Wolfstar headcanon

•So Remus makes some friends outside the marauders
•Not that he doesn’t have other friends but like sort of joins another group
•Because they seem cool and nice and why not right friends are great the more the merrier
•But they actually turn out to be assholes one day and only let Remus into their group to reject him
•They say mean shit and like punch him or something and leave the poor bean there on the ground feeling 100% betrayed and miserable
•And of course Sirius would see the whole thing
•So he comes charging over super ready to fight those dickheads but more concerned about Rem
•And Sirius is all “omg are you okay I’m so sorry is anything broken”
•And of course Remus just gives Sirius the saddest face and says “only my heart”
•And Remus is expecting a hug or some reassuring words or some shit like always
•But no
•Sirius fucking Black pulls a goddamn band-aid
out of his pocket
•And without a word gently puts it on Remus’s chest over his heart
•On top of his clothes and everything
•And just looks at him with his puppy dog eyes as if asking “did I fix it is everything okay now”
•And Remus just hugs the shit out of him
•Because Jesus Christ his boyfriend is the biggest fucking nerd
•And an absolute treasure


This is so important. Kageyama’s expression here is the confirmation of how hard he is trying. He doesn’t wanna come out as the tyrant king he was before, he’s still afraid of rejection, and so he comes out as a little goody-two-shoes, probably without realizing it, bc he still lacks social skills, but he’s almost there, he can do it. See this kid’s effort and fear and applaude him pls~

My 10 year old sister manages to amaze me again
  • Sister:You know how we always got those shirts about how awful boys were like "girls rule boys drool"?
  • Me:Yeah, what about it?
  • Sister:I guess I understand the empowerment but I really don't see why we had to tear boys down to bring girls up.
  • Me:Probably because it's so simple to understand
  • Sister:Do you know how long it seemed like I could only hang out with other girls in class? Man that sucked.
  • Me:Guys and girls are equally cool.
  • Sister:They should make some shirts like that.
And you must be … Miss Granger? Oh yes, Draco’s told me all about you.
—  Words that have literally come out of Lucius Malfoy’s mouth.
Headcanon that Draco whined about her in his letters home, and then droned on and on for hours over break about this girl and how she thought she was so smart and always lived in the library and was such a teacher’s pet and how she always shot barbs as good as he did and blah blah blab blah blah, and the first time Narcissa hears about her she speaks to her husband about contacting her parents for a lunch to get to know them better (because if anyone knows that Draco needs a smart woman with a head on her shoulders and the ability to keep him in line it’s his mother), and are all set to start sorting out arrangements for an engagement (because they automatically assume that because Hermione isn’t a common name she’s from one of the lesser known pureblood families and the wizarding world is archaic enough to still arrange engagements when their children are twelve) when they start digging into wizarding records and they can’t find the Grangers at all. Anywhere. So they think that maybe she’s a half blood on her mothers side which wouldn’t really be so bad as long as she had one set of wizarding grandparents and the ‘taint’ wasn’t too bad and they could correct the lineage before it got too bad, and they dig through those books. And they still can’t find her. At all whatsoever.
This search goes on for six months until they get a letter from Draco mentioning how “perfect Potter and his stupid bloodtraitor friend Weasley and mud blood Granger saved the day again and blah blah.”
Narcissa collapses onto an overstuffed couch and reevaluates six months of her life that she could never get back and Lucius pours himself a snifter of firewhisky for ever thinking that the one perfect match for his son was acceptable in their social circle or the wizarding world at all, and that he was doomed to hear about this girl for the entirety of his son’s school career and come face to face with his failure and disappointment at finding out the only girl his son’s age who had a shot at growing into a woman with substance and able to keep Draco in line had non magical parents.