“So come on in, boy, sit on boy.
And tell me about yourself
So you like my daughter do you now?
Yeah we think she’s something else
She’s her daddy’s girl
Her mama’s world
She deserves respect
Thats what she’ll get
Ain’t it son?
Hey, y'all, run along and have some fun
I’ll see you when you get back
Bet I’ll be up all night
Still cleaning this gun”
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“Someday, some boy will come and ask us for your hand. But we won’t say "yes” to him unless we know, he’s the half that makes you whole, he has a poet’s soul, and the heart of a man’s man. I know he’ll say that he’s in love. But between you and me. He won’t be good enough!“

theres nothing more i want in this world, then to hold you, smell you, breath you in. i constantly worry when you sleep because im afraid you wont wake up. when you move too much it makes me nervous that it might be time to meet you, and i might not be ready. these feelings are so confusing because i want so much for you yet i want to just shelter you from everything that can harm you. being your mommy is the reason I’m alive and in this world. all i want is to see you smile and watch you grow. daddy and i are crazy about you. you have 3 weeks to get here already and thats an order missy! we love you Nayelli Alicia Rodriguez. ❤👑👼 #3weeksleft #9months #mybabygirl #wteoct2013 #beautiful #daddysgirl #mamasworld

Every Time I Leave For Work I Get A Lil Sad, I Miss Her Like Crazy My WHOLE Shift, But Knowing That I Come Home To That Face Every Night, Even If She’s Asleep, Makes It Worth It Because I Know It’s All For Her & I Will NOT Let Her Down. #MamasWorld #PrincessAubree #ImInLoveWithHerFace 💖👼