mama vulture


Heyo So here we go with my d.og post. This isn’t every d.og I have, I have 4 more that are still processing.

So in case my handwriting is really as bad as I think it is, it goes, from left to right;

Row 1- L.ab/ Mix, He.eler Mix, L.ab Mix

Row 2- Unknown Puppy, Be.agle Mix, Gol.den Retr.iever

Row 3- CoyDog Mix (not an F1), Pitb.ull, Ge.rman Shep.herd

The three that aren’t in the post are Another Pitb.ull, another Ge.rman Shep.herd, and an Australian Sheph.erd/Maybe Mini Aussie.

(The Fourth it just a broken up skull in a brick of dirt that I don’t remember the location of)

Sorry for the multiple word breaks, don’t want this showing up in the wrong tags! But Hopefully this helps. I’ll probably make everyone their own posts soon just for giggles.