Reblog if
  • You’re sick of petty fanwars
  • You respect all artists and groups
  • You believe all groups are deserving of becoming successful 
  • You acknowledge all groups work their asses off 
  • You have never engaged in immature fandom fights 
  • You love both the idol group and fandom as family 
  • You are proud of the group you stan and their efforts & their happiness makes you happy
  • You’re a open kpop fan and ain’t afraid to show it 
  • You love you’re idol group but will not drag other groups achievements 
  • Getting into Kpop and Korean culture was the best decision of your life 

:) Be honest only reblog if you have done all that is mentioned above


[VIDEO] 161209 Mamamoo - Décalcomanie @ Music Bank | [ official kbs yt link ]