mama stage

bts brainstorming for their mama stage
  • rapmon: ok im thinking the dance line should do something each
  • jhope: me and jimin could do like a duo performance
  • jimin: can i be blindfolded
  • bts: why
  • jimin: :)
  • bts: ???
  • jimin: :))
  • rapmon: ANYWAYS
  • rapmon: jin and v why don't u guys show off ur acting skills
  • jin: ok yea, im on board
  • v: same, yes, ok, im thinking, like, really intense bedroom vibes with me revealing my shoulders for like 2 seconds then me and jin hyung breathing really heavily in close proxmity, with a very slight but very subtle grin at the end that MIGHT or might not be sexually suggestive depending on how u take it
  • bts: what
  • jin: what
  • v: what
Gallant has followed BTS on Twitter!!!

Gallant has followed BTS on Twitter!!!

Gallant is favorite artist of Namjoon, Taehyung & BTS.

He is the only foreign artist not being revealed anything about the content of the stage & the artist that he has collaborated. I really expect to see collaboration between him and BTS (or Namjoon) in MAMA!!!

Me before a first date: Don’t dress weird, don’t act weird, don’t say anything weird.

Me showing up to the date:


-kookie decending from the ceiling like a sinful angel idk
- jihope duo dance stage…..WITH JIMIN WEARING A BLINDFOLD????
-dramatic BST MV acting by TaeJin
- satanic dance ritual???
-legit making it look like the stage was on fire
-about 6 trillion backup dancers for FIRE

excuse me as I go combust in a corner

BFF: Just because the pizza guy accidentally touched your hand while delivering the pizza doesn’t mean y’all are together


What we gonna know about MAMA stage from BTS based on the set list

- BTS will be around 11th performer. At 21:27 HST (22:27 KST)

- The length of performance expected to last about 8 minutes (from  21:27 to 21:35), the maximum length is about 12 minutes.

- The order of perform:

Boy Meets Evil pt. 1 - Jungkook, ST2 (Extended Stage) Hologram / Giant lift / Wire up and wire down (?)
Boy Meets Evil pt. 2 - J-Hope, Jimin (Jimin will be on the right of the stage & Hobi on the left then they’ll follow the rest of the members, who will be on the lift up on stage 1)
Blood, Sweat & Tears - ST1 
Boy Meets Evil BRIDGE - Jin & V stage!
Fire - ST2 (Extended Stage) There will be 100 backup dancers (in other stages at the same time)!

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When you meet his mom and she says “Oh so you’re the girl he’s always on FaceTime with” but you got an android

If y'all think we’re not making any progress in the votes, I am here to tell you we’ve progressed 0,6%. That means only 0,8% to go hence 90,000 votes difference. PLEASE VOTE, WE CAN DO THIS.

Update: now we’re 0,5% behind, leggooooooo Update: only 0,2% come oooonnnnn!

(The situation always changes…)

I’m so proud of EXO. Always. They’ve stayed humble through all the years in their careers even with all the fame and everything else in between that happened to them. They deserve so much love and support and I will always be proud of stanning them.