‎"The democrats think if they say Republicans hate women enough, women will start to believe. What they don’t understand is women are smarter than that"- Nikki Haley <3 

this is why I cannot watch Kill Bill without crying

Bebe: “Oh Mommy, don’t die. I was just playing…”
Beatrix: “I know.”
Bill: “I told her you were asleep, but that one day you would wake up and come back to her. And she asked me, ‘If Mommy’s been asleep since I was born, then how will she know what I look like?’ To which I replied, 'Because Mommy’s been dreaming of you.’ That’s what I said.”
Bebe: “Did you dream of me? I dreamed of you.”
Beatrix: “Every single night, baby. Every single night.”

so my friend alex and i were chatting

and she said

“DAMN, you have got some spunk, I love it. You come off as really sweet and everything but when you’re pissed off, there’s just a whole new fiery side of you. ”

…“it’s like when you’re eating chile and at first it doesn’t feel hot, but as soon as you swallow it, there’s this OH-FUCK moment when the spice is really overwhelming and there’s nothing you can do about it…

…’re the ‘Oh-fuck’ moment.”

Sarah Palin responds to Richard Dawkins' advocacy of aborting Down syndrome babies

Sarah Palin responds to Richard Dawkins’ advocacy of aborting Down syndrome babies

The Mama Grizzly was quite patient on her Facebook page with the irascible atheist biology professor who yesterday said of those with her son’s condition, “[a]bort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have a choice.”

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