Mamasskate's 30 Day Royal Challenge!

hey guys, while I was looking at 30 day challenges to do myself, I got an idea to do one of my own. Some of the categories may be the same but I tried to come up with ones that haven’t been used before. So, I hope you all will join in on the fun. I will be doing the other challenges first then I will do mine. This challenge will use the tag #mamasskate30daychallenge. Here we go!

Day 1: Favorite Royal Siblings

Day 2: Favorite Royal Hairstyle

Day 3: Favorite Royal Style

Day 4; Favorite Royal Baby Bump

Day 5: Favorite Royal Parents

Day 6: Favorite Royal Baby

Day 7: Favorite Royal Speech

Day 8: Favorite Royal Speaker

Day 9: Favorite Royal Patronage

Day 10: Favorite Candid of Catherine

Day 11: Favorite Candid of Mary

Day 12: Favorite Candid of Victoria

Day 13: Favorite Royal Bride

Day 14: Favorite Royal Groom

Day 15: Favorite Military Royal

Day 16: Favorite Royal Gown

Day 17: Favorite Royal Outfit

Day 18: Favorite Royal Tour

Day 19: Favorite Royal Engagement

Day 20: Favorite Royal Christening

Day 21: Favorite Royal Wedding

Day 22: Favorite Royal Wedding Gown

Day 23: Favorite Engagement Interview

Day 24: Favorite Couple Leaving Hospital After Birth 

Day 25: Favorite Past Royal

Day 26: Favorite Deceased Royal

Day 27: Favorite Female Royal

Day 28: Favorite Male Royal

Day 29: Favorite Male Monarch

Day 30: Favorite Female Monarch

I made an ooopsie on the challenge! LOL!

I did not clarify the difference between past royal and deceased royal. I would say that the deceased royal be just how it says and for the past royal, you could do your overall favorite royal from the past. I answered this for someone else so I hope this helps you all with clarity on those two days. Sorry about that!. 


Day 7: Prince Daniel’s Wedding Speech