mama walker

My theory about Aiden’s family being Nouveau riche was on the money. But I would have thought Michaela was new money too. But Michaela being a hard working driven girl working her way to the top makes a lot of sense. She is elitist and doesn’t like anything that reminds of being from a dirt poor family from a small town. I want to hug her even more. My baby must have worked really hard to buy that expensive wedding dress with her own money. ;.;


Oh My God (you guys)! I can’t breathe. I have stumbled upon something beautiful.

i went on my laptop to watch one scene from a very potter musical cause i couldn’t remember how a song went, and then i ended up watching all three musicals and i don’t know how that happened oh my gosh

I wonder what would happen, if I just…. broke your fingers. The thing is that you wouldn’t be able to play the guitar anymore. And then all your little friends would just leave you alone, and then you’d be just like Umbridge. Except Umbridge can kick your ass.

Dolores Umbridge (A Very Potter Sequel - Team StarKid)