I finally finished stranger things and I have this headcannon. It goes like this: Hopper takes El to her Aung Beckys to visit her and her mom, and Becky just is the absolute best to El and Hopper would call Becky when El gets her first period he can’t figure it out because Joyce is with the boys and Becky is just “Jane is a girl Hopper it’s natural, ask your Girlfriend to help you buy pads for her.” Then Hop, Joyce, and Steve take El and Max (cause they adopted her) out for a shopping trip. Steve and Joyce dress up the girls and Hop is looking at his hand(where the notes from Becky are) and just mutters “Why the fuck do I need cranberry juice” and I think it’s beautiful.

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Can we back up to a fic where Jopper has to explain 'Oops Baby' to Eleven? Also her reaction to being a big sister?

Follow the link to previous installments in the Oops Baby Saga!

Jim Hopper knew by his daughter’s furrowed brow and shining brown eyes, by the way she hunched her shoulders and bit her lip before fleeing the family meeting to run to the room she shared with her new “sister” Kali, that he’d have more explaining to do. The other girl, for her part, seemed utterly indifferent to the news, observing Jonathan and Will’s mix of distress and happiness with dark, fathomless eyes. He kissed Joyce on her clammy cheek (she really had to build up her strength for the conversation, sick as she always seemed to be), rose to his feet and headed for the hallway to Jonathan’s former bedroom.

“Kid?” He rapped on the door with his knuckles. 

He heard sniffling, and the sound of the mattress squeaking. Finally, socked feet padded across the carpeted floor and the door opened. Hopper felt his insides twist and ache at the sight of El’s pale oval face, streaked with tears. “Hey, what’s this?” he asked swiping across one damp cheek with his forefinger.

“Is Mom going to die?”

The inquiry fell on his ears like a cheap shot to the head, momentarily dizzying him, his chest squeezing before his heart started to beat rapidly. It was a thought that had started to plague him shortly after he and Joyce had decided to keep the baby. This was the first time he had ever heard his greatest fear voiced outside of his head, the doctors and Joyce were always very careful with their language ( “There of course, might be complications”; “We’ll monitor her carefully and let you know if there’s anything to be alarmed about” ; “Women give birth everyday, you dummy. Just the other day I was reading a story about a 65 year-old woman who..”) He knew he was being watched by clever, calculating eyes, so he quickly schooled his features into the Devil-May-Care grin he was known for.

“Can I come in?” he asked.

El stepped to one side to allow Hopper to enter the room and gently shut the door behind him.

“What made you ask that, kiddo?”

El walked over to her twin bed and took a seat on the edge. Hopper moved to sit across from her, on the edge of Kali’s bed, the delicate mattress and frame dipping under his weight.

“Bad things happen after babies come. Mama is as good as dead.”

Ah. Mama. 

“Your Aunt Becky thinks-”

“She’s just trying to make me feel better so we’re depressed when I’m visiting. Mama is gone.”

Hopper puffed out his cheeks and looked around the room, his eyes settling on a poster of John Stamos near the girls’ shared vanity table. “He’s a handsome fella.”

“You’re deflecting.”

“Mom isn’t going to - look, women give birth every day, and not all of them end up like your Mama. Joyce gave birth twice already, and she’s perfectly healthy.”

“She has bronchitis when it’s cold.”

“That has nothing to do with babies! Look, we have the best doctor’s making sure absolutely nothing will go wrong. The best doctors.”

El nodded. “Okay… but where will we put the baby? Kali already hates sharing a room with me.”

Hopper leaned back slightly, and then forward, a contemplative look furrowing his heavy brow. “You mean we can’t just keep it in the shed?”


“We’re working on that detail. I think a bigger house would be nice for all of us. You and Kali won’t be at each other’s throats, and there won’t be a fight for the bathroom.”

“My own room?” El’s eyes brightened at the prospect, and Hopper felt the brobdingnagian lead in his chest lighten somewhat. 

“Yeah, how about that?”

“And a baby. I’ve never seen a real baby before.”

Hopper shrugged. “They all look like Milton Berle for the first couple of months, but they get interesting once they start talking.”

“Milton… Berle?”

“Before your time.”


Closest family

Hello again jopper shippers. I wanted to make a mama Joyce fic with Jane because I honestly think that she’s like a mother figure to her, considering that Jane doesn’t have too many women around who she can look up to, idk. I made it with little hints of Jopper because of otp reasons. So, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and don’t forget to send me a prompt, I’ll be waiting!

Summary: Jane accidentally shows her powers at school and when Hopper is stuck at the station, Joyce is the one encharged of talking to the principal and reprehending their Jim’s daughter.


Jane was playing with the yellow pencils on the wood, drumming them on the principal’s desk even though she knew it was annoying him. She was soaked and angry and those were not two good combinations for someone so little and with so much power. She could send those pencils flying right through Principal Colleman’s eyeballs and into his brains but it would only get her into way much trouble than she already was.

“That’s enough, Jane. Please, put those pencils down, now” Colleman said standing up and leaning on his own desk in a threatening way. She narrowed him a deadly look but the two pencils fell loudly on the floor.

“Let me go!” Jane said, finding the whole ’stuck with the principal for bad manners’ situation too much like being stuck on a lab for exams and tests “I’m losing class and It’s not my fault!”

“It may be” he said with a sigh “But I have to contact a relative of yours anyway”

“My dad is going to come and…” she started but traild off when Joyce Byers entered the room like a wild hurricane.

“Hi! Sorry I’m late!” she said breathlessly, her cheeks red in a obvious sign that she literally ran from the shop to the school on her break time.

“Not a problem” Colleman said smiling at her and indicating a seat beside Jane, who continued looking at the both of them with her brows furrowed.

“Where’s Hopper?” she asked Joyce when the woman seated by her side.

“Oh dear, he’s stuck at the station again. Apparently there was a robbery at a jewelry shop and he had to investigate, or something… But he’ll be home soon and then you two will have a lot to talk about, young lady!” she said carefully cleaning the blood on Jane’s nose and glancing her best ‘you’re in so much trouble’ look.

“Yes and, as I was telling you on the phone, Mrs Byers, your name was in the emergency call list for Jane’s relatives. So I assumed that you and Mr. Hopper are a couple?”

“Uh… ” Joyce looked at Jane desperate for a miracle answer but the girl just shrugged in response. “yes…? Yeah, we’re knowing each other better and Jane was adopted recently so I guess he chose my number because… we’re her closest family?” Joyce was obviously uncertain of her words and her forehead was sweating behind her fringe. Jane refrained a giggle in response: the woman was a terrible liar and she felt half embarrassed half amused with the situation.

“Yeah, probably.” Colleman seemed to by it anyways and so Joyce relaxed a little. “I expect you to inform Mr. Hopper about our conversation and the occurrence in the school today”

“Sure, but what exactly happened?”

“Why don’t you tell your mom, Jane?”

“Nothing!” the girl said increasing her tone and completely ignoring the fact that she was admitting out loud that Joyce Byers was her mom “I was on the bathroom and a girl called me freak, so I just scared her a little”

“Somehow she managed to explode all of the faucets on 2nd floor’s bathroom” Colleman said pointing at Jane as Joyce opened then closed her mouth silently “Leslie Scooter ran around the hallways screaming that Jane was a witch and our cleaning team spent the whole morning trying to fix this mess”

“Jane! What did we told you about…” Joyce stopped on her tracks reminding herself that no one could even suspect that Jane had telekinesis. She paused for a second, thinking about what to say next. “…. about those pranks! I can’t believe you learned that bad habit from the boys, I’m so disappointed with you!”

“Pranks?” the principal said carefully looking at the two of them.

“Yes, hum… my son, Will Byers, Jane, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Max Mayfield and Lucas Sinclair are a group and they like to… play ‘magic’ tricks with some kids, as they say. Just kids stuff, you know? No real harm here, right Jane?” she poked Jane’s ribs with her elbow and the girl nodded. Colleman lifted an eyebrow with distrust but that was actually the first truth she had told him since the beginning of the meeting.

“Look, I’m so very sorry about this whole confusion, Mr. Colleman, I can assure you that this won’t happen again. Jane will be grounded for the rest of the week with no desert”

“But-“ the girl started, her pleading eyes directed to Joyce even though she knew that, in that case, the woman had the final word.

“No buts. You have to learn from your mistakes, sweetie, I’m sure Hopper will agree with me.”

“Well then, if a punishment is declared, I’ll free Jane from detention. But just this one time, you hear me, girl?”

She looked from Joyce to the principal a feel times but in the end, accepted her fate starring at her feet.

“Yes” Jane simply said.

“Alright then, it’s almost lunch time. You can go now. Thank you for your time, Mrs. Byers. Or should I say Mrs. Hopper?”

“Oh…” Joyce smiled to herself, thinking about the little lie she just told him. ‘Mrs Hopper’ sounded nice to her ears and she wondered if she should continue with the story just for fun or tell him the truth already. Maybe in another dimension she could actually be Mrs. Hopper but right then…

“… please, call me Joyce.” she said shaking Mr. Colleman’s hand and choosing not to choose between her inner dilemma.

“Ok! Thanks again, Joyce. Have a nice day you two” the principal said opening the door for them to leave. Jane was already on the other side of the room ready to bolt out of there while Joyce were still saying her goodbyes to Mr. Colleman’s secretary.

“What happened?” she heard and could clearly distinguish Mike’s worried voice even though she didn’t even left the room yet. The whole gang were circling Jane, asking what was going on and if she was alright.

“Hey, hey, kids, aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“Mom?” Will said, furring his eyebrows “What are you doing here?”

“I guess she’s my mom too now” Jane said in a inner joke tone and smiled at Joyce. The woman smiled back and huffed her tangled curls.

“You guys will have plenty of time to talk about everything at lunch. Now go, before you’re all caught and sent to detention!” she warned. The kids protested, of course, but she was already kissing Will’s hair and quickly half-hugging all of them before pushing the children back to the classroom. Joyce waited until every one of them turned the corner of the hallway before turning around with a proud smile on her face. She was almost on the exit door when tiny steps echoed on the hallway again.

“Joyce!” Jane yelled making the woman turn on her heels. “No eggos?” she said sounding so worried that Joyce found it cute.

“We’ll see when your father comes back. But I’ll take your defense” Joyce blinked and Jane smiled before running back to class again.