mama stage


You’re performing your first solo stage at MAMA. You’re secret boyfriend, Taeyong, is too proud of you to stay quiet in his seat and has to dance along as you do your set. 

*Yeah, let’s all just act like he’s at MAMA.

I found my lost son! And he was with Vicchan! I knew it!

Gruch Atelier (me) as Mama Katsuki
RAY Squad Cosplay as Yuuri and Victor

^by this names you can find our pages on facebook ;)

What can I say… making this cosplay was THE BEST IDEA I’VE EVER HAD.

More photos from real photoshoot (not selfies xD) soon!

bts brainstorming for their mama stage
  • rapmon: ok im thinking the dance line should do something each
  • jhope: me and jimin could do like a duo performance
  • jimin: can i be blindfolded
  • bts: why
  • jimin: :)
  • bts: ???
  • jimin: :))
  • rapmon: ANYWAYS
  • rapmon: jin and v why don't u guys show off ur acting skills
  • jin: ok yea, im on board
  • v: same, yes, ok, im thinking, like, really intense bedroom vibes with me revealing my shoulders for like 2 seconds then me and jin hyung breathing really heavily in close proxmity, with a very slight but very subtle grin at the end that MIGHT or might not be sexually suggestive depending on how u take it
  • bts: what
  • jin: what
  • v: what

Favorite Stage → MAMA 2014 Deep Breath: KAI SOLO
     ↳ for anon

“I am craving for you. Like a thorn, I cut down the harsh memories.
I know. I feel them all. The fact that I’m going to die slowly.
You are the shining Moonlight in the darkness.
Disappear. Run, when I chase after you.
A cold heart, a Thunder like you, and the remaining traces of L.O.V.E.
You are already addicted to me.
I am already addicted to you.