mama pho



Maghnus gazed down at his reflection along the waters edge, grinning when he saw several small fish dart away. Immediately the child jumped in without a care, landing on all fours before standing and running in the shallows. Squealing he kicked the water every which way before hopping back out to run back to Phoenix. The boy was soaked through his clothing and wore the most excited smile, eyes shimmering with bliss.

“Mama! Mama! It gots fishies! Can go hunting?!”

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Maghnus beamed with joy, seeing as Phoenix liked his gift. He had indeed snuck into the witches reserve, only taking a single flower head. The child had a habit of taking one object at a time, but never asking first if he could. Fascinated and eager to show Pho, he’d simply take items and return to medic bay. That, and not many of the soldiers weren’t very keen to the shadow child. Although he hadn’t yet proven to be dangerous, trust for shadows was nearly non-existent.

Except with Phoenix. With her patience, kindness, and even love, Maggy wanted to express his happiness and fondness to her as well. Standing up again, the shadow child stood on his tip-toes to peer over the edge of the desk, blinking at the stack of papers.

Lot stuff. Mama wor…working?