“w-what? o-oh…Everyone…I just…I don’t know what to say..Thank you all thank you! I just can’t even express what i’m feeling…Thank you all…so so much. I just ” *sniffles* “I love you all and I really appreciate all your heartfelt words. I’ve read everyone of them and I just…I love you all…so so much…”

(( Hey everyone Mama Bird here!! Wow can I just say I really didn’t expect all the responses I received. Or I should say I didn’t expect to receive as MANY as I did. I read through all of them and as much as I would like to respond in character to all of them i simply can’t. I mean…Look at them all! And I’m pretty sure I had gotten a few more after I finished screen capping and posting all of those.

I want to say thank you to all the blogs who responded to that post. I do think that if we work together we can keep this community happy and safe. But more than anything we should take opportunities with our art and characters to help fix miss understandings and clear up misconceptions that people may have.

So once more I just wish to say THANK YOU.

And a big thanks to ask-mortonkoopajr for helping me color and line this. I’m a full time student with a part time job and I wouldn’t be getting this to you as soon as I did even though its not that soon after the original post if not for her! ))

Welcome to Chibi Time!

Special thanks to the following people for letting me draw their Muses!

askthespookyspeedster askdinopiranha askthestarbunny askabooguy askaredboo askwhacka-shy asktheflamingchomp askjunkyardchainchomp askthekeyphantom askabigboo askthegoldenbullet ask-humandrybones flowersandbeans askatroopa fawfulofthebeanbeankingdom askpeeka-boo askcountbleck askthebulletbill askchompy askpipsqueek askbulletbelle askthegalaxyprincess thrillsmith askthegoombas askthekoopaknight ask-the-link-spans ask-whomp-n-thwomp askthewah askthebombette askchomperandboo antiscianxbutterfly

With that all of the Chibi’s are done! If you didn’t get one done perhaps another time but until then, Thank you!