This is GOT7s year.

I don’t know if you know…
But HOT7 has just EXPLODED this year. And it’s only JANUARY.
This is Mama Bird’s time to shine and I will be here for it every single day. IGOT7 are y'all ready?? Because our boys are taking off ~
If you haven’t learned how to fly yet, better grab a hand!

anonymous asked:

how come askthebulletbill and askthebrionne got full pictures with their characters but everyone else gets little icons?

(( Because they sent their own starters rather than sending in the icon. It gives me more to work with on the drawing front since I already know what their character is doing. When I’m doing the starter Birdetta is going to give a very hostess response unless someone approaches her first. ))


OITNB - Favorite songs;

Regina Spektor - You’ve Got Time

Staple Singers - I’ll Take You There

Leagues - Walking Backwards

Andrew Bird - Pulaski At Night

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down

Blue Oyster Cult - (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

The Shirelles - Mama Said

Phases - I’m In Love With My Life

Kaleo - Way Down We Go

LP - Muddy Waters

anonymous asked:

How protective is Goth over Palette? Not jealous-wise, kind of like...if Palette got himself injured?

like a mama bird? XD I mean He knows Palette is an active & capable kid- but when he got himself injured, Goth would probably watch him closer- like he follows Palette where ever he goes with an excuse that he wants to keep him company X”DD

until Palette reached savely at his home.. \owo/