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mama rey loves to bake with her babies! papa kylo….not so much.

this was actually inspired by a comment i got on Bread Flour by Ao3 user Juliakaze. so it’s my twin au…plus my in-verse bakery au. an au within an au. au-ception. shutting up.

sadly, these two babies still don’t have names yet…does anyone have a suggestion? i’m tempted to name the boy oikawa since he looks so much like him (from haikyuu!!) in this.

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☮ for seven please! Thanks Mama peño!!! Love and live for your writing!

☮   - What do they like to talk to their s/o about late at night when they both can’t sleep?

  • He LOVES to future plan 
  • He gets gushy and lovey at night 
  • Holds your hand and kisses the back of your palm 
  • Talks about dreams and goals 
  • Makes random exhaustion-induced jokes 
  • He blabs about his job tbh 
  • “I’m working on __X__ tomorrow and then I hope Y and Z will pan out because then—” 
  • And on and on and on 
  • He doesn’t wanna keep anything from you anymore 
  • Even if you don’t want to hear it 
  • And he makes you spill the same beans
  • While he listens intently 

I think the thing I find most entertaining about Jaal is the fact that, whenever he does anything romantic with Ryder after introducing her to his family, he IMMEDIATELY tells Sahuna (because you get email correspondences from her after Jaal’s confession, and when you consumate your relationship with him) …

I can just picture him in the tech lab on the ship, frantically emailing his True Mother, “MOM, RYDER LET ME KISS HER. I AM ENCHANTED, I LOVE HER.”

He’s just. 2 cute. 2 precious. Such a sweet Mama’s boy. I love him. 💖💖💖

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Does Sakura have love bites on her body? :3 OMG I love this tumblr and you so much for making all this content.

Hehehehe :3
He started nipping in the latter years. She doesn’t like it but he does it anyway because it gets a rise out of her

“When are you going to stop with this habit of yours..?” she flinches, watching him work his way down her bare stomach, nonchalantly placing little hickeys along the way.
“Never.” he mutters, leaving a healthy mark on her inner thigh

What I’m currently writing

Got tagged by the lovely @phd-mama, cant wait to read all of your beautiful writing!

Okay, so I have a million things in the making (fine. Its only, like….six things.)

1. A new time stamp for As long as you’re smiling and…wear clothes, where Harry appriciates Louis face. 

2. A timestamp for Lilin, where, this time its Louis (the little demon) who does the dreaming now that he’s in the human world.

3. A full on angsty Ziam fic where Liam is organized on the outside and an absolute mess on the inside. 

4. A Howl’s moving Castle AU, this one has been in the making forEVER! I dont know how to end it!

5. That one summer fling fic that I just cant seem the be happy with. 

6.  JUST started to write a a/b/o fic TODAY! Its got a prince, and a sword fight so far. 


Erhm….thats about it! =) I want to know what @flamboyantommo is up to and my kitten @gaycousinlarry! (sorry if you both already got tagged! Then just ignore this and act like nothing ever happened, lalalala!)

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jesus christ, leave my bby dragon alone. i love you and no anon will change that okay? you're amazing and i love you so much. stay strong bby <3 ~Owl Mum sends her love and hugs

Thank you Mama Owl 💜💙

I love you too, and nothing will change our friendship.

Thank you for sending the hugs and love 💙💜


   just saying but if you’re adopted by mama rouge you will get

  • love from mama rouge and papa roger
  • child of pirates - no one will touch you
  • hardcore siblings who are strong af and will even defy the world government to guarantee your happiness
  • flower crowns time!!!!
  • a very big strong marine grandpa / uncle too!
  • explore the seas !!!!


  • watch out for the food on your plate. it might get stolen if you’re not fast enough
  • narcoleptic brother  who might fall asleep on you randomly
  • reckless papa and brother doing shit