Alaska is so beautiful! We made it out of the backcountry after spending 3 nights camping in a tent! We saw moose, caribou, sheep, ground squirrels, and grizzly bears! A mama grizzly and her 2 cubs came within 30 feet of our tent! It was scary as hell but amazing at the same time. Such a fantastic experience! Oh yeah and I forgot to take off my mascara before we went into the park🙈

Before we move on from Aya’s story, I want to introduce you to our allies who will be handling the next phase. The International Refugee Assistance Project is a refugee advocacy organization that organizes lawyers and law students across 27 law schools and 60 law firms. Last year, they turned a one million dollar budget into ten million dollars in legal services to refugees. They are very good at what they do, and have helped resettle thousands of refugees. Appeals filed with their assistance have a success rate many times the normal average. We had a long meeting today, and everyone is very energized and optimistic about Aya’s appeal. After conducting long interviews with Aya, the team thinks that Aya “is remarkable” and “has a very strong case.” Adding, “We also love George.”

Aya’s new legal team is headed by Becca ‘Mama Grizzly’* Heller, who founded IRAP along with fellow students from Yale Law School. She was accompanied to the meeting by 'Baby Anna’ Heller, who took her first car ride today. Mama Grizzly* will be firing all her guns, and tells me that because of Aya’s vulnerable situation, she will be expediting the case to the maximum of her abilities.

*Nickname assigned by me and may not be in common usage


‎"The democrats think if they say Republicans hate women enough, women will start to believe. What they don’t understand is women are smarter than that"- Nikki Haley <3 

You  betcha,  Sarah.

I don’t think the above is fer realz. 

These two ↓ however, are actual Palin quotes  ↓


Here are a few entries I found amusing, in the recent  #SarahPalinAQuote hashtag game:

“Ya don’t need facts when ya got Jesus!” —@BettyBowers 

“What’s this button do?” —@ZachsMind 

“Four scores and seven dontcha knows…” —@WeepingCheeto 

“Walk softly & carry a big drill, baby, drill.” —@lanzuini72