God , please; I give you permission to let Abel Tesfaye born Feb 16 1990 , to fuck me up .. Down,left ,right , perpendicular , around town. God I’ll let this nigga embarrass me in front my co workers while drunk . I’ll let this nigga disrespect me in front of my dad . I’ll bark like a fucking frog if it means I can only lick the tip . God I’ll drag my titties through hot chicken grease and the pits of hell if it means that he’ll fart in my face.


Life is too short for your shoulda-coulda-woulda’s. I moved to the United States almost 7 years ago and San Francisco was Lonely Planet’s top choice for most popular cities to visit at the time. Until today I hadn’t experienced this amazing city till NOW! My bucket list included running the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE …7 years later; CHECK ✔️ What next!!! #CardioAdventuresWithLita 😜 …looking like a Nike endorsed Predator out here with these rows haha. #MamaIMadeIt 😊 #MyLife #Blessed #SoloTraveling #WishMySistersWereHere #GoldenGate #GoldenMoment 🙌

…I’d stay till the sunset hour but the way the parking meter is set up…. 😒 (at Golden Gate Overlook)

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