1. Princes of the Universe – Queen
2. Emperor – PL4YFIELDS, Cryjaxx, Anxious, Rosendale
3. Castle – Halsey
4. Underdog – Imagine Dragons
5. Runnin’ – Adam Lambert
6. Donatella – Lady Gaga
7. I’m A Wanted Man – Royal Deluxe
8. Exile – Slayer
9. Million Dollar Man – Lana Del Rey
10. Call Me Devil – Friends In Tokyo
11. Mama – My Chemical Romance
12. Renegade – Styx
13. Kill The King – Megadeth
14. Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! at the Disco
15. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
16. Kill All Your Friends – My Chemical Romance
17. A Prince – Jorja Smith
18. Evil Ways (Justice Mix) – Blues Saraceno
19. Glory And Gore – Lorde
20. Exiled – Judas Priest
21. Icarus – Bastille
22. Save Me – Globus

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Monsta X V App Masterlist

Full Monsta X Masterlist

updated 170125

on my own: voulme II // listen here

killer female solos that are really amazing volume two

01. don’t rain on my parade funny girl / 02. don;t cry for me argentina evita / 03. i don’t know how to love him jesus christ superstar / 04. over the moon rent / 05. now that i’ve seen her miss saigon / 06. i’m not that girl wicked / 07. memory cats / 08. castle on a cloud les miserables / 09. the world above the little mermaid / 10. sun and moon (reprise) miss saigon / 11. when you’re good to mama chicago / 12. popular wicked / 13. as long as he needs me oliver! / 14. kindergarten boyfriend heathers / 15. didn’t i see this movie? next to normal / 16. i can’t do it alone chicago / 17. naughty matilda / 18. wishing you were somehow here again the phantom of the opera / 19. always starting over if/then / 20. i have a dream mamma mia! / and the beast beauty and the beast / 22. there are worst things i could do grease / 23. i miss the mountains next to normal / 24. pathetic matilda / 25. what the fuck? if/then

WIP / Master List Thing

Suggestions / Prompts / Questions / Just to chat ily

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ADA Rafael Barba (Law & Order SVU) Requests/Stories | HERE
Trujillo, Nevada Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights) Requests/Stories | HERE
Dr. Frederick Chilton (Hannibal) Requests/Stories | HERE
Jonas Nightingale (Leap Of Faith- Musical) Requests/Stories | HERE
Other Theater Roles (Cabaret, Tick Tick Boom, Taboo, Company) | HERE

Last Updated: 9/15/2017

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Amori Aetherium (Pt. 4)

(Hey everyone! Here’s part 4!! This chapter was @voice-addicted‘s idea, so all credit goes to her!!!! She gave me the idea as well as the flow, and did a ton of work editing, so I’m eternally grateful to and for her and all of her help! <3 Thank you again! And thank you to everyone reading :) 

I hope you all enjoy it!

Trigger Warning: Mentions of violence and rape!


~Previous Chapter~                                                                 ~Next Chapter~

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❝ I just boost what it takes to survive.❞

R E S U R R E C T E D ||| a jason todd fanmix ||| l i s t e n

01. mercenary - panic! at the disco // 02. sinister kid - the black keys // 03. warriors - imagine dragons // 04. boulevard of broken dreams - green day // 05. in one ear - cage the elephant // 06. short change hero - the heavy // 07. 27 - fall out boy // 08. come with me now - kongos // 09. black sheep - gin wigmore // 10. afraid - the neighbourhood // 11. turn off the lights - panic! at the disco // 12. mama - my chemical romance // 13. i don’t care - fall out boy // 14. ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant // 15. the devil within - digital daggers // 16. bodies - drowning pool // 17. open wounds - skillet // 18. semi-automatic - twenty one pilots // 19. break - three days grace // 20. pumped up kicks - foster the people // 21. control - halsey // 22. misguided ghosts - paramore // 23. killing strangers - marilyn manson // 24. what makes a good man - the heavy // 25. drown - tyler joseph // 26. now - paramore // 27. sleeping sickness - city and colour // 28. know your enemy - rage against the machine

Wishes for This Year’s Christmas by a YoI fan

I already surveyed your wishes, so I included some. Mine’s dominating but I’m sure y’all will agree

1.       Heatlhy victuuri argument

2.       Victor saying “I love you” to Yuuri for real and vice-versa

3.       Victor and Yuuri spooning or snuggling on bed

4.       Highlight for Chris’ mystery man

5.       Yurio developing contacts with Otabek (I k yall lowkey chanted for a hug)

6.       Michele to actually find another woman or man

7.       Chicken nugget supporting victuuri

8.       Otabek’s FS to be about Yurio too

9.       Chris nailing final his Free Program without ejaculating

10.    A display of everyone’s pet becoming bros

11.   Katsuki fam, Nishigori fam  supporting victuuri

12.   Mama Katsuki blessing and approving victuuri

13.   Phichit having the time of his life


15.   Someone broke the FS score World record or the total score World Record

16.   An opening of Gala exhibition where everyone is dancing and blending together without worry

17.   A gala exhibition where we can actually see the girls skating too

(note : gala exhibits are after comp. events. Sorta like a party actually. The victors will have to deliver another performance not from their SP or their FS. It could be as dramatic as this :

Or as fun and hilarious as this :

And keep in mind that they will merge men, ladies, and pair skaters)

18.   The stay close to me duet we’ve deserved

19.   A new costume for everyone in the gala!!

20.   An uncensored kiss, for real this time

21.   Yuuri surprising victor with a new nickname –Vitya or Vitenka

22.   They all hug together!! BIIG HUGGG

23.   Moving forward to wedding planning ohoho

24.   Yurio for once stop being salty at his parents

25.   Our sons in nice suits/dress standing on altar and I couldn’t be more proud

26.   They set the wedding arrangements and involve most of the cast in their wedding (even georgi and seung gil and emil and guang hong and leo and JJ) did I just mention everybody

27.   A happy birthday party for Vitya

28.   Victor cRYING

29.   Everyone skating on their marriage in the end

30.    Maybe a highlight on JJ ‘s marriage too and we all ascend in happiness and cleansed

side note : I’m surprised I could be educational in a silly wish like this. Reblog and add your wishes , so they can be granted altogether

there’s a party in my closet; calling all skeletons

1. introduction to destruction // sum 41 2. screaming bloody murder // sum 41 3. ghost town // the vaccines 4. brain stew // green day 5. halloween // misfits 6. night’s song // say anything 7. vampire money // my chemical romance 8. sweet things // the pretty reckless 9. die together // new politics 10. freak show // set it off 11. mama // my chemical romance 12. calling all skeletons // alkaline trio 13. this is halloween // panic! at the disco

anonymous asked:

Jack could never resist when you got like this, completely lost in pleasure, lost in what he and he alone could give to you. A growl left the back of his throat, the small amount of self control he had left snapped when you chanted his name like a prayer. His thrusts got harder and faster, his hands moving to touch wherever they could to make you keep moaning (12/??) ~🤖

Mama is LIVING ~🐳

Ouija Board fact MASTERPOST

1) Nothing can come out of a Ouija board and haunt you.

2) You cannot contact an actual demon on the Ouija board and you will not become possessed by one. However, demonic hauntings and possessions are a thing, here’s what they are like, but they will not happen because you played with a Ouija board.

3) Be polite and patient to the spirits you’re talking to, you don’t know who they are.

4) Halloween is the best time to use a Ouija board.

5) Ouija boards are not dangerous unless you are a moron.

6) There are three kinds of spirits you can contact on the Ouija board, don’t get fooled by the tricksters.

7) Ouija boards aren’t portals to the other side.

8) There are no rules about getting rid of a Ouija board, do it however you like.

9) Ouija boards were invented to be board games, they are still board games.

10) It is very important to say Goodbye after each session.

11) Do not play the Ouija board if you are scared of it, suffering from depression or any other debilitating mental illness, from a strong religious background that is fearful of death, or have no idea what you’re doing. And please don’t play if you’re taking a mind-altering substance.

12) Zozo, Mama, and all other forms of this name are not a demon, it’s more like spiritual Catfish. Zozo is not real.

13) Don’t believe everything the Ouija board says, chances are it’s just made up to scare you. 

14) I do not recommend playing the Ouija board alone, and I wrote two blog posts about this.

15) If the planchette moves in circles, figure 8s, comes off the board, or anything else strange, it doesn’t mean anything.

16) Ouija boards are safe to play in a graveyard.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Elvis Who?//Listen Here

a playlist honoring the creativity of Black rock & roll artists and the rebellious Black youth who kept their records spinning. Also features some Rock en Español.

1.Caldonia-Louis Jordan //2.Shake, Rattle & Roll-Big Joe Turner // 3.Bo Diddley-Bo Diddley // 4.Demolicion-Los Saicos // 5.Johnny B. Goode-Chuck Berry // 6.Tuttie Frutti-Little Richard // 7.Hound Dog-Big Mama Thornton // 8.Roll Over Beethoven-Chuck Berry // 9.La Chica Alborotada-Los Locos del Ritmo // 10.El Ultimo Beso-Los Doltons // 11.Little Red Rooster-Big Mama Thornton // 12.Blueberry Hill-Fats Domino // 13.Boogie Woogie Country Girl-Big Joe Turner // 14.La Bamba-Ritchie Valens // 15.Jambalaya-Fats Domino // 16.Long Tall Sally-Little Richard // 17.(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher-Jackie Wilson

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phd-mama  asked:

11, 12, 13 and a WILD CARD!!! please and thank you, xoxox

11) what aspect of your writing do you think has most improved since you started writing?

ha! all of it. most improved…… hmm… i honestly don’t know. i’d have to ask nic her opinion @louandhazaf thoughts? 

12) your weaknesses as an author

i’m unorganized. i don’t outline. i have no clue what’s happening in the story most of the time until i write it down. my writing feels choppy to me sometimes. i think i could bring more emotion into my writing but idk how. oh and i’m lazy about it so i probably won’t try to get better at that lol

13) your strengths as an author

i think i do well with dialogue? making the characters seem realistic, at least in the way they talk. idk. these should be called ask the beta @louandhazaf what are my strengths?


wild card…. let me look

19) when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, ect.?

I GOT A PROGRAM!!! nic recced it. it’s called scrivener and i should use it more lol. i used it with dws and it was really helpful. i’ll have to use it with my robot fic because that shit is complicated.


get to know the author asks!


my stuff from a cute lil haul with @freewaylifter

EO Grapefruit & Mint Body Lotion - $25
Jewel Leaf Orchid - $26
Shiseido Retino Vital Essence - $65.50
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (14 Seduction/12 Addiction) - $28.40
Cactus/Container - $6.75
MediHeal Dress Code sheet face mask x 3 - $9
Pure smile x 2 - $12
Mama Butter Bath powder - $2.80
Necklace x 2 - $50

Total: $225.45

do the trick or treat ✿ for all the little punk ghosts out there, stay spooky!!|| listen

→ everybody scream it’s almost halloween do the trick or treat!!

01. it’s almost halloween - panic! at the disco 02. cold - the cure 03. house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell 04. dollhouse - melanie martinez 05. thriller - michael jackson 06. skeletons - yeah yeah yeahs 07. young and tragic - dead man’s bones 08. living dead - marina and the diamonds 09. little ghost - the white stripes 10. perhaps vampire is a little bit too strong but - arctic monkeys 11. weirdo - the vaccines 12. mama - my chemical romance 13. visitation of the ghost (original version) - the brobecks 14. skid row - brendon urie & dallon weekes

Neil Young w/The Stray Gators
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: “Madison Square Garden Vol 1 & 2” vinyl bootleg
Lineage: AUD > Vinyl Bootleg > CDR > EAC > flac

Someone transferred this for me a few years ago. There are several crackles and pops on this, so it’s probably best left for completists. Maybe someone has a better copy?

Disc 1:
01. On The Way Home
02. Here We Are In The Years
03. LA
04. Soldier
05. Out On The Weekend
06. Harvest
07. Old Man
08. Heart Of Gold
09. The Loner
10. Time Fades Away
11. New Mama
12. Alabama
13. Don’t Be Denied
14. Cinnamon Girl
15. Lookout Joe
16. Southern Man
17. Last Dance
18. Are You Ready For The Country?

1973 Time Fades Away Tour with The Stray Gators
Band: The Stray Gators, Line Up 1
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche – keyboards
Tim Drummond – bass
Kenny Buttrey – drums

lady charlotte (listen) by groupiesoutrageously

as told by her boyfriends: “beautiful french model” “long legs, an incredible figure” “the sweetest girl" and “the Lady” . mix dedicated to charlotte martin

1. made in france - france gall 2. twentieth century fox - the doors 3. fashion - david bowie 4. anyone for tennis - cream 5. i’m so glad - cream 6. la plus belle pour aller danser - sylvie vartan 7. all you need is love - the beatles 8. our love was - the who 9. something else - led zeppelin (live 1970) 10. l’amour looks something like you - kate bush 11. the right somebody to love - mamas and papas 12. that’s the way - led zeppelin (demo)  13. freight loader - jimmy page and eric clapton