This past Thursday, the VSU art department was blessed with opportunity to meet the founder of the elite printing company, Mama Sauce, and a member of one of the oldest paper mill company’s there is, French Paper. The two gentlemen came in and spoke about their individual companies and shed light on how #PrintMatters. Students learned about the french paper making process as well as the how the company conducts business. I was personally inspired by how Nick, the owner of Mama Sauce started his business. He taught me that you have to jump into the fire and go for what you want. I also got to meet a talented VCU student name Justin Tran who was the creator of the #PrintMatters poster.

love at first site 😍 yesterday, I #adopted alice “mimosa” quental. she’s a #pitbull #terrier mix and the sweetest lil angel ever. about 17 weeks old [which makes her a ♋️] and the first thing the shelter told me was that she has a “a very healthy appetite” gonna make you so fat and strong baby girl! ❤️🐶❤️#myfirstpup #mamasauce #allathelove #adoption #brooklyn