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Hello! Earlier I came across this post of yours about the scene from ch 94 where Gabi cheerfully tells her parents about her battlefield accomplishments, and how shocking it is. It made me think about an idea I've had for a while and I wanted to ask your opinion. The thing is, Marley's demonizig propaganda of the Eldians from the Walls is extremely hyperbolized and it became very obvious this ch 94. (okay I'm running out of space so I'll continue in the next ask)

It seems to me that Marley does it on purpose… well of course they do, but there could be a specific reason: when Eldian people split in two groups they decided to make each group hate the other as much as possible. They would neutralize the enemy they so feared, Earth’s most powerful race, by making them fight and resent the other so they would never unite. Turning the enemy’s forces against one another has always been an excellent strategy. Just a thought of mine, do you think it make sense?

It does make sense. And it seems like that’s what has happened. This panel of Reiner’s mom is absolutely chilling.

When Reiner failed to completely vilify the island residents as devils, she took over added their real crime to the conversation. They are evil, not only because of the power they possess, but because they abandoned half their people and left them to rot in the clutches of Marley’s oppression. 

I don’t know about you, but Reiner’s mom is now the most terrifying character in this series for me. She is nightmare levels of creepy.

I got a little pushback last week for calling the Eldian brainwashing a bit unrealistic. Several people pointed out in asks, replies and reblogs that I have no concept of the extreme effects of brainwashing. I will admit that I do not so maybe I was wrong in this post when I called it unrealistic.

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our little performer//nate maloley

“marley let’s go get dressed so that we can visit daddy in the studio,” you say looking down at your four year old daughter.  nate left before either of you woke up this morning to work on his new song that he is doing with sammy called wassup (a/n: ik this is real old but they haven’t collabed in a while which makes me real sad).  she picks out a black beanie, grey, long sleeve tee shirt, a pair of jeans and some converse. 

lawd she probably dresses better than you.  you tell her to brush her hair while you get dressed and she happily obliges.  you quickly throw on a army green long sleeve tee shirt, some leggings, a long necklace and some boots. 

when you go back into marley’s room she is sitting on her bed with her beanie and shoes already on.  “did someone tie their shoes by themselves?” you say with a little smirk.
“yes mama,” marley says with a big smile before you pick her up, grab your purse and head to the studio.  

once you arrive at the studio, you are greeted by the secretary who tells you that nate and sammy are in studio 3.  marley runs to the studio before you can catch her and once she sees her dad, she tackles his leg.  he looks shocked but as soon as he looks down a smile grows on his face and he says, “hey princess,” before scooping her up and leaving many kisses on her neck, causing her to giggle.  once he puts her down she runs over to sammy while screeching, “hi uncle yammm.”  marley couldn’t say sam when she was younger and she has called him uncle yam ever since.  “hey babygirl,“ sam says, a smile growing on his face as well.  you put your purse down and walk over to hug nate.  he kisses the top of your head and says, “how ya doin ma?”
“she’s wearing me out but we had a good morning,” you say with a slight smirk.  
“sorry to mess with you guys but we have to get recording if we want to finish the song today,” sammy says while holding marley.  he hands her to you and him and nate head into the booth.  

nate and sam have been redoing the same part of the song for a while because they want to make it absolutely perfect for the fans. you start to space out but our completely brought back to reality when marley begins to rap, “out here in la, they hit me on my yelli. girl, we byend together like a peanut butta jelly.”  the boys are too focused to notice but you are cracking up and have her do it again so you can have a video to show the guys after.  then once the chorus came along marley began to sing, “so, wassup? wassup, babe? wassup? wassup, babe? wassup? wassup, babe? wassup? wassup, babe?” this time you are ready and get the whole thing on a video with her dad singing in the background.  you post it on twitter and get many replies from the fans telling you that ya’ll are family goals and that marley needs to collab with sammy and nate.  when the boys come out of the booth and you show them the videos and they can’t stop laughing.  as you are leaving the studio, nate says, “we have quite the little performer on our hands, don’t we?”
“yes we do,” you say with a smile, “she learned from the best.”  with that you each grab one of marley’s hands and head to the car.  

a/n: this was requested so long ago so i’m really sorry for the wait!  also sorry that this is really short and not so good….but i hope ya’ll enjoy it anyway!

Just Like Dad- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


“Come on Marley! Daddy and Uncle Sammy are just through this door!” I told my four year old excitedly.

“Yay! Dada and Uncle Sammy!” Marley practically shouted.

“Sshh!” I said trying to calm her down, not wanting her screaming to ruin whatever Nate and Sam were recording.

I bent down and picked her up, opening the studio door. To my surprise they weren’t recording, just sitting down on the couch relaxing.

Nate’s eyes lit up as he saw us walk into the room. “There’s my two favorite girls!” he said getting up to greet us.

Nate kissed me quickly as he took Marley out of my arms and sat back down next to Sammy.

“Hey Sam!” I said sitting between him and Nate, with Marley on Nate’s lap.

“Hey Y/N, hey Marley!” Sam said with a huge grin.

“Uncle Sammy!!” Marley shouted.

“Indoor voice!” I reminded her.

“Sorry mama.” Marley apologized looking sad.

“Don’t worry about mommy Mar. This is the studio you can make whatever noises you want. This is where daddy and Uncle Sammy make our songs.” Nate said to our daughter.

“Can I make a song?” Marley asked with wide eyes.

“Of course you can! The microphones right there, go ahead!” Nate said.

“I wanna sing a song with you and Uncle Sammy.” Marley suggested.

“I’m down!” Sam said getting up.

“Of course angel, let’s sing!” Nate said as I immediately took out my phone to capture this moment.

Nate carried Marley into the booth as Sam stood next to them. I turned on the buttons so I could hear them.

“What do you wanna sing?” Sam asked.

“Twinkle twinkle little star!” Marley said clapping her hands together, of course her favorite song.

“You got it!” Nate said.

Without wasting a second Marley began singing into the microphone as Sam and Nate joined her. They sounded like the weirdest trio, but it was adorable. The way Nate looked at our daughter as she sang her little heart out nearly had me in tears.

When they were finished in the booth, Sam had to step outside to take a call.

“Wow Marley that was amazing!” I said taking her back into my arms.

“I wasn’t that good but Daddy was amazing and same with Uncle Sammy!” Marley said.

“Stop it Mar. You are gonna be a star one day!” Nate said squeezing her little hand.

“Just like you Daddy.” Marley said to Nate causing Nate to tear up just like me.

Chapter Eighteen Part II

Chapter Eighteen. 


“I’m home.” I spoke softly looking at him. From the look on his face I could tell he was confused. As long as I’ve been working at Bassline no one really knew my story. 

“What are you talking about?” He questioned.

“I’m from here." 

"From where? The Bahamas?" 

I didn’t want to speak about it anymore so all I did was nod. I know that would piss him off but I didn’t care. He brought me back home. My home. It’s been so long. 

I find it funny how my mother always worried about me being in the streets of the Bahamas. She would always tell me to be careful.She always said that someone would take me but I needed to be careful once I went to America.

I guess she was right. Not that I didn’t think it couldn’t happen but I guess mama’s are always right. I hadn’t realized Ace was even talking to me until he hit the brakes to his car hard. 


"I-I’m sorry." 

"You from The Bahamas?" 

"Yeah, so is Kim." 

"But I took you from a college party, you went to New York you not making sense. I don’t like being confused." 

"I am from there. I was born here and lived here for a big part of my life but then…my family….my parents were too poor to take care of me so they sent me to live with my aunt.”


“I got a full scholarship to the college, then I met you." 

"Hurry up with the story…” he said hinting at his annoyance. 

“When my parents wanted me to go back home…they meant here but my sister said we could move to New Your…and you know the rest.”

The car grew silent. What else was there to say. He knew the story. I’m surprised he even asked for me to explain it. Why would he care?

This man and his brothers had no feelings, they were heartless they were absolutely incapable of loving a human. They were evil in every sense of the word. I’ve never seen ace care about anything really. 

“Are they still in the states?" 

"I don’t know.” I said shrugging my shoulders. 

“….where you live?" 


"Where. Do. You. Live?” He said slowly. 

I didn’t say anything, I slowly put my old address that I’m surprised I remember but I guess you can never forget home. Ace listened to the gps and followed the directions. My stomach started to flutter around like butterflies were twerking all in me. 

Not a while longer Ace pulled up into front of the one story home. It still had broken shutters and bed sheets hanging on clothes lines in the front. Tears filled my eyes as I saw nothing had really changed. 

“You got 10 minutes…if you run…I will find you and I will kill you. Lets make this more interesting. How about I kill your family in front of you then I kill you. So yeah go a head and run if you want to. Get the fuck out.”

To be honest, everything he said went in one ear and out the other. I doubt if they are here. Even if they are, I can’t face them. After all these years. I just can’t. 

I got out and slowly made my way to the front door. The tears that were had filled my eyes now were down my cheek. It all felt like a dream. It seemed the closer I walked to the door the further I got.

Once I finally made it to the door. I stood there for a moment making sure this was all real. I knocked on the door and quickly wiped my tears, but I didn’t hear anything. No shuffling. Nothing.

“I knew they weren’t here.” I whispered. I slowly turned on my heels. Right when I was going to make my  way back to the car. I heard the front door creep open. 

I turned around to see the on person, I’ve been wanting to see in the whole world. I could see the years of worry and tears in her face. 

“M-mama.” I whispered. 

“My- my baby!” She cried with tears of joy.

Before I knew it I felt into my mom’s eyes crying. I had ran away so many times trying to get back home and here I am. With my mama.

“MARLEY GET IN HERE! SHE’S HOME!” My mom yelled. My dad ran to the front door to see what my mother was talking about it. He didn’t even have a chance to say anything. 

My dad just like us began to cry tears of joy. He scooped us up in his arms and hugged us. I couldn’t believe I was finally home. 


I was trying to sleep but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Whitney and her family. They looked so happy to see their daughter.Now any normal person that would see this would question ‘Is this what it’s like for the rest of the girls and their families?’ but since I’m not normal I couldn’t give a fuck.

To be honest I blame them maybe if they kept a better eye on their daughter they would still have her. Shit if Whitney would’ve stayed her ass here she would still have her [parents in her life but no now she got to to suffer. They just selfish. 

I looked at the watch, and realized this family moment is up. Time for me to get in some guts. Whitney and her family looked at my truck. Of course her parents looked at her what was going on but she a smart girl I knew she couldn’t tell them the truth. 

Her father stood up and made his way to the car. What the fuck could this nigga possibly want? I pulled my gun from waistband and waited. He came over to my window knocking on it. 


"You took my daughter?” His thick accent came out. I just looked at him like he was crazy. To be honest I didn’t know what the fuck to say. I mean yeah I did but at the same time I’m in disbelief that bitch told. 

“You took her but you brought her back. Thank You. I know she can’t stay but please, don’t hurt her.” He said looking in my eyes as he spoke. I looked straight forward and nodded. He unlocked my door and pulled me out. 

“Come eat son." 

"No we go-" 

"Please. Just come eat.” Her father said pulling me inside. Whitney’s mother stood up and smiled at me. I could tell where Whitney got her looks. Her mother was actually just as beautiful as Whitney. 

Her father sat me down at the table as Whitney sat next to me. I put my hand on her thigh. Her body shook, she know she did wrong. I leaned over and gritted in her ear.

“I’ll spare them…….and you." 

I could kill them all but hey it’s free food. Free food and good pussy. What could be better?