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I really don't want her at that wedding Felix! How can we get in touch with mama Middleton this breaks my heart

I wish we could anon because no one plus Harry want’s her there. Look at the moment this is all BS. We know that the wedding is an official engagement and she is not allowed to attend the ceremony and the reception but she is trying her hardest to get herself to attend the Evening party. 

Now how do we know that Harry will be at the evening party?? He may attend the ceremony and the reception and then leave with PG and PC leaving behind Kate and Will to party the night on.

Also they may even pull Harry out last minute so she can’t attend the evening party and get her shots that she wants. So there are a lot of possibilities and the US and UK media don’t know these because they haven’t got the inside info from Carol and Pippa about the guests who will attend. Pippa has only said that she will sell a couple of pics to Hello mag that’s it. Have a great day and lets play the waiting game on this.



Happy 57th Birthday Carole Middleton || 57 years later, and she still shines and still looks so young. Mama Middleton, we love you so much and we thank you for blessing us with such amazing children, especially our idol Catherine. You’ll forever be someone we love, and we appreciate you and all your hard work. You’ve come so far. Wishing you many more years to come! Happy Birthday Carole!