BTS before they won Artist of the Year @MAMA 2016: NOTICE ALL OF THEIR REACTIONS

  • Namjoon: bent over, super anxious, fidgeting with his fingers because after all this time, BTS is so so close to receiving the Daesang.
  • Jimin and Hoseok: crouched over like Namjoon, on edge w/anticipation probably thinking that maybe…just maybe they’ll win it again. 
  • Jungkook (probs a bit Jungshook on the inside): stretching his neck as a way with dealing with his nerves, then gives a small derpy smile-trying to stay chill regardless of who wins
  • Jin and Tae: not moving because it’s too much to handle, stiff postures with deadpan poker faces having no clue what to expect 
  • Yoongi: sitting casually and flashing the gummy smile to calm himself at the surreal prospect of winning the Daesang for a second time in a row
  • Collectively: Thinking about everything that has led up to this moment…from the hardships to all the hard work, and how they’ve always dreamed of being awarded the grand prize.

But then…THEIR NAME IS ANNOUNCED AS THE WINNER!!! It’s literally looks like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They’re all so happy, relieved and in disbelief that they won AGAIN and that getting the Daesang wasn’t just a one time thing or a stroke of luck. Then of course to top it all off, THAT GROUP HUG ♥ 


[2016MAMA x M2] BTS RedCarpet with MPD

About the new episode of Teen Wolf

Things I Liked-

~Melissa and Chris’s relationship (friendship or more)

~Liam filling into the Alpha roll at the end of the episode

~Coach’s accidental pep talks

~Malia is learning to control herself with Chris

~Mason being really smart and stuff

~Hayden is getting depth

Things I disliked-

~That Lydia is the only one who is really looking Stiles

~All the parents are a really big part of the show (now more than ever)

~Flame Boy (Parrish) is back

~Scott and Malia have low-key given up on Stiles

Things I’m pumped to see-


(My brother gives this episode 2/3 gold stars for flame bgoy/dude (1/3 for the episode) (only viewing the episode for 3 seconds)) (He would love some feed back for his review)