Hobbes: I promise you, Mama. I’m fine *yawns loudly*

Mama: Well I think your not fine. Your tired and you need rest. Let me take your job for a bit.

Hobbes: But Mama,  you need rest too

Mama: I assure that I’ll be fine. I’m a strong woman. I’ve always been one


Mama: Teruteru? Your finally awake? *runs to him and hugs him*

I…. I thought you were dead…. 

Mama: I’m just fine…. 

Hobbes: *yawns* how touching. A mother reunites with her child. It’s so sweet *wipes away a tear*

Mama….. Why is there a talking tiger here?

mamamura replied to your post:You think Constantine refers to his pet turtle…

he totally would. oh god.

“Number Two, this is Number 1.5.”

“… it’s a turtle.”


“… he’s not much for talking, is he?”

“He is Number 1.5. He does not need to talk! He also answers to Hector.”


“Yes, pick up pace in learning, Number Two! Now, you will take care of Hector for the next… two hours. I have to deal with a few things.”

“Two hours? With a turtle who doesn’t even–Hold on. Hector’s a pet, isn’t he?”

“………. he is Number 1.5 and your superior. Take care of every whim, I will be back in few hours.”

“A pet turtle has a higher ranking on this–”


“What the–I–*huff*.”

“Now Hector, Daddy has to go, but he will bring back treat! Goodbye!”


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Ibuki had fallen asleep on them–not the first time, and, undoubtedly, not the last.  Her slender arms wrapped around their plush torso as she rested.  Every so often, she’d nuzzle them, an unconscious need to reaffirm they were still there.

A soft muttering of, “Byakuya-Chan,” was whispered while she tightened her hold.

Byakuya-Chan, huh?  That didn’t sound so bad.  They looked down to see the crevices of her lips twitch upwards.  Maybe…maybe they could do it.  Maybe it was time to finally stop running, stop hiding behind facades, stop leaving behind everyone they held dear. Maybe they could settle down and become “Byakuya-Chan.” Not heir to the Togami conglomerate, of course. As long as the original lived, they could only ghost the individual for so long….But, perhaps, they could become Byakuya-Chan–Ibuki's Byakuya-Chan. For her, for them, for good.

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I got ships for ya. Teruteru x Hiyoko and Mikan X Mastermind!Mamamura

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

I just..don’t like Hiyoko in general so sorry if I’m one-sided.   

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Never heard of it until now but niiice~

HC Corner: Teruteru’s Siblings

Whitney (aggressively) requested that I would make a Headcanon post about Teruteru’s siblings, so I guess here I go! These are just miscellaneous HC’s because there aren’t that many of them so..!

Basics. 1 boy and 1 girl, these kids are Teruteru’s step-siblings. They are not related to Mama Hanamura, as Teruteru states that they are from different mothers. This means that they look nothing like Teruteru or his ma.

As I probably have said before, I personally headcanon Teruteru’s mother as lesbian. These other mothers are in my specific headcanons past lovers. This does not particulary change much even if there was a father involved though, because he is never mentioned even once. He is obviously not in Teruteru’s life, for whatever reason. I don’t really care. Mamamura for #1 lesbian.

These other mothers are assholes. They are the worst? Because they left these two children, both of them, with a woman who was very sickly and was obviously struggling with money. Her and Teruteru worked their asses off every single day to just keep the restaurant, that was pretty much their home and only income, going. And you leave those kids completely in this woman and little kid’s hands? Fuck you. And if there was a dad? Double fuck you to you. Unless you are dead. Cus in that case don’t sweat it bro. Imma just side-eye these women a bit more thank you very much.

Teruteru’s siblings make a lot of money doing what they are doing. Teruteru mentions often how they are doing really well, and he is quite visibly very bitter about it. Could it be jealousy? Suuure, but that would be a pretty silly thing to be jealous of, if they were helping him and Mamamura out with saving the restaurant and paying her medical bills.
This strongly hints towards them not doing that. These two siblings most likely are keeping all that money to themselves, while Mamamura and Teruteru keep struggling with their restaurant.

But there is something else about it too. When Hinata talks to Teruteru about his siblings, and this subject arises, he can’t tell if he is jealous, or if he is worried about them. Teruteru have taken care of these little ones his whole life, he is a big brother and he is very nurturing, this is very obvious in pretty much any comic you ever pick up about Teruteru. Yes. I recommend you take those into account with Teruteru, as the comics care more about Teruteru’s character than the game and anime did lmaooo.. But anyway, because of this, knowing that his siblings take on work that can lead to such skeevy and dangerous business, straight up scares him. I personally headcanon that they have not gotten involved in anything like that yet, and purely work with being hosts and hostesses for now… But who knows what the future holds?

Bonus headcanon:

Teruteru’s siblings were mini-devils, and he was constantly 110% done with their shit. He is very huffy and stern when speaking to them, but he is also very quick to consoling someone who is crying, and he gives the best hugs.