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This is Cornbread, or Corn for short. He likes sleeping on clothes fresh out of the dryer, clothes IN the dryer, and people who he kneads on. He also sometimes sleeps on my face. At the end of the day, despite being over 15 pounds, he’s just a big mamas boy and gets quite jealous of his sister when she gets more attention than he does. He’s a sweetheart.

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i just watched the latest ep of lucifer and i think im dead?? oh my gOD?? the end made me tear up even though i kind of wanted lucifer to go see chloe instead but also i feel like he needed to be held by his mother (i still don't know how to feel about her tho).. but when chloe was trying to get kimo to put the gun down and talking about how scared she was i just wanted lucifer to hug her damnit when will we get a hug

I’m gonna write a missing scene in a bit and yes. (though I honestly don’t think he could have handled seeing Chloe just then/after what he had just done/knowing it was because of her… he’d break and he didn’t want to do that)

but. okay. @prairiepirate and I had a conversation a few days ago about my headcanon that Lucifer was a complete mama’s boy growing up. He was her sweet little Lightbringer, her lovely son, so kind and caring. (The loveliest angels make the cruelest demons, and my dear, you were so kind and lovely before they dragged you to hell FUCK ME). And especially as his relationship with Dad disintegrated, he turned to her more and more often.

And then he got thrown out. And she didn’t do anything.

And oh god, how that must have burned him.

Hence it was even easier to sit back and do nothing while she was trapped.

And now she’s here. And she’s working on him and he’s remembering that he used to trust her, and how much she loved him, the one parent who did, and he can’t send her back, he just can’t, he loves Chloe but he also loves his mother and she is turning him back into that little angel who wasn’t the Devil. Who was innocent. And he knows he’s not, but he can’t push it away.

And then he snaps and kills his brother to protect Chloe and Mom.

And oh my god the poor child is now going to come unglued.

And he staggers home, bloodstained and terrified and shaking and sobbing, and he wants only to have his mother hold him and make it better, and she does, and she’s probably still working on him and I don’t trust her but I can see how much power she has over Lucifer, and he’s the Devil but there are two relationships that can make him act outside his own self interest, one is Chloe and the other is his mom and they’re foiling each other and pulling him in opposite directions and now he’s going to give into the belief that he is a monster and he can’t stand what he did, even to save Chloe and Mom, and he doesn’t know what Dad wants and all his buttons are pushed and now he’s a murderer and he’s flying in every direction and I just. Fuck. Fuck me.

(Also, it pleases me that everything I am writing for their relationship in Inferno works so well for this, and you better believe there is gonna be Uriel angst in there now.)

And Chloe. She’s so brave and she’s so scared. And he’s so scared and so broken and he’s gonna be a goddamn MESS and somebody hug my poor babies and then make them hug each other and wrap them in blankets for about 5 years.

Fuck me.

BTS at the MAMAs 2016

They can only perform like 3 songs and they will probably have to choose from these 7: Young Forever, Fire, Save Me, Blood Sweat & Tears, 21st Century Girls and Am I Wrong.

Y'all know that BTS’s performance at the MAMA awards this year is gonna be extra lit 🔥🔥🔥!

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so, it hurt a lot that #ÁngelDePlata died on the last episode of the #TheStrain leaving #GusElizalde on his own—but I remember #Quinlan was his employer once so he’s not alone in NYC, right? This 25th #inktober is dedicated to my beautiful mama’s boy who fights for what is right—and also to Quinlan who survived an atomic bomb and came back to his home to see to manchildren fighting over nothing aklsjdalkjdlaksjdlaksdjlk (at Colinas De San Jerónimo)

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What do you think the first words of each of the Stark kids (and Jon) would've been

Robb - Mama/Mother cause he’s a COMPLETE mama’s boy! (Or Jon…OR Mama AND Jon!! :D ))

Jon - Stark AND/OR Robb TWO THINGS HE LOVES THE MOST!!! (and…even by saying Stark, he could still be saying Robb ;) ))

Sansa - Lady, Robb, Mama/Mother

Arya - Papa/Father cause she’s a COMPLETE daddy’s girl lol…uh no seriously, papa/father and/or “no lady”

Bran - Climb! Down!

Rickon - Mama/Mother

Robb, Sansa, and Rickon I feel would all say mama/mother pretty early while Jon and Arya would say Father/Papa sooner, and Bran…I think Bran leans more toward Mama/Mother but also he would have a good chance at Papa/Father as well.

Robb and Sansa were born when Cat and Ned were still new and getting to know and love each other, so I feel like those are the years where Ned was still getting used to being a father so maybe he wouldn’t have spent quite as much time with them when they were first born/infants.

Jon definitely would have been Robb or Ned, the two most important people in his life at that time until Arya was born.

Arya I think is the first child that Ned would have felt pretty comfortable with being a father for from day one. He’s done the holding and such with both Robb and Sansa, and he’s done the “baby daughter” stuff with Sansa so he knows what he’s doing.

Bran just seems, to me, that he needed Catelyn around more than Cat at the time - the same goes for Rickon - they both seemed pretty reliant on her. More than Ned even if just by a little bit.

((i rambled there at the end…sorry! :) Thanks for the question!))

Someone come cry with me. I just watched this fancam and you can see Jimin just quietly sitting next to Namjoon during BigBang’s performance, not talking or moving really, even though we know he’s a massive BB fan. We’ve talked a lot about how Jimin always seem to be the one most sensitive to the members moods. How he’s always right next to them, comforting them, when something happens. Like when Jungkook messed up his flip on AHL and Jimin gave him encouragement to keep practicing and told him he looked cool anyway, trying to make him feel less embarrassed. Or when V got all that ridiculous backlash for mouthing Loser and we can see Jimin in pictures sticking to him like glue, hugging him and trying to make him smile. We have so many little moments of Jimin being there for his members and giving them comfort and support in the way they need it, and I just…everyone needs to appreciate Park Jimin. Park Jimin who sat silently in support of his hyung who was having the near shittiest day imaginable even when one his favorite bands was playing. Park Jimin, who didn’t try and smile and hug and make jokes like he might have with V or Jhope because he knew that wouldn’t help Namjoon, but just stayed next to him to remind him he wasn’t alone. We all need a friend like Park Jimin.