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they’re mostly made up of a bunch of misogynistic, anti- black women, skinny jean wearing, mad at the world because they can’t get pussy still sleeping in my childhood room mama’s boys

BTS Members as EXO Songs
  • Rap Monster:MAMA, a labile teenager who's contemplating about basically everything in life.
  • Jin:Angel, because he tastes like the feeling when you listen to this song, beautiful.
  • Suga:Sing For You, he composes songs that make you feel at ease, that's what i mean with the sing for you vibes.
  • J-Hope:Growl, because he screams a lot and can't stay still.
  • Jimin:XOXO, so kissable, so huggable, well what else could we expect from chimchim the cinnamon roll
  • V:Peter Pan, this guy is like out of the world, act like a 5 year old just like peter pan who doesn't wanna grow up.
  • Jungkook:Call Me Baby, well he can be your baby but look at the legal boy now he can make you his baby.

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I love that even w/o a soul, traces of Spike's humanity remained. Like his love of poetry and the arts, and his devotion to the women he loved (Drusilla and Buffy), and him being a mama's boy (he liked joyce and comforted Buffy when she was sick). Angel wasn't a great man in life and only became a good one after having his soul reinstated and because of the guilt over centuries of horrible actions. That's the reason I prefer Spuffy. He was a demon, but pre-soul he still had a heart.

Joyce and Spike’s friendship was always one of my favorite things, to be honest.

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Beastie crawled into our bed at 730 this morning for a snuggle which is nice and there were hugs and tickles and the Good Dr Cox started to get up so I asked Beastie if he wanted to go watch cartoons and he shook his head no and snuggled into me more so Ryan left thinking beastie would follow but he didn’t. Ryan yelled from downstairs “I’ll be down here waiting.” So I asked beastie again if he really didn’t want cartoons and he shook his head no and played with my hair.

So I said, “Okay Mama loves your snuggles, we can stay here you don’t need Saturday Morning Batman with Daddy.”

Beastie let out the most dramatic gasp ever shouted no no no and tore out as fast as a two year old can and made it half down the stairs by himself before I got to him.

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I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm sure it's been done before but how would the brothers react to their parents dying in a car accident?

Shit bRO this is messing me up

Osomatsu: The poor boy would be devastated. Like absolutely demolished. He was always the big brother, even though he wasn’t really the kind to take care of them well, he still tried his best. But he needed support too and wanted to keep his ‘smart eldest brother’ aspect so he would go to his parents for help.Now he pretty much has no one to look up to and help him with things. I honestly think he would be a mess and have lots of frequent indecisive anxiety.

Karamatsu: He was always a mama’s boy so he was just crushed. I feel like even though he’s quite emotional, he would sort of snap. Like full out horrible anger to everything. The brothers would be scared of him until he finally calmed down and cried. He would never get physical to his brothers of course, but he would yell and break his own belongings. The poor thing would probably find a way to bring the accident to his fault..

Choromatsu: He would be dead silent, just traumatized. Like Oso, he would try to take care of anyone, only more directly, he depended on his parents for support. Even if his parents were embarrassed of him being a pure weeb NEET, they still loved him and fully understood he was one of the children that needed lots of support. His anxiety is still there but he acts almost dead. He wouldn’t care for nyaachan or really anything anymore.

Ichimatsu: While his usual self is pretty quiet and cold, it’s been shown that he’s still very emotional. Of course this would definitely show up quite often after the incident. He still wouldn’t be very talkative but would just.. be way more depressed than he ever was. His sadistic side wouldn’t really show up anymore, of course he was still one nonetheless, but he just couldn’t react to many things anymore. His brothers would often find him crying.

Jyushimatsu: shit bro. SHIT. fuk. this babu.. he would have a very similar reaction with Choromatsu and Ichimatsu. He wouldn’t be that happy anymore. He would try to cheer his brothers up sometimes, but all he would get were sad reassuring smiles. This eventually started to slowly affect him into just finally being pretty silent. He would be ultra sensitive too, he would cry at the littlest things. His brothers would be comforting him quite often from the crying.

Todomatsu: Like Karamatsu: he would take it out in anger. He would probably have yelled at Kara for acting so aggressive. I think out of all the brothers, he would have taken it the best. Of course he was destroyed by it, he was always the baby. But he was also one of the most mature matsus. Because of that i think he would be the one to take care of his brothers and support them the most. Since he had this job, he wanted to seem positive for them. This causes him to bottle up his emotions though and could possibly take it out on himself, physically or not.


Cyrus Bennett’s part from Mama’s Boys is insane, and probably my favorite from the video. Check the other parts here.