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Mama!Mako again! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Mama Papa Mako and Mama Korra taking their little baby to visit Gran-Gran and Granpops at the Southern Water Tribe and Mako freaks out frequently a few times during the trip lol  (kinda part 2 for this one)

#I miss mama mako #mama!mako freaking out gives me life #is it too weird if i portray Korra wearing a skirt just like her mom #and is it too obvious i got too lazy to draw their faces in the last one

This is what Baatar loves the most of come back home early. His beloved ones taking power nap.

Kuvira use Baatar’s shirt cause hers doesn’t fit anymore in her state. The baby boy is the same from my Baavira week one :)

Dedicate this to my new Baavira friends oddania and nailsbyzai and the Anon who gave me this idea (I’ll draw Baatar looking at them like a goofy idiot in a future, promise!). Now to work my ass on fanart for nailsbyzai’s amazing fanfic Ironclad.

Makorra babies sketch dump I was working on last month because  I’m obsessed with it I love my babies so much ^^

From top to bottom:

- Naoki and Daiki (baby #1 & #2) cosplaying as their parentes <3

- Miki (baby #3) and her inseparable Naga plushie, during a visit to her grandparents in the SWT

- Kesuk (baby #4) and the legendary pout that would be passed on for generations

- Mama Korra loving her baby bump - aaand not so much x)

- teenager Naoki with the goofy grin she got from her mama

- Naoki being super teeny

- and Naoki all dressed up like a lady (Papa Mako precious fire lily <3)

Naoki: I’m strong like mommy!

Korra: Of course you are, my little fire ferret.

It was supposed to be Senna with bby Korra but along the process it became Korra with my headcanoned daughter Naoki. ^^;

Since she was little, Naoki was amazed by her mother’s physical strenght and her bending abilities. Her mother is her hero, her first role model.

As she grows up and learns more about what Korra went through in her past, she realizes her mother’s true strenght isn’t physical, it goes far beyond that - making Naoki admire her even more.

p.s: Naoki is a firebender, so one of the many nicknames Korra calls her is “little fire ferret” :3

Happy Mother’s Day!

Korra was panicking the moment she heard that she’s pregnant. Korra never thought that she would get pregnant. Since the poison incident she was told by healers that she probably wouldn’t be able to conceive. The idea of it is surreal and it’s hard for her to wrap her head around it. She’s the avatar, she belongs to the world, and peace between the four nations was something apparently unobtainable. Having someone depending on her would just make things more difficult.  

After weeks freaking out and a lot of tears shed, Korra learns to embrace the turn of events on her fate. As the months progress and her belly grows, she falls in love more and more with the child inside her. Just because her baby was unplanned that would mean it’s unloved. She decides to make it work. She would try her best to tackle the subject of maternity and ace it – as she did with bending and others aspects of her life. 

When her daughter was born, Korra’s strong arms - so used to bending the elements or beating up the bad guys - didn’t knew how to hold such a tiny and frail living thing on them. Eventually she got the hang of things. It was far from easy to juggle between the world and a family of her own, but everytime Korra would look at her daughter’s face she knows she made the right decisions. 

 I had this urge to draw Mama Korra and her growing baby bump to her little bundle of joy – as strange as it may seems. I can’t stop thinking about those kind of headcanons since this morning (maybe it’s today’s date, I guess =-=”)

*and yes Korra gets huge during pregnancy but don’t worry, she will get her body back later ^^;


Since I already did one for Papa Mako, now it’s Mama Korra’s turn with the big offspring my crazy fangirl mind gave to her ~_~”

Due to her Avatar duties, Korra cannot spend much time with family as much as she would like but, whenever she can, she tries to make the most of it. Looking back years ago, Korra never imagined herself starting a big family with anyone. It was far from easy to balance the needs of her children with the rest of the world but every time she would be back from one of her trips, back to their arms, Korra was sure she didn’t regret anything.

Mama!Korra “wearing” her baby in a sling because I’m sure she would be the type to carry her baby around EVERYWHERE (imagine in a meeting with the world leaders and the baby starts to cry and people goes “it’s not a place for a child” and Korra’s don’t give two fucks because it’s her FREAKING KID AND YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT! lol  

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Papa Mako more like Mama Mako reporting for baby duty.

Whenever Korra is away on her Avatar duties Mako has to be the stay home dad and take care of their bunch of crazy kids. Also he knows Naga is friendly but it doesn’t prevent him to have a mini heart attack every time she carry one of the kids on her mouth @w@”

Sorry for this crappy, stupid doodle also perspective being a bitch on the last one meh

Happy Fathers Day!!! (✿◠‿◠)


I was asked by @lancelot45 if I could draw Korra giving birth  + Mako’s reaction. Well I got a liiiittle bit carried away with the topic so i ended up doodling the whole pregnancy @.@”

- Korra was away in one of her frequent trips when the symptoms kicked in. Thinking it was stress or some common disease, she ignored them for weeks until she passed out during a meeting and was given by a healer the life-changing news

- Korra was a crying mess whe she told Mako the big news. They’d just go back to being a couple again and having kids was a topic not discussed yet by them. Despite being freaking out Inside (but also jumping of joy) Mako tried to stay calm and be reassuring to his girlfriend.

- Mako tried to please Korra by preparing the dishes she liked; but it was difficult to find which one still appeals to Korra’s taste and her new acute sense of smell.

- 1st trimester: When Mama Korra started to ask funny questions

- Do I have to say that Uncle Bolin loved the news?

- 2nd trimester: When Papa Mako fell in love with Korra’s baby bump <3

- Mako thought he would never see Korra goes avatar state over sea prunes lol

- 3rd trimester: When Mako was asked tricky questions.

- With her parents having so many friends, the baby receives a lot of gifts before her arrival!

- When she realized that the baby was coming Korra was excited, however it was difficult to keep the same level of excitement during an overnight 15-hour labor. (poor Korra :0) After a lot of pushing, screaming, cursing and a few broken bones (from Mako’s hand), they welcome to the family a healthy baby girl who they name Naoki. Mako couldn’t be more proud of his girls :)

of all the places in the world korra and asami could’ve vacationed why did they choose the spirit world though? like sure it’s beautiful and all but it’s also always been one big ball of stress and terror filled with jerk spirits who get offended if you breathe the wrong way near them and seemingly innocuous-looking places that are actually total deathtraps