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Blue was a mix of worried and panic and fear at this point. As soon as Black and Green had gotten them into the Castle, she scooped up her Paladin and booked it out of her metal body, Shiro running along next to her as she barreled towards the healing pods, Lance limp in her arms and dripping blood onto the white floors.
As soon as she had gotten him into the Altean healing pod, she backed up, sides heaving as her eyes flicked over his sleeping face, still too unsettled to relax. She paced in front of the pod, rumbling worriedly. Shiro spoke up in an attempt to calm the agitated Lion woman. “Uh, Blue… he’ll be alright you know. You should go get cleaned up, you’re covered in blood-” “I am perfectly fine, Black Paladin. I would prefer to stay here and keep an eye on Lance.” Blue replied coldly, a little more than peeved at the sudden concern her sister’s Paladin was showing.
Where had this concern been weeks ago, when her Paladin was crying? When he told her how ignored and abandoned he felt? Her mothering instincts were on fire. “I would like you to leave.” She said, not once taking her eyes off of Lance or his vitals reflected on the glass keeping him safe. “Excuse me?” Pidge said, as the rest of the team joined Shiro in the med bay. “I asked you to leave. You are not needed here. I can watch Lance on my own. You may go about your day as usual.” She huffed, pausing in her pacing to glare at them.
Hunk actually looked a little angry, the others matching his expression. “Hey, look, I get that you’re worried about Lance, but we’re worried too. He’s our friend-” Blue scoffed at Hunk’s words. “Are you really?” She hissed, her voice nothing but pure venom. Memories flooded into her head, fury filling her veins at the remembrance of every worry, every insecurity, every feeling Lance had poured out to her while he cried over his abandonment by the people he thought were his family out here in space. Keith looked a little startled. “What are you talking about? Yes, really! He’s a part of the team and-” the little spitfire started but Blue had enough.
“Well where was this sudden concern weeks ago?!?” She roared, silencing the shocked humans. “Do you have any idea what he felt like when you all suddenly started ignoring him like he didn’t exist?!? He cried! He was so upset! He thought you all abandoned him! You never talked to him anymore, all you did was put him down for his mistakes and stopped praising him!!! He told me over and over how useless he felt, how I should pick a new Blue Paladin because he wasn’t any good for Voltron! And I couldn’t do anything to fix it because I was broken and unable to talk in words to make him feel better!!! So no, YOU DON’T GET TO PLAY THE WORRIED FRIENDS CARD WHEN YOU STOPPED TREATING HIM LIKE A MEMBER OF THE TEAM ALL THOSE WEEKS AGO!!! Now leave!!!
Her furious rant over, she stood protectively in front of the pod holding her Paladin, breathing out hard, hot angry puffs of air and fists clenched at her sides, glaring at the shocked and silent humans her pilot had once called “friends”. Her sisters had been hanging near the door during Blue’s tirade, and now moved to pull their respective Paladins out. As soon as everyone was gone and the door had slid shut, Blue deflated and turned back to her precious cub. Resting a hand on the glass, she stared at his peaceful face.
“I’m so sorry I let this happen… I hope that this time, the team won’t be torn apart…” she murmured, before allowing herself to sit and lean against the pod holding her human, and let her eyes slide shut, not sleeping, merely resting, yet still alert.
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It was hours before Shiro deemed Blue calm enough to approach. The door slid open, and he moved slowly, quietly, towards the still possibly volatile Lion. She was sitting cross legged in front of Lance’s pod, head resting on her head with an elbow set on her thigh, eyes firmly on the dipping and climbing line across the glass that signaled Lance’s heartbeat, golden orbs rising and falling with every pulse.
Shiro didn’t speak, just sat next to her to watch the vitals as well. Her eyes flicked to him for a moment, but chose to merely chuff in acknowledgment and continue watching her Paladin sleep.
Several moments passed before she spoke up. “I’m not sorry for yelling at you.” Blue said quietly, drawing her knees up to her chest and trapping them with her arms, resting her chin on her knees. Shiro shook his head. “I wasn’t going to ask for an apology. You had every right to get angry at us. I didn’t realize I’d been putting him down and making him feel useless… I just wanted him to learn from his mistakes. He really is a good sharpshooter and an amazing Paladin… but I guess I just kept forgetting to say it aloud. As for the ignoring him part… there’s no excuse for that. We all should have paid more attention to how he was feeling. The other Lions did take up some of our time… but we should have included Lance more.” He explained, leaning back on his hands with his legs folded in front of him.
Blue huffed out a short, wry laugh. “At least you admit to the error of your ways… Though I understand the need to spend time on the Lion and Paladin bond, your team bond could use some work. I do hope you treat him better after this… he might be a little bitter at first, but to be fair you all kind of deserve it.” Shiro chuckled. “I won’t disagree with you on that… but I can promise that I’ll praise him and pay attention to his feelings more from now on.” He seemed to think something over, before caving and tilting his head to look at the overprotective mama Lion.
“I don’t want to lose him either. I was worried sick when you two got hit with that laser… even before that, I kept having nightmares about Lance disappearing or worse, getting killed… I can’t tell you how many times Black had to keep me from barging into his room at night just to check on him.” Shiro admitted, almost shyly. Blue raised an eyebrow, filing the information away to confirm with Black later. Sighing, he continued with a confession that shocked her to her core.
“I think… I might care about him more than I probably should.”
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