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I'm sorry you lost your friends. I know how much they meant to you. Hang in there sweetie. <3

They were like my kids. Primrose was my fav and I had him for years. I can’t even look at pictures of him and Dragon without crying. Thank You Eva, out of anyone I knew you would be the one to understand. You’re such a sweetheart. <3

A break from my baby boy.

I can’t believe my BOO THANG  is away from me for the first time. It makes me sad not hearing his annoying cute little voice. I can’t wait to see his cute face tomorrow. Hopefully he’s sleeping okay. 

I can’t wait for my bbe (Nic) to come home from Vacation! He’s only been gone since Thursday but I miss him. Once he gets back I want to cosplay Finn and Fionna with him because I miss cosplaying them. Mama misses her bbe so much :c

How was this 23 weeks ago??

How did I meet taylorswift the day after I posted this?

I miss you Mama Swift and I love you to the moon and back!!

I hope you get better soon so I can give you another big hug and thank you for being so amazing!


So…my birthday is tomorrow, and I just wanted to throw some praise out there to my family. They mean so much to me and I know they may not make it to see me. I love them so so much and I’m so glad they’ve been there for me through all of my ups and downs. They could have given up but they didn’t, which makes me feel like nobody could ever come close to them. And yes, my family also includes my best friends. They’re so amazing, and they make me smile even when I think I can’t ever smile again. You all are my rock, my world, my everything. And I just wanted you to know that.


Te fuiste muy temprano, no sabes lo que me dolio verte ahi, tan frio, tan ido, no eras vos abuelito, no eras mi abuelito jugeton, risueño, peleador, no eras vos. Fue tan duro, abuelo, tan duro, nunca me dolio tanto algo, nunca se me desgarro el alma de esta manera, pense que sabia lo que era el sufrimiento, pero no, no se conoce que es sufrir hasta que se sufre de verdad. Y la abuela, nunca vi a alguien mirando con tanto amor y dolor al mismo tiempo, nunca vi una mujer tan fuerte y abatida al mismo tiempo. Pero sabes, abuelito, no me permito llorar frente a mamá, porque se que le pego fuerte tu partida, como a todos, si, pero, se entiende que no quiero poner mal a mi mamita, despues de todo era tu chiquita, y la voy a cuidar mucho abuelo, te lo juro. Por eso abuelito, lo unico que te pido, dame fuerzas, ayudame a seguir, te prometo que voy a mimar mucho a la abuela y a mami, te lo juro. Abuelito, si alguin dia te veo en mis sueños, te voy a abrazar fuerte, fuerte, y te voy a decir cuanto te amo. Te voy a extrañar abuelito.

JYPE and miss A Respond to News of Park Jin Young's "Team Kill," Edging Out miss A for Number One

JYPE and miss A Respond to News of Park Jin Young’s “Team Kill,” Edging Out miss A for Number One

It was definitely a question that had come up when Park Jin Young’s comeback was announced early in April. Three JYP artists promoting at the same time and competing against each other for a spot at the top of the charts? Park Jin Young with “Who’s Your Mama,” miss A with “Only You,” and Park Ji Min with “Hopeless Love.”

With Park Jin Young’s recent release of “Who’s Your Mama” featuring Jessi,…

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