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Quick Dinner #1 - Peanut Siracha Tofu and Lemon Mange Tout & Baby Corn

Rapid preparation, little washing-up, nutritious and tasty with minimal ingredients. Now you have no excuse.

Spicy peanut tofu - crunchy lemon mange tout and baby corn - satisfying brown rice

Preheat the oven to 220 Degrees Celsius. Cut 70g of extra firm tofu into triangles with a 3cm base. Press if necessary. In a bowl, mix 1tbs each of siracha, soy sauce, peanut butter and shoyu. Toss the tofu in the marinade. Spritz a little oil onto a baking sheet and lay out the tofu. Put in the oven. Cut a handful of mange tout and babycorn at 2cm diagonals. Douse with lemon juice and season. In the bowl used for the marinade, heat up pre-cooked brown rice (I make a batch at the start of each week). When the tofu is golden and quite crispy, about fifteen minutes, rapidly stir-fry the vegetables on a very high heat for 40-60 seconds. Scoop the tofu and vegetables onto the rice and enjoy.

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