for smashcon !
I’m pleased with how the came out - especially my ridiculous kiss cuts. ZAP is still the only company I’ve found that will do kiss cuts without a 1/8″ border around the art.

I’ve got stickers from Stand Out Stickers and Stickermule coming too because I wanted to try all the major vinyl sticker printing companies. Once I have it all in hand, I’ll write up a big analysis of each company’s pros and cons! When I was looking for sticker printing reviews, I found the info out there to be lacking. Time to fix that!