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My theory about Aiden’s family being Nouveau riche was on the money. But I would have thought Michaela was new money too. But Michaela being a hard working driven girl working her way to the top makes a lot of sense. She is elitist and doesn’t like anything that reminds of being from a dirt poor family from a small town. I want to hug her even more. My baby must have worked really hard to buy that expensive wedding dress with her own money. ;.;


You…you don’t understand how excited I am to see these two have some sort of conversation. 

I need this in my life NOW! 

Mama Walker meeting the Son-in-Law!

Also…Chuck and Sarah…why do you have the phony photos from season 2’s fake suburban life lying around your house?! is it just because they’re funny? I mean they are but still! What?!

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Coming Home- Butch Walker

Kidnap the Sandy Claws- Korn

Bullet Belt- Butch Walker

Mama (Live in Mexico)- My Chemical Romance

Freak on a Leash- Korn

State Line- Butch Walker

House of Cards- Butch Walker

Goner- twenty one pilots

Suburbia- Butch Walker

Neutron Star Collision- Muse

…….I like Butch Walker fight me nerds (Yall should check him out he’s really great!!)

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Upcoming Mama Alto engagements:

July 26th: Guest speaker at Scratch Warehouse Artistic Spread
July 31st: Guest artist at The Container Festival Launch Party
August 5th, 6th & 7th: “Mama Alto: Behind the Sequins” at the Monash Uni Student Theatre (MSA)’s Container Festival
August 14th: Guest artist at “Equally Queer” for RUSU Queer Department at Hares Hyenas
August 20th to September 13th: Troupe member in Finucane & Smith’s GLORY BOX: LA REVOLUCION at The Melba Spiegeltent
September 23rd to 27th: “Sophisticated Ladies: A Nightcap with Billie, Judy & Ella” at The Butterfly Club
September 29th: “Sophisticated Ladies” accessible showing at Hares & Hyenas *Auslan interpreted

“Rise Up Singing” xx Mama

(Photography: Sarah Walker Photography at Melbourne Recital Centre, July 4th)

I now wonder how Michaela and Aiden met. Were Aiden’s parents ever accepting of Michaela?

Speaking of Aiden’s parents, I honestly think his mother is really intimidating and scary. If Aiden sent in his mother to intimidate Michaela to sign the prenuptial agreement then that was bitchass move right there. Michaela should have called mama walker’s bluff though. I would have told her to shove the wedding up her ass and walked out. Then I would have called aiden to tell to go fuck himself. Fuck him and his mama!

akibat keletihan tertidur dah si kecik debab ni…ramai awek2 sebaya die dtg semua dah bole die masih duk dlm walker..huhu..mama suh jalan xnk kn dah xbole join org lain main..kesian…hihi..raya haji nnt cpt2 pndai jln ye…