Have some complicated family Thanksgiving feels from a Southern gay boy living his best life in the heathen North.

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“Hey Bits, you heading home tomorrow?” Dex asks from the kitchen table, staring at his laptop screen.  It’s Tuesday at 11:30 PM, and Dex’s bags are packed and shoved into a corner of the living room.  Dex catches his train at 5:15 AM from South Station, and he isn’t planning on heading back to his dorm room to sleep before then.  

Bitty has a stock answer for this question.  He’s reeled it out dozens of times in the last two weeks with a bright smile plastered on his face to counterbalance the pitying looks ‘It’s a little far to fly home for four days’ or ‘no, but I’ll be doing dinner with Jack and Ransom’ or ‘no, but prepare to have lots of leftover pie when y’all come back!

He knows how to gloss over the questions that arise.  He certainly doesn’t want to answer them.  Chowder is going all the way home to California.  Farmer is, too.  Mama and Coach offered to get Bitty plane tickets home a month and a half ago, and Bitty had stalled and waffled until they had to pin him down on a no.

I’m sorry, Mama.  I’ll miss you and Coach and Moomaw and Aunt Judy so much.  Yes, of course I’ll Skype you when you say grace.  The new pecan pie recipe on the Pinterest looks good, Mama.  I wish I could try it out with y’all, too.  I just have too much work.  Finals are coming soon, you know…

It’s all just words to Bitty.

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Sorry Not Sorry

Shawn Mendes x Reader




Word Count- 1539

Request/Summary- Hi is there any chance you could do a Shawn imagine where he wins an award and during his acceptance speech he thanks his wife and daughter who are at home and accidentally lets it slip that his wife is pregnant again (cause I feel this would be something the poor boy would do because he would be so excited to tell people ). Thank you

A/N- this is fucking adorable the second i read this request i could picture it in my head oh my god I’m so excited please enjoy, and guests whaaaattttt I’m taking it to the next level so anon, thank you very much

also this is the year 2024, so Shawn is 26, but his career is still thriving and he is a family man and he is sooooo happy

Good luck my darling I love you! Lydia is staying up to watch so you better win, but we will love you no matter what happens!, You shoot a quick text to Shawn as you turn on the TV. 

“Alright baby you can have one popsicle while we wait for daddy to come on okay?” You lean down to Lydia as she stands in front of the freezer. 

“Oh mama…” She sighs. 

“Yeah baby, what’s wrong?” You ask concerned. 

“Mama I’m confused.” She sighs once again. 

“About what Lyd?” You sit on the floor with your back on the fridge. 

“Mama, I want the orange popsicle for me, but I want the strawberry popsicle for daddy.” Lydia sighs, she is genuinely sad at her conflict. 

“Aw baby!” You laugh, “What do you mean you want a popsicle for daddy?”

“Well the orange popsicle is my favorite, but if I don’t eat the strawberry popsicle daddy will lose.” She begins to tear up, “And I don’t want daddy to lose…”

“Well how about this baby,” You begin, “You can have the orange popsicle and I will have the strawberry popsicle for daddy. How does that sound?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She pulls out the two popsicles and runs to the couch, “Well come one mama! We can’t miss daddy!”

You laugh as you shut the freezer door and walk over to the couch where your three year old daughter is sitting. She is wearing her pink fuzzy socks and her Sofia the First night gown. As soon as we sat down the host announced Shawn’s performance and we watched as he took the stage. 

“THAT’S MY DADDY!” Lydia screams as she gets up from the couch and stands about two feet from the TV. You watch as Shawn walks onto the stage with his guitar around his back. His collared shirt is fit perfectly to his lean body.

“Mama hold my popsicle!” Lydia shoves her popsicle into your grip. 

“Lyd…” You stare sternly at her. 

“Sorry mama… please hold my popsicle while I listen to daddy.” She says while flashing her puppy dog eyes. 

“That’s much better baby.” You kiss her cheek before she quickly turns back around to watch her dad. She dances in circles throughout the entire song and you have just about as much enjoyment watching her little curls bounce, as you do watching Shawn perform.

Lydia calms down shortly after he finishes performing and once his award is up you begin to get nervous. “And the award for song of the summer goes to…” The celebrity guest says into the microphone, “SHAWN MENDES!” 

“DADDY!” Lydia screams as a shot of a very happy Shawn pops up on the screen. The cameras follow him as he walks to the stage where he is supposed to accept his award. 

Shawn happily grasps the award as he runs his free hand through his hair. “Wow…um wow!” He begins, “I can’t believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have two groups, I guess, of people to thank. Obviously my fans are everything to me. They brought me here and as cliche as it is, I genuinely wouldn’t be here without them. I also want to thank all of my friends, family, and loved ones that have supported me for the long run. Especially my little family. My daughter, Lydia, has changed my life forever and my wife, (Y/N) is my best friend. She is also superwoman because she is at home alone taking care of Lydia with another little one on the way, so (Y/N) thank you and I love you.”

Then he pauses. His face kind of goes blank as if he is trying to remember what he says and then he remembers that millions of people are watching him live right at that moment. A blush rises to his cheeks as he realizes what he just did.  A beautiful little secret that you and Shawn had kept to yourselves (with a lot of difficulty) had just been mistakenly revealed to the entire world and honestly… you couldn’t be more excited. You had told Shawn about your second pregnancy as soon as you found out, literally. As soon as you saw the three little positive marks on each of the pregnancy tests you ran right to the couch where your husband was relaxing. It was completely unexpected, but the perfect surprise. 

“Oh man, ohh I was not supposed to say that. (Y/N) I am so sorry that it came out this way!” He then turns to the side to give an I don’t know what to say face to Andrew who was standing to the left of the stage “Hi Lyd baby! Mommy and daddy haven’t gotten to tell you yet and daddy just ruined the surprise, but guess what? You’re going to be a big sister!” He gently leaned into the camera as if he was talking to his little girl face to face. 

“Alright I have already said way to much so I am going to just end with a simple, thank you.” He smiles and gave a quick wave and then rushes off the stage. 

You have the biggest smile on your face when your little girl turns around to look at you with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“Mama for real?” She asks.

“Yeah baby. Mama’s got a little brother or little sister in her tummy.” You place a hand on your lower stomach. Lydia walks up to you and points to your belly button when you pull your hand away. 

“Brother?” She asks in awe.

“Or a sister.” You smile. 

“Hello.” She presses her nose to your belly button. Your heart skips a beat and you only wish your husband was here to see this. “I think I love you.” She whispers her brother or sister. Lydia brings tears to your eyes. 

“Did daddy mess up?” She asks confused.

You immediately laugh before saying, “A little bit baby, but its okay. We were planning on finding a fun way to tell you together, but this was kind of fun right?”

“Mhmm!” She agrees. 

You have some explaining to do to a certain little girl! You text Shawn.  

He replies right away by saying, Can we FaceTime?

“Do you want to FaceTime daddy?” You ask Lydia. 

“Yes! Yes! I miss daddy!” She yells, “I want to show him my little brother!” It is obvious she wants a little brother. 

The phone only rings once before Shawn picks up and it is immediately obvious that he has found a quite corner backstage at the awards.

“Congratulations!” You and Lydia cheer once he picks up.

“I am so sorry!” He says first off, “I really didn’t mean to say that I was just nervous.”

“I know baby, I’m not mad at all.” You smile. 

“Wha-why?” He asks. 

“Because I love how excited you are and I don’t even care.” You laugh, “It’s perfect! I am however getting a lot of texts from friends and my mum is calling the house right now.”

“You can ignore that.” Shawn laughs. 

“Oh I’m planning on it.” You smile.

“I’m going to have a little brother!” Lydia cheers before doing  little happy dance.

“You think mommy has a little brother in her tummy?” Shawn asks.

“Oh yeah its a boy.” Lydia says with confidence. 

“Can you give the baby a kiss for me?” Shawn asks. His smile grows even wider as he watches his little girl kiss his wife stomach. 

“Do you want to tell daddy what you said to the baby a few minutes ago?” You ask Lydia as you brush your fingers through her hair.

“I said I think I love you.” She smiles to her daddy. You nod in the background to let him know that beautiful moment really did happen. 

“Well I know I love you and I know I love mommy and I know I love the little baby growing in mommy’s belly.” Shawn smiles, “I have to go, but I can’t wait to come home and you Lyd. I love you baby girl.” Shawn blows a kiss and Lydia returns a more sloppy but equally as loving kiss to Shawn. She then marches out of the screen to wait for you to help her brush her teeth. 

“Thank you for being so good about this.” Shawn praises.

“Always. I honestly love how it happened.” You laugh, “You will be all over the internet tomorrow though!”

“Oh I am already trending on twitter!” Shawn sighs. 

“I have to go help Lyd, I can’t wait to see you.” 

“I love you beautiful.” Shawn smiles, “Take good care of yourself please, you’ve got my kid in there.” He pretends to be stern. 

“Oh I will.” You laugh, “Be safe and come home soon, I love you!” 

“I love you more!” 

Bathroom Mishaps

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Prompts: #3: “This isn’t what it looks like.” // #4: “I really wish you’d told me your mother was in town.”

Warnings: language - but, uh, nothing else really

Word Count: 1.1K

A/N: Y'all, I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I’m pretty much scared shitless. So, uh, that’s cool. Anyways, here’s some awkward-mom-encounter content.

Soft sunlight shines through the open window next to your spot on the couch. It’s almost noon, but you’re still in your pajamas, a book in your hands, and a mug that once was full of hot coffee near your arm on the side table.

“Mornin’, doll,” Bucky hums as he shuffles up to you, placing a quick, soft kiss to the top of your head. He plops down next to you, gently pulling your legs into his lap, and scoots closer to you, rubbing soft circles into your calf.

“Buck, it’s almost noon,” you laugh at him. He blinks and turns his head towards the wall where a small, antique clock hangs in the middle of framed pictures.

“Huh,” he huffs. “I guess you’re right. Oh, shit,” he closes his eyes and throws his head back against the couch. “I’m supposed to meet Steve at one for a mission briefing.”

“Well, you should probably get goin’ then,” you close your book, then set it on the table next to you and swing your legs off his lap. “There’s some extra hash browns I made earlier on the counter if you want ‘em.” You stand up and grab your mug, walking over to the coffee pot on the counter.

“You’re amazing,” Bucky comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and lightly kisses your neck. He pulls away and reaches for the hash browns a few feet away from you, actually grabbing some with his hand.

“Bucky, you do know what a fork is, right?” You can’t help but laugh and shake your head at him.

No time for forks, doll,” he manages through a mouthful of hash browns as he walks into the hallway towards the bathroom. The door shuts softly behind him.

You decide to busy yourself with cleaning-up the dishes you had dirtied from making breakfast. After turning on a playlist, you get to work, scrubbing away the dried, caked-on food. A few minutes later, a knock on the door swiftly catches your attention. Grabbing a hand towel from the drawer by to your hip, you pad down the hallway to the front door of your apartment while you dry your hands. You turn the doorknob and crack open the door as far as the chain lock will allow.

“Mom?” You blink, close the door and slide off the lock, then quickly open it again. “Mom! What are you doing here?” You smile and give her a quick, tight hug, then motion for her to come in.

“I haven’t seen your new place yet, and I thought I would stop by with these,” she reaches into her purse, pulling out a large baggie full of chocolate chip cookies.

“These look wonderful, thank you!” You plant a light kiss on her cheek and take the cookies from her. “Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Water? Oh, how’s Mama doing?” You lead her over to the kitchen island, walking around to the fridge.

“Coffee would be wonderful, dear,” she responds as she sits on one of the stools. “And Mama misses you, just as much as I do. Without you living so close to us, I think she’s been getting a bit more anxious and worried than usual. But I’m sure she’ll be fine soon.

“One coffee comin’ right up,” you chirp and reach for a new mug from the cupboard next to the fridge. You walk over to the pot and grab yours from earlier. “Tell her not to worry about me, Bucky and I have been having a great time in the city. Cream?” You turn around, tilting your head.

“Yes, please,” she smiles. “Oh, and where’s your bathroom? I can’t tell if it’s the long car ride or my aging body, but -”

“Oh, God, Mom, T.M.I. It’s just down the hall, first door on the right,” you wave away her thought from the air and turn back to the fridge. You swing open the door and grab the bottle of cream. You start to pour some into the first mug when you suddenly remember about Bucky. “Mom, wait -!

But you’re too late.

O-Oh my!” Your mother’s shrill voice carries down the hall. You drop the bottle of cream on the counter and jog over to the bathroom, stopping in the doorway. The scene before you is one that sends a mixture of horror and embarrassment racing through your body. Bucky stands in the middle of the bathroom, water still dripping from his hair and off his body as he holds his shirt from last night over his waist. Your mother is clutching the counter with one hand, clutching her chest with the other, and staring at Bucky’s nearly-naked figure in shock.

Y/N…I know this looks weird, but - one: this isn’t what it looks like, and two: I really wish you’d told me your mother was in town.”

“Oh, M-Mom, I-I -”

“D-Don’t worry, Y/N,” she turns around, stopping in front of you. “You have a fine taste in the opposite sex,” she whispers and pats your shoulder, then brushes past you, out of the room. You lock eyes with Bucky.

“Did she -”

“Oh, trust, me, she saw everything,” Bucky mutters, trying his best to suppress a sly smirk. “The whole package.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” you groan and drag your hands down your face as you turn out of the room, softly shutting the door behind you. You inhale deeply and wander back into the kitchen to find your mother pouring coffee into a to-go mug.

“Oh, Y/N, I hope you don’t mind,” she carefully lifts the mug into the air. “I kinda figured I should, uh…get going. Mama wants to go out for a late lunch, and I really shouldn’t keep her waiting.” She starts off towards the hallway just as Bucky opens the bathroom door, walking out with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Bucky,” she stops in her tracks and nods to him. “Nice to see you again, as always. But, maybe next time, it’ll be under more, uh…appropriate circumstances?” She keeps walking, not bothering to wait for him to respond. You trail her and open the door. She stops in the doorway and looks at you, smiling, and presses a light, feathery kiss on your cheek. “Take care, darling.”

You close the door and press your back flush against it. A deep exhale escapes your tight lungs as you look back up at Bucky.

“Well…that went well,” he shrugs. You groan and drop your gaze to the floor, pinching the bridge of your nose. I’m never going to live this down.

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I made myself sad

I just imagined reader making Poe a teddy bear. But not just a teddy bear. The shirt it wears is made of one of his mom’s shirts/dresses. And when he presses its hand, a recording of Shara singing a lullaby plays.

Poe cherishes that teddy bear so much.

Sometimes reader will catch him talking to it.

“Hi, mama. I miss you.”

“I saw dad today, mama.”

“Mama, I think Y/N is the one for me.”

Watering The Plants

Part 3:

When Lance woke up and found his mama sitting on the edge of his bed he almost cried with relief.
It was a dream.
He wasn’t in space, he was home and he was safe.
She smiled brushing her fingers across Lance’s face.
“Yes my baby. I’m here.
Lance choked on a sob. “Oh mama I missed you so much. I didn’t think i would ever see you again.”
“I know, but I’m here my love. I’m here and your safe and your loved.”
Lance launched himself towards her open arms wanting a hug more then anything else in the universe.
However when he went tumbling to the floor and he looked up at not his childhood bedroom and his mama but his paladin quarters, Lance realised what had happened.
After the last mission they had all been exhausted and had all gone straight to bed.
Lance had missed his last dosage and Hunk had been too tired to remind him.
Lance stared numbly at where his mama had been sitting.
It had seemed so real.
It felt like home.
He didn’t even care that tears were falling freely.
He didn’t feel sad, but a sense of overwhelming loss that only came from having someone you love suddenly taken away from you.
Lance slid to the floor, curling up in a ball and sobbing quietly.
“Shhh baby, you are loved, you are cherished, you are needed, you are not a seventh wheel.”
Lance put his hands over his ears “and you mama… your not real not matter how much I want and need you to be.”

Hours later Hunk came running into Lance’s room panicked and holding his pill bottle.
Finding his best friend crying and muttering to himself broke Hunks heart.
“I’m sorry buddy, I’m here now.” He whispered as he pulled Lance onto his lap and just sat there cuddling him until the crying stopped.

Their Reaction To Seeing You After Being In The Army/Seeing Their Child They Didn’t Know About (BTS)

Jimin: Jimin was anxious to see you. You were the only thing on his mind and he couldn’t wait any longer. He was ready to see you as soon as possible. Jimin could feel his heart racing at the thought of holding you against him again, you smiling and especially hearing you say his name.

“Jimin! Over here!”

He wildly turned his head, searching the crowd for your smiling face. He grinned as soon as he saw you. You couldn’t contain your happiness either and ran straight towards him. You threw your arms around his neck and he pulled you into his arms, rubbing your back.

“I missed you, jagi.”

“Jimin… There’s something I need to tell you.”

You motioned for a little girl to come out from behind you. She looked up at Jimin with awe-struck eyes. He immediately hugged her and peppered her face with kisses, making her laugh. They were bonding already. Jimin looked up at you with a smile on his face.

“She is as beautiful as I imagined.”

Jungkook: Jungkook walked through the crowd, a determined look in his eyes. He was searching for you, the only thought on his mind. He continued through the crowd until his eyes landed on you. It had felt like an eternity since the last time you saw him. 

“Jungkook! Over here!”

Jungkook rushed to you, enveloping you in a hug as he laughed. The feeling of his arms comforted you and you wished he would never let go. But you grew serious and took a step back as you looked him in the eye.

“I have something to tell you. I didn’t want to tell you when you left; it would’ve made things much harder.”

You motioned to a little girl who was waiting in the car. She came barreling out of the car and tossed herself into Jungkook’s arms. His face flickered with surprise.

“She’s yours. Her name is C/N.”

“Hey there. I’m your daddy. Do you remember me?” 

C/N realized Jungkook from the photos you showed her and quickly warmed up to him. You watched as they hugged and talked rapidly to each other. They were just like a family.

V: Taehyung sat in an airport chair, trying to keep his attention on his newspaper. Thoughts of seeing you stayed in his head, making the words jumble together. 

“What are you doing?” 

Taehyung closed his paper and looked down to find a child with his nose and lips and your eyes. He stared at the boy, unable to form sentences despite glancing over the printed alphabet moments before. 


You rushed to them, a smile on your face. You hugged Taehyung as he stood up, wrapping his arms around you. He laughed, letting a grin appear on his face as he kissed your forehead.

“I missed you so much. Is… is he ours?”


Guilt washed over Taehyung as he realized he didn’t get to watch this young boy grow from a baby to what he is now. He knew that he had to make up for it and get to know the boy he was currently hugging, and he was fine was that.

“Since I didn’t get to be there for the birth of this one, how about we start working on having another? Maybe a girl this time.”

Jin: Jin wasn’t nervous at all, only excited. You had written him many letters promising that you were waiting for him. He unlocked the door to your house, a grin appearing on his face where you were waiting for him.

“Hello, jagi.”

Jin entered like it was a normal rehearsal and he was only gone for a couple of hours, not years. He gave you a sweet kiss on the forehead and hugged you.

“I’m home.”

“C/N, come here! There’s someone I want you to meet!”

A small girl barreled down the hallway, running straight to Jin. He hugged her, making sure not to hurt or injure him. Jin stared at his daughter as if he was trying to memorize her features.

“This is your father. Remember I showed you some pictures of him?”

Jin knelt down and hugged C/N while smiling.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there before. I promise I will be here for the rest of your life, princess.”

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Imagine Chris and your daughter surprising you at work.

A/N: I’m on a roll, two in one day. :D Sooooo muuuuuch fluuuufff. You need to just have a kid already, Chris, so you can be the cutest, bestest dad around. X

Your four year old daughter held her dad’s large hand as they walked through the hallways of Paramount Studio looking for you. They were running errands when they drove past the studio and decided to surprise you with a drop-in, mainly because your daughter couldn’t wait till tonight to give you the rose she- well, Chris bought you.

“Do you think Mama is going like this?” Harper looked up at her dad with your pretty Y/E/C eyes, holding up the single red rose; Chris nodded, smiling. “But wouldn’t she want more than one rose?”

“It’s the thought that counts, bug.” Chris scooped her up into his arms and poked her sides, making her giggle. “And it doesn’t matter how many roses you get Mama, she’s going to love it anyway ‘cause she’s a sucker for roses.”

You were right behind them when Chris said that, as one of your interns had informed you that your husband and daughter were wandering the hallways looking for you. You chuckled softly at the language your husband had chosen to use around your impressionable four year old. It wasn’t bad per se, but it wasn’t a word you wanted your four year old to be spouting.

“She’s also a sucker for chocolates,” Harper said and Chris nodded; another chuckle escaped your throat and you shook your head in disapproval. “We should’ve got her some. I think she likes the golden ones, the ones with the wrappers that she makes into tiny roses.”

“You mean Ferrero Rochers?” Chris quizzed and Harper nodded. “Well done, bug. That is one of your mom’s favorite chocolates and I picked up some at the supermarket. Look at you,” he chuckled, “you’ve got the memory of an elephant.” He made elephant noises, making her laugh and you smile; his choice of words weren’t always the best, but he was still an amazing husband and father.

“Well well well, look who we have here.” You began and Chris turned around with Harper in his arms; both their eyes lit up upon seeing you. “What are you two trouble makers up to?” You asked as you walked over.

“Mama!” Harper barreled towards you as soon as Chris put her down. You bent over, catching and lifting her into your arms when she jumped. “Mama, I’ve missed you so much.” She whispered into your ear, wrapping her small arms around your neck.

“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris as he placed a hand on your arm, leaning forward to peck you on the lips. “What’s that?” You gasped excitedly when Chris pulled away and Harper leaned back to give you the rose she bought you. “Wow, thank you sweetheart. This just made my day,” you smacked a loud kiss on her cheek and she giggled.

“We just thought we’d drop by and see you, give you a few hugs and kisses because you’ve got a long day ahead of you.” Chris told you and Harper nodded in agreement; you smiled. “How’s everything sailing?” He asked and you hugged Harper, holding her close so you could roll your eyes over her shoulder. “That bad, huh?” He chuckled softly.

“You of all people should know how bad directing can get, especially with cocky actors who don’t show up on time. I mean- you worked with Chris Evans, right?” You teased him and he laughed, nodding. “Honestly-” you chuckled wearily then sighed, giving him a small smile, “there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

“Aw, baby,” Chris pouted sympathetically, giving your arm a gentle squeeze. “You know there’s no one I’d rather work with too, but we’re parents now.” He reminded you, rubbing Harper’s back. “It’s time we learn to work with other people,” he said and you nodding, pouting. “Just do me a favor and don’t fall in-love with your next handsome lead,” he winked then smiled when you chuckled.

“Only if you promise not to fall in-love with your next pretty director.”

“The Russo brothers are my next directors,” Chris chuckled and you laughed, “I think I’ll be fine.”

“Mrs. Evans?” One of your interns called and you turned around. Chris smiled because this was the first time he heard someone call you Mrs. Evans at work as you were always referred to by your maiden name; it was probably because he was there. “You’re needed on set.” As soon as Harper heard that, she tightened her hold on you.

“Tell them I’ll be right there,” you nodded and the intern disappeared around the corner.

“No, Mama,” Harper’s voice quivered slightly, making your heart ache as you hugged her as tightly as she was hugging you. “Please don’t go,” she mumbled into the crook of your neck. “I don’t want you to go.”

You felt your eyes start to well with tears and you looked to Chris, pressing your lips together to suppress your urge to cry. “Don’t start,” he mouthed and shook his head, giving you the smile that would always make you smile; it worked. “C'mon, sweetheart.” Chris gently rubbed Harper’s back, trying to take her from you. “Let’s go home, we’ll see Mama later.”

“No,” Harper shrugged off her dad’s touch, making him sigh. “I don’t want to go,” she huffed, clutching onto you. “I want to stay here with you, Mama.” You beckoned your head for Chris to follow you as you started to make your way to where you were needed while still carrying your stubborn four year old.

“But what are you going to do here with me, baby?” You asked gently and she leaned back in your arms so she could meet your gaze. “I’m going to be busy directing and you don’t know anyone I’m working with. It’s not like Daddy’s set, you won’t have Uncle Seba or Auntie Scar or Uncle Rob to play with you.”

“I can just sit quietly and watch you work,” Harper responded with a grin.

“You could, but I promise you you’d have more fun with Daddy at home.” You told her and she wiggled her tiny mouth from side to side, pondering. “Like I said, it’s not like Daddy’s set. You’re going to be all by yourself, sitting quietly. That sounds so boring, don’t you think?”

“Bug, c'mon. You promised you wouldn’t do this.” Chris reminded her and she sighed. He knew you were on a tight schedule and you needed to stay focus which was why he made Harper promise she wouldn’t do any of what she was currently doing before he took her here. “Your mom’s on a tight schedule, do you remember what that means?”

“Yeah,” Harper nodded, pouting.

“So let’s go home so she can finish work quickly and come home in time for dinner,” Chris told her and she looked between the both of you, still pondering who she wanted to go with and what she’d get to do. “Do you remember what we’re having for dinner? Pi…” He trailed off.

“Zza!” She finished, holding out her arms for her dad to take her. “Okay, let’s go home.” Chris smiled at you, a little too smug for your liking. He’d always been good with kids, you knew that before you married him; it was actually one of the reasons you married him. “Bye Mama,” she leaned over and pecked you on the cheek.

“Bye, sweetheart.” You booped her nose and she giggled. “I’ll see you two at home,” you said and pecked Chris on the lips. “Hopefully in time for dinner,” you pursed your lips, knowing there was a small chance you weren’t going to be.

“Just tell your cast and crew Captain America will come in here armed and ready to whoop their asses if they don’t cut their shit out.” Chris told you, smiling; you chuckled because both of you had completely forgotten that you were in your four year old daughter’s presence until…

“Yeah,” Harper nodded with furrowed brows, “tell them Captain America will come in here armed and ready to whoop their-” Chris covered her mouth, both of you laughing, before she could finish.

Misconceptions Part 6

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut sorta. Tiniest amount of fluff, so much swearing.There’s a tiny bit of Non-Con in here, buts its nothing graphic. 


Am putut vedea ca lai iubit-I could see you loved him

Papa zashchitit tebya, printsessa- Daddy will protect you, princess

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 “I will kick your ass Barnes” you snarl “Stop fucking pulling your punches” as you dodge the weak punch he throws your way. “I don’ wanna hurt ya darling, ya got such a pretty face, wouldn’ wanna ruin it” he teases. Oh that’s how he wants to play it? You smirk at him and using his bent knee as leverage, you vault up his body, wrapping your legs around his neck and throwing yourself backward. He flips in a forward somersault, landing heavily on his back. He’s gasping for air, looking at you in complete shock. “My fur might be pretty Barnes” you lean down and stare him straight in the eye “But this kitty has claws” you saunter out of the gym, leaving a stunned Bucky alone on the mats. And that’s how you got your nickname.


 You stretch out lazily on the bed, thoroughly rested and refreshed, hair a tangled mess on your head. You reach out blindly searching for your phone, hoping against hope that Tony hasn’t traumatized Ari. “Good Morning Sestra” your hand stills, head snapping in her direction “Natalia” you reply, she cocks a perfect eyebrow at you, and crawls gracefully across the bed, pulling you into her arms. “Why didn’t you tell me sestra” she whispers as you start to sob, “I would never have-“ “I-I know” you interrupt, struggling to get the words out through your tears “That’s exactly why I didn’t tell you! Am putut vedea ca lai iubit Natalia! How could I take that away from you?” she’s rocking you back and forth in her arms, cradling your head against her chest. “(y/n), Barnes and I were never more than casual, I thought maybe we could be, but it felt wrong, like I was filling a void for him. I didn’t realize…” she sighs “I didn’t realize how much you love him, or he loves you, and I’m sorry you felt like you had to run from us sestra.” You sigh “Natty it’s a mess. And it’s not your fault. It’s mine, I let him in, lowered my guard, I can’t do that again, Adriana deserves a mother who can look after herself physically and emotionally, and right now I can barely do either” you lean back against the head board. "Jesus Nat, I’ve never loved anyone the way I love him, I would have done anything for him before Ari came into the picture.And to be honest I probably still will, and that scares the living shit out of me”  you confess. “I can’t keep talking about this” you get up from your position on the bed “I need you and I to be okay Nat, these past months have been hell without you, I want you in my life sestra, in Ari’s life.” Nat considers you an eternity goes by before she finally speaks “I will always be okay with you (y/n). Nothing can ever change that”. You hug her tightly. “Good. Now let’s go find Ari before Tony builds her a mini Iron-Man suit”

You and Natasha make your way into the lounge side by side, chatting amicably about what you have missed since you’ve been gone. Rounding the corner you spy Bucky with Ari in his lap giving her a bottle and whispering “Papa zashchitit tebya, printsessa.” Irrational fear grips you as you hurry over to yank Ari out of his arms. “Hey baby girl” picking her up you cradle her against your chest “Mama missed you” planting a kiss on her forehead. You address Bucky “ Good Morning James” his face hardens “We were fine (y/n). I’m not gonna hurt her ya know” you swallow down the lump forming in your throat “I don’t trust you James” you reply, hurrying out the room, Natasha in tow. “What are you doing sestra?” Nat questions “I don’t fucking know” you reply. 

 You and Nat spent the rest of the morning playing with Adriana, the assassin being surprisingly good with her, cooing and making the most ridiculous faces to get Ari to smile. It was the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. Putting Ari down for her afternoon nap, Nat makes her final departing remark. “You can’t shut him out forever kitty. Your stubbornness will hurt more people than you know.” It stings more than you care to admit. You need to talk to Bucky. You need to try and come to some sort of agreement regarding Ari, your apprehension is not fair on her. 

 You drag your feet as you approach Bucky’s bedroom. You know your being ridiculously unreasonable, you know he’d protect Ari with his life, you’re being a colossal bitch and you know it. Standing outside his door, you knock three times and call his name, he opens up almost immediately and yanks you roughly inside hissing “What the fuck was that (y/n)” “Get your hands off me and sit the hell down Barnes” you spit back, hackles raised. The mood shifts instantly. “Don’ fuckin say my name like that.” Grabbing you by your upper arms, he pushes you into the wall “I’m sick an’ tired of this shit kitty cat” he purrs into your ear, nipping at the lobe, “I wanna be yours doll” he grabs your ass, pulling you flush against his broad chest. “I want ya to be mine” he kisses a path down your neck, you’re mewling and whimpering arching your back as he nips at your collarbone. He grabs your leg and hooks it around his waist, rolling his hips eliciting a particularly loud moan from you.  “I love you (y/n)” he whispers as he captures your lips in a searing kiss, pouring everything he has into it, all the pent up emotion, all the frustration seeps into it, setting your nerves on fire. “Please let me in, baby” he says as he breaks the kiss. Your eyes flicker to his, seeing the desperation lurking underneath the lust. “Please” he begs. “I…Stop” you push him away, sucking in huge mouthfuls of air “I need to think, I can’t do this with you.” He runs his hands through his hair in frustration “I just need time James. I’m going to try, but you can’t just put your hands on me and expect me to melt” He nods “Take all the time ya want doll. I aint going anywhere, jus’ let me be near ya an’ the baby? Please?” “I’m going to try James. Truly” you tell him, sincerity leaking through your tone “But this can’t happen again alright?”

 “Anythin for ya doll face”

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Home For Christmas


I walked through the baggage claim, stopping once i saw my bag. I pulled my suitcase off of the conveyor belt and started wheeling it behind me as i headed for the door.

Things with my boyfriend had been pretty rocky for the past few months and we decided to end things. So instead of going to his parents house for christmas, I flew home to Jersey.

My parents were so excited to have me home for the first time in a few years and I had to admit, I was full of anxious yet excited energy. I left my hometown for a reason and I just hoped that reason wasn’t home for Christmas too.

I stood on the curb outside the airport waiting for the cab I had called for. I checked my phone to let my mom know i had landed and I’d be home soon. I soon received a text back from her letting me know that she was excited to see me and that my father was too. I smiled at the message and looked up just as my cab arrived. I stowed my bag in the trunk and climbed into the backseat. After giving the driver my parents address, we were speeding away from the airport.

A short while later we arrived at my childhood home and I stepped out into the cold winter air. The driver wheeled my suitcase over to me and I paid him. As he drove away I wished him a merry Christmas and turned to stare at my old home.

Of course I missed living here. So many memories were made in that house and I will treasure them forever. But there were also so many memories made in the house next door and I just wanted to forget those.

I took a deep breathe, which was a bad idea as the dry air hit my lungs and started up an inconvenient asthma attack. I rooted around in my purse for my inhaler and took two large puffs and my breathing started to even out. Once that nonsense was under control, I made my way to the front door and rang the bell.

My mother flung the door open in a matter of seconds. “Y/N!!!!! MY BABY IS HOME! You know, I saw you using your inhaler through the window. Are you okay baby?” She said all in a rush. “Yes mom I’m fine. You know what the dry air does to me. I’m okay. I promise.” I reassured her with a smile.

She pulled me along into the kitchen where my father was cooking and when he saw me he wrapped me up in his arms and said “Oh sweetheart me and your mama missed you so much.” I could hear his voice wobble as if he was ready to cry. “Dad I’m sorry I stayed away for so long. You know I had to.” I whispered into his shoulder. “I know baby. I know.” He said as he kissed my head.

Once my dad released me from his hug, my mother started rambling about plans for the evening. “So obviously we had to have a party! Our baby girl is home for the first time and we wanted everyone to see you! So we invited the neighborhood over tonight to celebrate!” My mother was beaming and my heart plummeted into my stomach. The last thing I wanted was to increase my chances of seeing the person I was trying to avoid so this party really wasn’t my idea of a good time. But to spare my mothers feelings, I smiled and she ran off to decorate. I turned and grimaced at my father.

“Dad why did you let her do this? You know how I feel about this.” I pleaded. “I know sweetheart but she’s so happy and she cried when I told her we shouldn’t have a party.” My dad said with sadness in his eyes. “Well,” I started as I made my way to the liquor cabinet, “I’m gonna need this if I’m gonna get through this party.” I pulled a bottle of vodka out of the cabinet, twisted off the cap, and took a big swig. It burned like hell but I knew soon enough, it wouldn’t matter and I’d be able to get through this shit show. My dad chuckled as he watched me down the alcohol like water. “The party isn’t for six hours honey.” He said. “Don’t care. Gotta get started early.” I said leaving the kitchen, bottle in hand.

Sure enough, six hours later the bell rang downstairs and people began flooding into the house. At this point I was already pretty sloshed and feeling good so I made my way down to the living room to socialize.

Things were going well until the bell rang again. My Mom and Dad were busy in the kitchen so they asked me to get the door. My heels clicked across the tile in the front of the house and I giggled at the sound. I flung the door open with a big smile but when I saw who it was my smile disappeared and a scowl formed.

In front of me stood the entire Dolan family. Lisa and Sean in the front, Cam behind them with Ethan, and lastly Grayson. I waved everyone except for Grayson and they all made their way to the living room. I stood in the door way, hand still on the doorknob, and looked at him. He was as tall as he ever was and muscular just like I remembered. He was wearing an obnoxious green blazer with gingerbread men on it and his earring gleamed in the light from my front porch. His hair was shockingly blonde, almost white which was definitely a change from the last time i saw him. A smile crept on his face which only deepened my frown. “Ya know what?” I slurred. “Fuck. You.” and I slammed the door in his face and flipped the lock.

“MOMMMM! GRAYSON IS OUTSIDE! I LOCKED HIM OUT BECAUSE I-I I HATE HIM! YOU CAN COME GET HIM IF YOU WANT!” I shouted through the house. I could hear him banging on the door and I laughed. I snatched my almost empty vodka bottle off the table near the door and made my way upstairs. As I reached the top of the staircase I could hear my mother apologizing to Grayson for my behavior. I scoffed at that and made my way into my room, slamming the door.

I took my shoes off and flopped onto my bed. Seeing Grayson again was like an arrow through my chest. So many years ago that boy had been my whole life. My everything. And then he tore my heart out. The tears started flowing as the memories replayed in my mind.

Grayson and I had been best friends since we were kids. When we hit sophomore year of high school we began dating and it was the happiest time of my life. We always had fun and went on adventures. Spontaneity is Grayson’s middle name so nothing was ever boring. I lost my virginity to him when I was 16 and I knew we were going to be together forever. Until we weren’t.

We always said that after we graduated, we would run away and get married. Start a life together. So when I got a letter from grayson the morning of graduation that said to meet him at the park at midnight and we would run away, I was so excited. The graduation ceremony went as planned. We took pictures and all that stuff but quickly we were separated for family partys after that. Once my family was out of my house that night I packed my bag and snuck out the window and ran to the park.

I waited for Grayson at that park for two hours. And he never came. I sat there and cried my eyes out. I didn’t know what to do. I tried calling him and texting him and no response. So I walked to his house. When I rang the bell Cam answered. I asked if she knew where Grayson was and she told me that his friend Aaron was having a party a few blocks away and he was there.

When I got to the party, I could see clear as day, Grayson in the front window, and Melody Davis, his ex girlfriend, had her hands all over him. My heart broke and the tears spilled over. Melody spotted me through the window and just grinned at me. So I ran. I ran all the way back home and I cried until I fell asleep. Before I had fallen asleep I sent Grayson a text telling him to never speak to me again. For the next four days, every time he knocked on my door, my father turned him away. About a week later I made the decision to leave. My dad made arrangements for me to live with his sister in New York. The next day I was on a plane and I never looked back.

My heart broke all over again as the painful memories flooded over me. A quiet knock on the door made me roll over on my bed. “Go the fuck away!” I shouted at the door. From behind me I could hear the door open and shut with a soft click.

“Talk to me.” A voice said from behind me. I would know that voice anywhere. Grayson. Suddenly I was blazing hot with anger and I sat up so fast my head started to spin. “GET OUT!” I screamed through my tears. He reached out to touch my leg and pulled it towards me like I had been burned. I pulled my knees up to my chest and sniffled. Everything was quiet for a few moments before he broke the silence.

“Y/N, what did i do?” Grayson whispered. “Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.” I scoffed. “If i knew I wouldn’t be asking!” he pleaded. I was growing tired of this game so I stood and put my shoes on. “Grayson this isn’t funny. You broke my heart and I won’t let you do it again.”

I dashed out the door and quickly made it down the stairs. I could hear him following me as a fan through the front door. I continued walking down the driveway and he called after me. “Y/N! Wait! Please stop!” I stopped where I was and whirled around, coming face to face with him. After a few long moments I spoke. “I waited for you.” I said. “What? What are you talking about?” He questioned, a look of confusion etched on his beautiful face.

“Grayson I got your letter. I waited for two hours at the park the night of graduation. And you never came.” I whispered. “And then I saw you with Melody and I knew. I knew everything you said was a lie. We were never going to run away together. We were never going to last.” I said through the tears rushing down my face. “Don’t you see? I can’t be near you Grayson! Every time I look at your beautiful face all the feelings I thought I pushed away come rushing right back! I can’t-” At this point I was shouting so breathing, especially in the cold dry air, was becoming impossible. I started gasping but it was like I couldn’t hold any air inside my lungs. My asthma was flaring up and between that and the violent sobs wracking my body, I couldn’t breathe. I patted my body desperately searching for my inhaler that I realized I left on my nightstand. Grayson was running towards me, realizing what was happening. “Oh shit.” I gasped as everything went dark and I collapsed in the snow.

A while later I woke up in my bed wrapped in blankets with my lamp on. I looked around the room, assuming I had dreamed the whole thing. But the bathroom door opened and Grayson stepped out so I knew everything was real. As soon as he realized I was awake he rushed to my bed and sat next to me, running his fingers through my hair and holding my hand.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered. I slowly drew my hand back and rubbed my eyes. “Y/N please. I still don’t understand. The whole thing with the letter? I’m still not sure what you’re talking about. Please tell me.” He begged.

I sat up against my headboard and took a deep breath. I told him everything from start to finish. After a long pause? Grayson processed what I said but was still looking confused. “Y/N I never sent you any letter. I was at Aaron’s party waiting for you and you never came. And then Melody said-” All of a sudden there was fury in his eyes as he shot up off the bed. “Jesus christ! She said you told her you weren’t coming to the party and that you didn’t want to see me! She had her arms around my neck that night and I pushed her off of me and told her that you wouldn’t break up with me through another person, especially her! And she wanted us to get back together that night but I said no! Don’t you see? Melody sent you that letter not me! She needed you to think I stood you up so you wouldn’t want to see me and she could have me back! I can’t believe this!” He was gripping his hair and pacing back and forth.

Grayson sat down on the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands. His shoulders started jerking and i realized he was crying. I put my hand on his back and pulled him into me so his head was on my chest. “Gray it’s okay. Don’t cry.” I whispered into his hair. “I can’t believe this. I should have tried harder. I should have been more persistent in trying to make you see me after that whole night. Melody’s jealousy ruined my life. I lost the love of my life because of her.” he sobbed into my chest.

I held him tighter as he cried and I let my own tears spill over. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have just assumed you left me. I should have let you in when you knocked on my door. I messed everything up.” I whimpered.

We sat in silence for several minutes as our breathing evened out. “GrayBear I still love you.” I said quietly. Grayson raised his head from my chest to look at me. “Baby you can’t say that unless you mean it. And don’t use my old nickname unless you plan on sticking around. I don’t want to get used to hearing it again and then have you disappear.” He said with hope in his voice. I grabbed the sides of his face and stared into his hazel eyes. “GrayBear, I’m home. And this time, I’ll stay.” I said.

Grayson wrapped his arms around me and our lips met with a crash. My blood boiled as he kissed me and I could feel the electricity between us. “I still love you too, sweetheart. Never leave me again.” he said against my lips.

“I won’t.” I promised.


Little Do You Know (Pt. 1)


Request: A Wonwoo marriage angst au! With my own twist! This plot has been FOREVER in my head! The title is inspired by the song by Alex and Sierra! Check it out~

Genre/s: Romance, Drama, Angst

Warning/s: Divorce, Mentions of drinking, CLIFFHANGER (please don’t kill me!)

“I remember when you first told me you loved me.” She whispered, feeling him stir behind her. She never turned to face him in their bed. Long ago she stopped wishing he would wrap his arms around her to comfort her— to ease the pain in her heart. “Do you?”

She waited with baited breath for his answer. Anything. Any sign that he still loved her. That she wasn’t an idiot for staying and fighting for what they had left.


That night she stopped fighting. She stopped making it work between the two of them, stopped asking him if he was free so they could go out by themselves. She stopped trying to kill herself with heartache for a man who had fallen out of love with her.

By the end of the week she had lost reason to stay. So, she walked out the door—

And he never came after her.

The airport was crowded— it always was but today it was overly so. She’d heard from a group of people as she passed by that some actor was coming home from filming a variety show overseas. Given her curiosity, she would have gone to check it out herself.

But she was on a different mission that day.

She had someone special to see.

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Imagine meeting Missouri.

A/N: This takes place S1E9, Home. Reader’s thoughts are in italics.

References to this before the series & this one as well.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Dean x Sister!Reader     Sam x Sister!Reader

“Alright, don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. Your wife is crazy about you.” A woman said to a man that she was leading out of the house. After closing the door she shook her head, “Poor bastard. His woman is cold bangin’ the gardener.”

“Why didn’t you tell him?” Dean asked, giving a slight glare at the woman for talking about this subject in front of you but you couldn’t help but have a large grin on your face. 

“People don’t come here for the truth, they come here for good news.” She said, “Well? Y/N, Sam, Dean, come on already, I ain’t got all day.” She motioned for you guys to follow her into the next room. Oh crap, this lady might be legit.

“Well, let me look at ya.” She said with a laugh. “You two sure grew up handsome.” She said, while pointing at Dean, “You were one goofy lookin’ kid too.” Dean glared at her while Sam let out a grin and you couldn’t help but let out a laugh. I like this woman. “Sam, I’m sorry about your girlfriend-,” Oh shit she is legit. “-and Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet ya, your dad talked about you all the time when he was around. Used to come see me when your mama and you were missing.’” She said, Wait, when were we ever missing? You looked over at Dean confused. “And your father? He’s missing?”

“How’d you know all that?” Sam asked.

“What is she talking about Dean?” You whispered to Dean but he pretended to not be listening to you.

“Well you were thinkin’ it just now.” She said while turning her head to you, “And Y/N, your daddy had me looking for since before you were one up until your mama died.” What? You looked at Missouri with wide eyes then whipped over to look at Dean.

“Well, where’s Dad? Is he Ok?” Dean asked, ignoring the fire Missouri had just started with you.

“I don’t know.” Missouri said as she let out a sigh.

“Don’t know? You’re supposed to be psychic right?” Dean snapped at Missouri.

“Boy, you see me sawing some bony tramp in half? You think I’m a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can’t just pull facts out of thin air. Sit, please.” The Sam and Dean sat down on the couch but you chose to lean against the wall. “Boy you put your foot on my coffee table, I’m a whack you with a spoon.” Missouri randomly scolded Dean.

“I didn’t do anything!” He replied with wide eyes.

“You were thinkin’ it.” She snapped. Dean looked shocked, while you and Sam couldn’t help but laugh; enjoying seeing Dean being the one in trouble for once.

“Okay, so our dad. When did you first meet him?” Sam asked, diverting the attention away from Dean. When the heck was I missing? I’ve never been away from Dean before in my life.

“He came for a reading, a few days after the fire. I just told him what was really out there in the dark. I guess you could say, I drew back the curtains for him.” She said.

“What about the fire? Do you know what killed our mom?” Dean asked. What really happened to my mom then?

“A little.” She replied, looking up at you with a curious look. “Your daddy took me to the house. He was hoping I could sense echoes, fingerprints, of this thing.”

“And could you?” Sam asked.

Missouri shook her head. “I-.”

“What was it?” Sam cut in.

“I don’t know,” She said in a quiet voice. “But it was evil.”


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“Happy International Women’s Day, mommy!”

Her daughter’s bright smile and beautiful eyes greeted Arizona as she answered the incoming FaceTime call, and the blonde’s mood was immediately lifted. The call was a surprise – coming in way later than usual – but the happiness on her face was evident as her little girl waved through the screen.

“Well, Happy Women’s Day to you too, little miss! This is a nice surprise!”

The image on screen shifted slightly, but Sofia was careful to keep her face in the frame, her background completely out of the picture. Those had been Callie’s instructions – her background could give them away – and she didn’t want to ruin the rest of the surprise.

“What are you doing up so late?”

A grin tugged at the little girl’s face immediately and her dimples popped, just like her mother’s.

“Mama said I could stay up and call you. Cause it’s important to celebrate today and celebrate all the bestest, strongest women we know. Girl power is super important!”

She nodded firmly, her slightly precocious words making Arizona smile again too. If they were doing one thing right, it was certainly raising their girl to be a strong little feminist.

“It is! Girls are awesome – especially you and mama. Did you do anything special today?”

The camera jiggled a little bit again, the movement on Sofia’s end bouncing her image in the frame, but Arizona barely noticed, instead taking a moment to curl back into the couch cushions herself.

“Yeah! We went on a big adventure and mama bought me Moana and I watched it TWICE! I wanna be like her. She doesn’t need a prince, just a chicken,” Sofia beamed happily and continued, “and now we’re gonna have donuts cause–”

She cut herself off, small eyes widening just a bit, and Arizona couldn’t help but laugh.

“Donuts? I mean I’m all for donuts but it’s already past bed time!”

“Oh…yeah,” the little girl nodded swiftly, a slightly suspicious look flitting across her face, “it is bed time. I have to go, mommy.”

“Okay, sweetie…well I’m glad you called. I miss you, and I lov–”

Before she could finish her sentence, the camera cut out and the call ended, and Arizona blinked slightly at the device in her hands – did her daughter just hang up on her? A loud knock sounded at the door, startling her from her thoughts, and with a slight frown the blonde pushed herself off the couch and padded to the front door, unlocking the bolt and pulling it open.


Blue eyes widened in shock as the small body of her daughter practically launched into her arms, but the minute she felt her daughter’s warmth Arizona immediately scooped her up into a ferocious hug, her grin matching the delighted look on the little girl’s face.

“Sofia! What are you doing here?!”

Kissing Sofia’s forehead and setting her back down, Arizona’s hands smoothed through silky hair as the small brunette wrapped her arms around her waist and glued herself to her side. She looked up to meet the eyes of her ex-wife standing on the threshold of the doorway, and her brow furrowed in confusion as dark eyes gazed longingly back.

“We brought donuts.”

Callie held out a flat box, the pink frosting and sprinkles from Arizona’s favourite bakery evident through the lid, and she swallowed thickly, biting her lip a little before speaking again.

“I wanted to celebrate the strongest, bravest, smartest, most beautiful…amazing woman I know…”

Arizona’s eyes softened a little, and she glanced back up to meet Callie’s penetrating gaze.

“…and maybe ask if she wanted to go out sometime. On a date.” the older brunette paused slightly, a hopeful, small smile pulling at her lips, “I’m new in town; just moved here today. And I’d really like to get to know her again.”

Arizona could only blink in surprise, and she instinctively glanced down to look at Sofia – meeting the younger brunette’s equally hopeful and enamored gaze.

“I told you we were on an adventure, mommy.”

She lifted her hand from Arizona’s waist and motioned her closer, and Arizona leaned down, turning her head as her daughter whispered in her ear.

“Mama misses you too. A lot. Please say yes.

The blonde couldn’t help but smile, the warmth spreading through her chest both at her daughter’s words and the nervous, eager look in her ex-wife’s eyes. This would be an adventure, for sure – but one she was so, so ready to go on.

“I think she’d really like that.”

Callie’s face broke into a heart-stopping smile as Arizona replied softly, and she watched as the blonde’s dimples appeared, her nose wrinkling adorably as she grinned. Arizona glanced at the proffered box of donuts between them before reaching up to grab it, her fingers lightly – and purposefully – brushing the ones opposite hers.

“And donuts are a great way to start.”



you guys can go ahead and blame this purely on @blackturtlesofdeath !!

tw: torture mention; graphic descriptions of wounds

wc: 579

              Darkness surrounded him. A fleeting hand briefly pushed back the loose piece of hair that was sticking out. It was warm, calming. Rough, worn from years of hard work. They felt too familiar. “Mama?” Lance whispered, tiredness seeping into his voice.

               “Sh. Sleep. You’re tired.” Her voice drifted softly. “I know you’re tired. Sleep now.  You’re safe. You’re safe. I have you.”

               “Mama, I miss you, so, so much.” His eyes teared up, however they stayed closed. He wanted to reach out, grasp her hand. He needed to feel more warmth. He needed to know she was really there. His fingers patted around him, looking for her.

               “Sh, I know, mijo. I miss you too. I miss you so much.” She whispered, emotion thick in her voice. Her hand met his half-way. All callouses were like he remembered.

               Like he remembered. That sent off a warning bell in his mind, but he ignored it. It felt nice. This felt nice. “Mama, when will I see you? When will I feel like I’m something again? I miss your hugs and your empanadas and tamales. I miss waking up on Christmas morning and getting Julio and Samantha excited.” Tears were streaming down his face, hot, his teeth shattering. His heart was clenching, churning, and turning itself inside out.

               “You can come home, soon.” She whispered gently, rubbing soft, soothing touches into his head. It didn’t stop the tears from flowing.

               “I- I can?” There’s the brief sound of children laughing, the sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore, and the heat of the blazing sun.

               “Of course, mijo. You just have to tell me where Voltron is.” Voltron sounded unfamiliar in his mother’s voice. This wasn’t right.

               “Mama, I don’t know what you’re talking about?” He laughed through watery eyes. She shouldn’t know about Voltron. Her grip on his hand became tighter.

               “Mijo, don’t lie to me. You know where they are. Where are the other lions?”

               “Mama, you’re scaring me. Please, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He cried, trying to pull his hand free. “Please let go!”

               “Where are the lions?” Voices joined in, mixing into her once melodious voice, building into a crescendo.

               “I don’t know-“

               “Where are the-“

               “Mama, I don’t-“

               “Lions?! Where-“

               “Mama, stop it, you’re hurting me-“

               “The Lions?!” The voices sounded demonic now, trying to lure him into telling them where Voltron was. He couldn’t betray his team. Loyalty, he felt, was his only strength.

               “Why can’t I open my eyes?!” He tried to pry his eyes open, but with the loud voices, his attention was haywire, unable to focus on one thing. “Please, let me go.” He whimpered, heart beating rapidly.

               “Tell us where the lions are, and you can go home.” It answered peacefully. He took deep breathes.

               “Sorry, Mama. I can’t go home just yet.” He opened his eyes.

               The full force of the wounds in his legs, back, and everywhere else shocked him, causing him to groan. He had no energy left in his to scream or fight. There was two laser wounds going through his legs. It was obvious he hadn’t been treated properly, with how the area around the wound was becoming veiny and purple. The whipping marks on his back stung horrendously. Footsteps came closer to him. Through his blurry vision, he could make out the shape of Haggar.

               “Well, well, well, Blue Paladin. Seems you’ve left your trance. Now, the real fun begins.”  


“I think you forgot the insulting part of that insult.“

“When Francesco is away from home, he misses his mama! Just like you miss your tow truck, amigo.”

“I maybe misjudged you because that’s exactly…“

“Of course, I am at home, and my mama is right here. Mama! Don’t worry, Mama! McQueen is very sad! I will beat his cry-baby bottom today!“

whole world

Just a little ssfamily drabble in which five year old Sarada Mikoto Uchiha asks about her grandmother.

My personal head canon is that Sarada has a middle name and she was named after Sasuke’s mother. In this universe, Sasuke came home at various intervals during Sarada’s childhood.

Sarada and Sakura were pouring over family photo albums.

“And that’s my cousin Himeko, remember you met her last year?”

“Yeah, she has pink hair like you, right mama?”

“Mm-hmm,” Sakura hummed while turning the plastic covered pages of the album. She nursed a small cup of green tea while Sarada had her face pressed against her mothers arm, eyes flicking between the photos. Sarada sneaked a sip of the tea before twisting her face in disgust. Sasuke was home, reading in the corner and gave input to the girls’ discussion from time to time.  

“Can we look at the Uchiha albums now?” 

“Of course,” Sakura said as she tipped back her chair slightly to reach for the bookcase.

The clan albums had been salvaged by Sasuke and kept safe in storage until he had returned to the village. They take up their rightful place on the shelves of their apartment, surrounded by trinkets and books brought home by Sasuke from his travels.

The first photo is a formal group shot of Sasuke’s family. “That is your grandmother,” Sakura says quietly, “you are named after her. Wasn’t she pretty?”

“Yeah, she looks a lot like papa doesn’t she?”

“Yes she does.” Sakura smiled at her mother-in-law’s soft eyes and then looked at Sasuke’s face in the family photo, young and boyish. A face she remembers falling in love with.

“Did you ever meet her, mama?”

Sakura sighed, “No honey, I never had that pleasure.” She felt Sasuke shift in his chair across the room.

Ever inquisitive, Sarada bounced from her chair and approached her father.

“Papa, do you think grandma would have liked me having her name?”

“She would have been honoured, Sarada.”

Sharing a small smile with her father, she climbed onto his knee. He moved to make room for her. “What was your mama like?”

“My mother…she was kind and gentle. She made excellent dumplings. She wore vanilla perfume and she could sing really well but that was a secret. She would sing me to sleep most nights. Her hair was soft but her hands were slightly rough from years of handling weapons.”

Sarada frowned sadly at him, “You miss her a lot don’t you papa?”

Sasuke nodded, “Every day.”

Sakura’s heart throbbed painfully in her chest for Sasuke. Separating his pain from her pain had grown more difficult as their years together passed.

“Like the way mama and me miss you when you go away? And how you miss us?” She blinked at him, naive but with her mind always working.

“Almost, but not quite the same. When I miss you,” Sasuke explained in the theoretical way that he does, as if he was teaching her to throw a shuriken at just the right angle. “I know that you and your mother are always here waiting for me.” Sarada curled into his chest with a smile, her fingers plucking at the fabric of his shirt. “And you and mama know, I will always come back to you.” 

As he finished, he met Sakura’s eyes across the room. The moment filled with thoughts of all she had given him and what he tries to give in return. The weight of their child on his knee, her palpable love warming his chest.

From across the room, Sakura felt connected and disconnected from the scene, shared by the dark haired father and daughter. Both connected by blood to such tragedy and hatred and yet so full of a future of light and hope.

“But with grandma, grandpa and uncle Itachi,” Sasuke paused to search for the right words, “I…can’t see them anymore, but I have you and mama here to stop me from being lonely. You have little pieces of all of them inside you, Sarada. So, I don’t need to miss them all the time anymore, because I have you.”

“And mama,” Sarada said, grinning as her mother moved across the room towards them.

Sasuke nodded, and turned to watch Sakura reach his side.

“And your mother,” he repeated quietly, locking eyes with her as she bent to kiss the crown of his head. 

Not for the first time did he wish for his other arm to hold Sakura closer. 

Closing his eyes and with the warmth of his family on either side of him, Sasuke wondered when his whole world had begun to exist in one room.

anonymous asked:

Hi Lottie, sorry to be a bother but I'm having a hard day struggling with grief. Would you maybe write something where Hux thinks he can't have kids but really Kylo has been sending them off to some neutral planet? Maybe suppressants are banned to grow the trooper battalions but Kylo can't bear to see his kids fall to that fate. He alters Hux' memory so Hux thinks the babies never made it to term. Newly crowned Emperor Hux is offered a gift by his Knight its all his children returned safe. Pls?

You’re not a bother, darling! Never! I’m sorry you’re struggling.

It’s the morning after his coronation.

Hux has woken extremely early to Kylo pressing a soft kiss to his forehead, whispering to him that he’s got an errand to run and that he’ll be back before sundown. The Knight disappears before Hux can ask any more questions but after yesterday’s celebrations, Hux is more than happy to roll over and fall back asleep.

He wakes again hours later from a pleasant dream, albeit groggily, with a heavy head from yesterday’s drinking and an even heavier body from his and Kylo’s passionate night.

Hesitantly, Hux sits up with a groan, his palm finding its way to his stomach and suddenly he’s welling up when he finds it flat. He’d dreamt that he was round with child, so plump and full that his dear husband and Knight had to carry him to their bed where they fall asleep, the feel of their growing baby kicking beneath their joined hands atop Hux’s stomach–

Hux covers his mouth. If only. After three pregnancies and three miscarriages, Hux has received the clear message that the galaxy is obviously trying to send him.

He can’t have children, can’t carry them to full term. Each time, he’d felt pain in his lower half, collapsed, and woken up a day later with an empty womb and Kylo by his side, his soft brown eyes filled with sadness as he utters the familiar words ‘I’m sorry, Hux’, but even the softest of words can’t take away Hux’s pain.

Wishing he had Kylo here now to comfort him, Hux sighs but gathers his strength to get out of bed and wash, putting on his mask to deceive his subordinates, hide every emotion that’s racing through his mind.

Nothing new, he thinks.

The day passes slowly and even Hux can see that his officers and advisors aren’t working as quick as usual; alcohol and celebrating his crowning has definitely taken its toll on many.

He’s sat in his throne, golden and ornate, when his messenger approaches him with a glazed look in his eyes.

“Your Majesty,” the boy bows. “Your Knight, hound and husband is requesting your audience, sir.”

Odd, Hux immediately thinks. Kylo normally enters with a Force-push to the double doors and strides in before dropping to his knees in front of his Emperor. He never asks permission to enter like a visitor or a commoner would. Already, Hux is nervous.

“Of course,” Hux nods, waving his gloved hand. “Let him in immediately.”

“He…also said that you should brace yourself, Your Highness,” the messenger says before bowing again and exiting, striding up the long, red carpet , leaving Hux with his anxiousness.

What could Kylo possibly do that would surprise him? After disappearing this morning, Hux has wondered what Kylo has been doing but their independence is still important, but this–

The doors open. Hux goes numb.

Kylo walks in slowly, a little girl holding his hand, a taller boy holding hers, and a bundle nestled in the crook of Kylo’s free arm.

The boy and the girl look no older than 4 years old, both dressed in expensive clothing and both having a little bounce in their step. Her red curls bobbing, the girl wears a golden bow in her hair, whilst the boy’s brown hair is brushed back.

“Emperor Armitage Hux, my Grace, my love. Hux.” Kylo halts in front of the small step that leads up to Hux’s throne and drops to his knees. “Forgive me. My intentions were nothing but the best for you–”

“Who are they?” Hux stands up slowly, finding strength in his knees, fearful of Kylo’s answer.

Kylo swallows hard. Even without Force powers, Hux can almost sense the unease in his husband’s mind.

“This is Mara,” Kylo says, looking at the girl, and already, Hux’s fears are confirmed at the mention of the name he wished to call his first baby girl, after his step-mother. “And Henri.”

The boy looks just like Kylo.

Kylo adjusts the bundle in his arms, pulling the blankets down, “And the littlest one is Millie.”

The baby stirs in Kylo’s arms, a ginger tuft of hair already on her head. She can’t be older than six months, the time since Hux’s last miscarriage.

“Explain yourself, Kylo Ren. Quickly.”

Kylo hesitates but Hux ensures his stare burrows into Kylo’s skull for intimidation, angry and rageful, confused.

“They’re ours, Hux,” Kylo days quietly, and Hux feels his knees give way as he sinks back down into his throne, trembling. “You’ve carried and birthed them all. All cut out of you before you entered natural labour. I…altered your memories so you’d forget, so you’d think you’d lost them. I had to hide them, Hux. I had to. The Resistance, the stormtrooper program–”


Hux barks the word at Kylo, pleased when he stops speaking immediately. He can’t think straight. Altered his memories? All this time he’d believed that he couldn’t carry children but they’d been taken from him, given the names that he’d wanted to call them, kept hidden.

“Mara,” Hux steps down from his throne, mind lost to a flurry of emotion. “Henri. Millie.”

Kylo flinches as Hux suddenly drops to his knees and takes the boy and the girl into his arms, hugging them, kissing them, crying.

“Mama,” the girl says. “We missed you, Mama.”

“I gave them memories of you,” Kylo says, voice shaking. “I’ve visited them on their planet since they were born. Showed them pictures. Told them stories of you. Their mother, the emperor, the love of my life.”

“Papa said you missed us too, Mama. Have you? Have you missed us too?” Henri asks, brown eyes wide.

“Yes, darling, yes I have, so much,” Hux kisses his son on the head, moving to take little Millie into his arms whilst Mara and Henri cling onto him.

Hux smiles. The anger for Kylo’s deceit will come later but for now, Hux holds his children in the tightest of embraces, scared to let go of his new family.