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Golden Disk Awards has launched their voting app for this year’s ceremony.that will be held on 13 and 14 of January 2017. 

For now only Android users have access to the app LINK HERE , soon it will be on IOS too

EXO’s nomination for GDA are:

  • Digital Daesang for Monster and Dream (Baekhyun &Suzy)
  • Album Daesang for EX’ACT

Voting starts today, December 5h and ends January 12th
You can vote 15 times a day

EXO will attend on the 2nd day of the ceremony, which is only for Physical Albums so Korean fans are suggesting to vote more for the album Daesang since is more important and also EXO will be there to hopefully receive it.




As you’re all probably aware of, this Friday - December 2nd - is the MAMAs! And because @haekt and I hate our livers and love EXO too much to care about our health, we’ve decided to turn the whole award show into a drinking game!

And we’ve made some rules if you wanted to join in (and are legally allowed to drink)!

⋆ Take a shot every time EXO wins.

⋆ Take a shot every time someone says something in English.

⋆ Take a shot every time you spot someone wearing a turtleneck.

⋆ Take a shot every time the camera finds EXO.

      –> extra shot if it catches Chanyeol being a cute shy ball of fluff!

⋆ Take a shot every time someone cries.

      –> extra shot if you cry too!

⋆ Take a shot every time Mamamoo do their harmonising introduction.

⋆ Take a shot every time someone from Monsta X shows their abs.

⋆ Take a shot every time you spot someone wearing a choker.

⋆ Take a shot every time the camera falls on someone dancing along to the performance.

Feel free to send us other ideas or add your own!

And add us on snapchat to watch this drunken mess unfold!

me: jadaaayxo

anastasia: anastasia_rsm


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A couple of streams ago Silver and Doug’s characters were developed.  If you don’t know who they are, they are my AU 2nd Gen kids that come from Dipper and Pacifica.  I’ve decided that the dynamics of the family will follow “mama’s boy” and “daddy’s little girl” ideas.  In order for these characters to be like this, development on Dipper and Silver’s character was also talked about.  Here is the summary of what we came up with. ^_^

Dipper is a researcher of the supernatural and so he travels multiple times a year.  His funding will only support his research expenses as long as he continues to research and discover more information.  Due to his absence he tries to stay connected with the family as much as he can but most of the time it’s him and Silver talking about his new findings.  Doug grows to be distant with his dad because he’s not interested in his research at all.  Doug can see how Dipper’s absence is affecting his mom so he tends to spend more time with her so she doesn’t feel lonely.  

Now in this page, one of the viewers came up with the idea of Doug having a nightmare but instead of taking comfort from Dipper, he demands for Pacifica instead.  It was a simple idea at first but it really interested me so I drew the scenario in parts.

I hope this helps explain the pic.  I don’t draw them as much but their family has become one of my favorites because of the problems it has. :D

BTS Schedule Update


  • 16th November Asia Artist Awards 2016
  • 18th November Music Bank special broadcast 2016
  • 19th November Melon Music Awards 2016
  • 20th November Jin films ‘Law of Jungle’ in Sulawesi Indonesia 
  • 26th November BTS YOUTH Event Tokyo 2016 & Japanese album release
  • 28th, 29th & 30th November Japan Official fan-meeting Vol 3


  • 2nd December MAMA 2016
  • 4th December Jin birthday 2016
  • 6th, 7th & 14th, 15th December Japan Official fan-meeting Vol 3 2016
  • 16th December BTS YOUTH Event Osaka 2016
  • 19th December Hwarang The Beginning - V Drama debut 2016 
  • 26th December Gayo Daejun Line up 2016 
  • 30th December Taehyung’s birthday 

January - No schedules confirmed by Bighit yet


I’ve been drawing Mama Asano for years 12 ], pls, someone join me in Asano hell and wonder when Matsui will (n)ever show us the Real Last Boss™


MAMA 2015 Backstage: GOT7 and BTS 

JN: I’m extremely shaking~extremely shaking~

JK: Good night everyone. I’m gonna soon lie down to sleep in the airplane.

JK: Lying down.

JK: It looks like I’m sitting.

JK: I’m lying down.

RM: Flying to Hong Kong for the 2nd time for MAMA 2015.

V: We’re going to Hong Kong to in order to show our new title song “RUN”

JM: We’re going to show it first in MAMA, so I’m really looking forward to it.

JH: We want to quickly show RUN to many fans, Hong Kong fans, and to everyone. RUN! RUN! RUN!

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[!] SEVENTEEN are nominated in the Korean Update Awards! They’re currently leading in Rookie of the Year, and are 2nd in best Choreography.

Voting started November 18th and will end on December 20th and the winners will be announced January 1st. Just go to this website (shows website address in first photo) and vote because YOU CAN VOTE HOWEVER MANY TIMES A DAY YOU WANT (but it would also be smart to used incognito windows, refresh the page, ect).

Also don’t forget to vote for MAMA and any other award shows that they’re nominated in! We can do this! 💓

To be honest these end-of-the-year shows were bittersweet this time for us Inspirits. Sweet, because of the beautiful performances Infinite gave us the last days and the positive feedback we got from other fandoms. But at the same time also bitter because of some other various aspects.

We needed to be grateful for the about 4 minutes Infinite was allowed to perform, needed to hold our anger about the misstreatment that were given to them and other way more popular groups didn’t need to face but Infinite was already used to. And then there were of course the MAMAs where it wasn’t even able for us to give our favourite group at least one award - despite them being on their 2nd world tour.

Yet they managed to give everything, their whole heart and passion into that 4 minutes that they were granted to perform. For us. Like always.

The joy that Infinite managed to make people from other fandoms praise them in surprisement about their breathtaking performances in such a short time was kinda stamped down for me by the fact that people just were so surprised because they simply stopped caring. Infinite is close to perfection when it comes to live performances and I don’t say this because I’m biased. They. are. fantastic. But their fanbase is indeed somehow very, very small - next to genuine and super friendly.

People are starting to overlook them. There are other groups now, fresher, younger and Infinite needs to be content with their 4 minutes. This makes me really sad. I know I can’t change it and I’m still so thankful for all these fans from other fandoms who were praising them but at the same time it feels bitter being happy about that your favourite group is finally getting attention from the public for their hard work. I wonder what it must feel like not being angsty about winning awards for the boys, always getting a content long performance time and it simply being completely normal for everyone being taking aback about your favourite group’s talent.

For 2016 I simply wish that the public will recognize Infinite more and not let them continue to fall down like that. They are an enchrichment for the whole K-Pop scene and their time to be forgotten simply hasn’t come yet!
Please give them a chance. They are more than worth it!♡

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Hanteo charts - BTS currently

As of Saturday, May 2nd, 1:00 AM.


Real time chart

  1. Big Bang
  2. BTS
  3. Exo

Daily chart

  1. Big Bang
  2. BTS
  3. Exo

Weekly chart

  1. Exo K
  2. Exo M
  3. M&D

Montly chart

  1. Exo K
  2. Exo M
  3. BTS


Daily chart

  1. Loser - Big Bang
  2. Bae Bae - Big Bang
  3. Me, You - San E

Weekly chart

  1. Who’s Your Mama - JYP
  2. Ah, Yeah - EXID
  3. Say It One More Time - Jinusean

Monthly chart

  1. Only You - miss A
  2. Puss - Jimin ft. Iron
  3. Two Lovers - Davichi

29 April 2015

The great thing about UCSB is that every day from M-F at 3pm there is a dog gathering on the Chem Lawn. Mama knew about this during her 2nd year and used to bring sisfur (Sachi) all the time. Now she has me and she does the same. Although with her schedule, we can only do Monday and Wednesday. But I always look forward to it! Love being a Gaucho!

a quick mama voting update! as of 1:30am on november 7th kst (just over one week into voting), the above are shinee and jonghyun’s rankings in all of the respective categories that they’re nominated under for the 2015 mnet asian music awards. they are also nominated for artist of the year (as is jonghyun) and song of the year (just shinee, for “view”) but are not listed in the top five for either. they haven’t risen or fallen in spot in any of the categories in days. voting will come to a close on december 1st, one day before the ceremony on december 2nd. that means that we still have a little over three weeks left to vote / time to change their rankings! for best dance performance - male group, the final voting results will count for 10% of the decision for winner. for artist of the year, best male artist (jonghyun) and best male group, it’ll be 20%, and for best music video it will be 30%. information on how to vote, ect. can be found here.

a quick note about the mamas! i’ve gotten multiple messages today either asking when the mamas are or if i can share a link to the show and, as of now, we still have a day and a half to go until the show airs. it’s currently early morning on december 1st kst. the mamas will be held on december 2nd in hong kong with the red carpet going from 6 - 8pm and the actual ceremony from 8pm - midnight. (this is all in hkt, which is an hour behind kst.) i’ll be writing up and posting a guide on how you all can watch the show and posting it a few hours before it airs. (i’ll also set it to reblog a few times up until that point.) until then, please continue voting for both shinee and jonghyun if you can! voting will come to a close in fifteen hours!