So my best friend learned that her five year old is Trans. For as long as they’ve been able to talk and express themselves they’ve always stressed and stated that they are a boy and not a girl. Scarlett’s (they havn’t chosen a new name as of yet, my friend is taking her cues from her child) father commit suicide when they were two years old, and has been seeing a child psychologist ever since. After their last appointment the psychologist spoke to my friend and said flatly, this isn’t a phase, they aren’t a tomboy, your child is trans. She took Scarlett home that day and they talked about pronouns, and how they want to be addressed, she contacted the school principal to let him know about the situation, and thankfully he’s had experience with Trans children before at his previous school, so fingers crossed, Scarlett’s transition to living as they’re meant to will go as smoothly as possible.

It’s something all of us who know Scarlett have suspected for a long time, they always got on better with my sons then any of their female cousins of the same age. Halloween they wanted to be Superman…not super girl, Superman, with all the foam muscles. They havn’t worn a dress since age two, and declares they hate them and refuses to wear anything overly girly or sparkly. My friend shops exclusively in the “boys” section for Scarlett. They get angry and lash out saying they don’t want a vagina they want a penis…and lastly, “I’m a boy.” 

There’s, however, woefully little (aka none) information and guidance for parents of trans kids, particularly of children this young. So I’m reaching out on her behalf. I’ve mentioned she should make a tumblr account, but in the meantime I want to do my part in helping this beautiful child, whom I love as well, exist as peacefully as they can in the world. 

I’m reaching out to the Trans community, particularly Trans men, to message me, or reblog this with links, advice or information you may have that I can pass along to my best friend and her family. Scarlett is loved beyond measure, and we all want what’s best for them. 

(As of yet, my friend hasn’t told me Scarlett’s preferred pronouns, so I’m sticking to they/them for now.) 

i know most of us tend to assume the worst about why laurent knows how to untie veretian jackets with a ‘servant’s proficiency’ but wait. listen. maybe it was because hennike used to eschew all servants and personally dress her son every morning and smol!tiny!laurent adored this so much that he demanded to be taught, and practised really hard to make his mama proud when he could lace them all on his own, like just consider

haikyuu headcanon

the team captains have a meeting every sunday where they are supposed to talk tactics, but in reality they talk crap about their team and what went down that week. kuroo always complains to the other captains about lev and how hes not doing anything, while kenma has given up on the team for the 8th time that month. oikawa just goes to brag about iwaizumi. bokuto goes to see his other boyfriend kuroo, because he’s lonely when akaashi goes to church with his family on sundays (he’s a mama’s boy). daichi goes to escape his obnoxious children and to get some free time, but is disappoint when he sees how rowdy the captains are. ushijima is the only one who actually takes these meetings serious, and ends up talking to himself about new strategies. 

but since they are still in high school they have to have a chaperone every week. so the coaches draw straws to see who has to go that week and watch all the captains and their antics

Mother Figure

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Adrien’s strict modelling diet is perfectly balanced, just not for him. Sabine Cheng knows a child in need when she sees one. This will not stand in her household.

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Cyrus Bennett’s part from Mama’s Boys is insane, and probably my favorite from the video. Check the other parts here.