Te fuiste muy temprano, no sabes lo que me dolio verte ahi, tan frio, tan ido, no eras vos abuelito, no eras mi abuelito jugeton, risueño, peleador, no eras vos. Fue tan duro, abuelo, tan duro, nunca me dolio tanto algo, nunca se me desgarro el alma de esta manera, pense que sabia lo que era el sufrimiento, pero no, no se conoce que es sufrir hasta que se sufre de verdad. Y la abuela, nunca vi a alguien mirando con tanto amor y dolor al mismo tiempo, nunca vi una mujer tan fuerte y abatida al mismo tiempo. Pero sabes, abuelito, no me permito llorar frente a mamá, porque se que le pego fuerte tu partida, como a todos, si, pero, se entiende que no quiero poner mal a mi mamita, despues de todo era tu chiquita, y la voy a cuidar mucho abuelo, te lo juro. Por eso abuelito, lo unico que te pido, dame fuerzas, ayudame a seguir, te prometo que voy a mimar mucho a la abuela y a mami, te lo juro. Abuelito, si alguin dia te veo en mis sueños, te voy a abrazar fuerte, fuerte, y te voy a decir cuanto te amo. Te voy a extrañar abuelito.

Si tan sólo yo hubiese podido hacer cualquier cosa para que te hubieras quedado conmigo, juro lo habrá hecho sin pensarlo dos veces. Porque tu vales más que muchas otras personas aquí en la tierra.
—  I miss you.
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while Mika and Ferid are just staring there like

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Mami, me enseñaste a comportarme correctamente, a sentarme bien, a velar por mí misma, a cuidarme, a diferenciar entre lo bueno y lo malo, a siempre dar bien por mal, me enseñaste desde ética hasta química, a enfrenta ciertas situaciones y muchas cosas más. Pero mamá, ¿por qué no me enseñaste a vivir sin ti?

i miss u :( 


Si no estarás el día que me gradúe no me quiero graduar.
Si no estarás conmigo cuando me rompan el corazón no me quiero enamorar.
Si no estarás el día que me vaya de viaje, no me quiero ir.
Si no estarás conmigo cuando me case, no me quiero casar.
Si tu no estas, yo tampoco quiero estar.
Te extraño mamá.

-Evelyn Lepe


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Title: so many questions, so much on my mind

Prompt: Childhood/AU

I had work so I couldn’t write for two days ;A;

Mama doesn’t know this, but when she was young, she used to spend nights staring up at the stars, wondering where Papa was. Wondering if he saw the same stars she did, too.

She used to crawl out of bed not long after Mama tucked her in, blanket wrapped around her form as she always made her way to the windowsill, hugging Papa’s old dinosaur toy to her chest. It made her feel closer to him somehow, knowing it had once belonged to him.

“Hurry home Papa,” she’d whispers to the sky, brows furrowed in a sad little frown. “Mama misses you a lot.”

Most nights, she’d talk to Papa about how her day went, and whatever antics had made themselves news in Konoha. She’d talk about The Seventh pranking the genins, about how Mama hit Sai again for his rudeness, and how she won her spar against Boruto again. She’d talk about being top of her class, about how the academy still talks a lot about the Fourth Shinobi World War even after all these years, and about how she started learning about the Three Legendary Sannins just today.

Other nights, she was filled with nothing but questions. “What does it mean to be an Uchiha, Papa? What really happened back then? Why do the teachers act so hesitant around me sometimes? Why does it feel like they’re waiting for something bad to happen? Where are you really, Papa? Why is it taking so long? Are you ever coming back? Why are you making Mama so sad? Did you want to leave us or did you have no choice? Why is the world so unfair?”

The twinkling lights never gave her any answers. So some rare nights, she grew angry at Papa.

“Mama’s always waiting. You made her cry today, you know that? Every time she cries, it’s always because she’s missing you! And I’m tired of not knowing why you’re gone! I’m tired of waiting, so you better come back soon!”

She wouldn’t talk to the stars for a while after that, as if somehow her Papa could feel whatever sentiment she hurled towards them. As if somehow they could transmit the silent treatment she was determinedly giving him. 

As if somehow, they would guilt-trip her Papa into coming home. 

Because that’s always what she’d wanted most, in the end. For Papa to come home; to meet him again–because she couldn’t remember much more than blurred flashes of distant memories; to be a family again. 

She just wanted all of their hearts to be whole again.