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this is probably a dumb question, but are snakes trainable? maybe not in the traditional sense, since their reptilian brains are wired differently than mammals, but yeah. just wondering lmao (i don't own any snakes tho!! i don't know enough abt them/have enough money to take proper care)

They actually are a couple of examples of operant conditioning working with snakes!

Burmese pythons in the study learned how to press a button for a food reward basically. There was another paper on indigo snakes but I cant find that one at the moment.

Another good example is  “tap training” which is a form of operant conditioning many snake keepers use to let the snake know when there enclosure is opened that there is no food on offer. 

While they are very different to mamals and its unlikey you’ll ever get a snake to play fetch with you or somthing like that…They are more complex than many people think.  

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Prompt: nick and judy adopt a child of a species bigger than them. Reaction of people (zpd/mama wilde/hopps family/school/anyone) to this young mamal

Haha, Sorry this took a while.  It was at least longer than I expect it to take.  Work kind of got crazy and stuff.  But I finally did it.

For you my dear!

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