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Te fuiste muy temprano, no sabes lo que me dolio verte ahi, tan frio, tan ido, no eras vos abuelito, no eras mi abuelito jugeton, risueño, peleador, no eras vos. Fue tan duro, abuelo, tan duro, nunca me dolio tanto algo, nunca se me desgarro el alma de esta manera, pense que sabia lo que era el sufrimiento, pero no, no se conoce que es sufrir hasta que se sufre de verdad. Y la abuela, nunca vi a alguien mirando con tanto amor y dolor al mismo tiempo, nunca vi una mujer tan fuerte y abatida al mismo tiempo. Pero sabes, abuelito, no me permito llorar frente a mamá, porque se que le pego fuerte tu partida, como a todos, si, pero, se entiende que no quiero poner mal a mi mamita, despues de todo era tu chiquita, y la voy a cuidar mucho abuelo, te lo juro. Por eso abuelito, lo unico que te pido, dame fuerzas, ayudame a seguir, te prometo que voy a mimar mucho a la abuela y a mami, te lo juro. Abuelito, si alguin dia te veo en mis sueños, te voy a abrazar fuerte, fuerte, y te voy a decir cuanto te amo. Te voy a extrañar abuelito.

Mami, me enseñaste a comportarme correctamente, a sentarme bien, a velar por mí misma, a cuidarme, a diferenciar entre lo bueno y lo malo, a siempre dar bien por mal, me enseñaste desde ética hasta química, a enfrenta ciertas situaciones y muchas cosas más. Pero mamá, ¿por qué no me enseñaste a vivir sin ti?

i miss u :( 


Si no estarás el día que me gradúe no me quiero graduar.
Si no estarás conmigo cuando me rompan el corazón no me quiero enamorar.
Si no estarás el día que me vaya de viaje, no me quiero ir.
Si no estarás conmigo cuando me case, no me quiero casar.
Si tu no estas, yo tampoco quiero estar.
Te extraño mamá.

-Evelyn Lepe

February 27



The tour kicked off in San Francisco today!

Fifth Harmony bought their A-game in the first show of The Reflection Tour! They performed in front of a SOLD OUT crowd!

New Choreography

New Production

New Outfits,

Aaaaand, an ever growing fanbase!

Before the show started, they had a soundcheck and Q&A session for some fans! The girls sang La La/Latch and They Don’t Know About Us, and did a little interview with fans.

(oh yeah, new merch!)


…But even the old songs have been revamped! The girls added a twist to the songs they’ve performed before, so don’t pass on them!

ICYMI, Here’s the setlist with accompanying videos for those kind souls that have uploaded theirs online ASAP:


Going Nowhere
Miss Movin’ On
Better Together
Suga Mama
Worth It
Who Are You
Take Me To Church (cover; originally by Hozier)
We Know
Mariah Carey song medley/Like Mariah
Everlasting Love
Top Down
(and a cute skit before the song!)
This Is How We Roll


A little offstage voiceover to introduce Brave, Honest, Beautiful by the girls

 (a must listen!)

Brave, Honest, Beautiful

(they brought fans onstage! Guess who rapped Meghan’s part? ;) )

The next month will definitely be full of pictures, videos, and interviews from the girls as they go around North America for this tour! Stay posted!

Social Media

The girls had SO MUCH FUN on that first tour date! YAY!

BAY AREAAA you were so amazing tonight! Cannot wait for you San Diego❤️ #TheReflectionTour (via Lauren’s Instagram)

Also, Dinah invites you all to add her on Snapchat: (dinahdime)

A video posted by ♛DinahJane (@dinahjane97) on Feb 27, 2015 at 7:32pm PST

By the way, Jacob Whitesides, one of their opening acts, if definitely 5H AF.

Check out his Vines to Like Mariah, Worth It, Sledgehammer.


Fifth Harmony is nominated for a total of 3 Radio Disney Music Awards! (and Harmonizers share the other one. ;) )

Here’s how you can vote for the RDMA’s. On Twitter, you have to tag @radiodisney to make your vote valid. RT’s also count as votes.

Don’t forget to vote for the KCA as well!

Oh, by the way… Here’s a bonus front row view IG video of the dance break to Worth It (credits to Clarissa, the girls’ makeup artist!). (don’t pass out, please, though I have to warn you it contains infinite levels of fire)

A video posted by Clarissa Luna (@clarissalunanyc) on Feb 27, 2015 at 11:58pm PST

And Lauren also posted an Instagram video… (don’t blame me, I warned you!)

The Reflection Tour is off to a good start, for sure!


while Mika and Ferid are just staring there like

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