mamas and babies


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Imagine Louis is your friend. He was in a long-term, seemingly committed relationship. He dodged questions about marriage, but he’s young, so that’s pretty normal. Then he breaks up with the girl he’s with and two seconds later is kissing another in a pool.

Whatever, we all have our things right? Rebounds happen. Whatever. Okay. Then he starts going out every night, which, you’re okay with because you’re his friend and you support him. He hooks up with a lot of different girls, but he’s a lad, so whatever, right?

Then he gets a girl pregnant. And wow, hey, that’s serious stuff. So you support him, of course. He doesn’t want to be with the baby mama, but that’s okay.

Then her cousin claims Louis and his baby mama were together long before he and said long term stable girlfriend broke up. Yikes bro, that, well that doesn’t look so good. But hey, not your business, it’s his life, right?

His baby is at the end of January, he gets done with work in November and is taking some time off. But wait, there’s a new girl on his arm, and they hang out a lot. That’s cool. Good for him. They go a lot of places and he doesn’t always see the baby, but he’s young and famous, he’s got a life to lead, right??

He and this new girl are together for a year. It looks pretty serious but then stops kind of suddenly. That sucks dude, but hey, now you can take some time, work on you, spend time with your kid, work a little, and just- wait. What do you mean he got back with his ex? The one he was accused of cheating on? Less than a month after he got out of another serious relationship? And they’re already going on vacations together?

Um… wtf?

💭 Sally Ann begins teaching Hasil the basics of reading and writing. Her birthday is coming up and Frida asks Hasil if he got her anything. Turns out Sally Ann didn’t tell Hasil much about how birthday’s are celebrated down the mountain. Frida explains and tells Hasil that he should at least get her a card. He goes to the store and is overwhelmed by all the wordy choices. He decides to make a card by hand… in addition to a carved set of bears (mama, papa, and baby). Sally Ann opens her card. “Happy birthday Sally Ann. Love, Hasil” is written in shaky, boxy letters, with mistakes scribbled out. This brings tears to Sally Ann’s eyes. Best birthday present ever.

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