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Mama!Korra “wearing” her baby in a sling because I’m sure she would be the type to carry her baby around EVERYWHERE (imagine in a meeting with the world leaders and the baby starts to cry and people goes “it’s not a place for a child” and Korra’s don’t give two fucks because it’s her FREAKING KID AND YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT! lol  

Happy Mother’s Day!!!






Korra was panicking the moment she heard that she’s pregnant. Korra never thought that she would get pregnant. Since the poison incident she was told by healers that she probably wouldn’t be able to conceive. The idea of it is surreal and it’s hard for her to wrap her head around it. She’s the avatar, she belongs to the world, and peace between the four nations was something apparently unobtainable. Having someone depending on her would just make things more difficult.  

After weeks freaking out and a lot of tears shed, Korra learns to embrace the turn of events on her fate. As the months progress and her belly grows, she falls in love more and more with the child inside her. Just because her baby was unplanned that would mean it’s unloved. She decides to make it work. She would try her best to tackle the subject of maternity and ace it – as she did with bending and others aspects of her life. 

When her daughter was born, Korra’s strong arms - so used to bending the elements or beating up the bad guys - didn’t knew how to hold such a tiny and frail living thing on them. Eventually she got the hang of things. It was far from easy to juggle between the world and a family of her own, but everytime Korra would look at her daughter’s face she knows she made the right decisions. 

 I had this urge to draw Mama Korra and her growing baby bump to her little bundle of joy – as strange as it may seems. I can’t stop thinking about those kind of headcanons since this morning (maybe it’s today’s date, I guess =-=”)

*and yes Korra gets huge during pregnancy but don’t worry, she will get her body back later ^^;


Some sketches of mama Li that I did during my break. Now back to painting.

I know Zhu Li is very stoic, but she’s also very caring, based on the way she talked about Varrick and her interactions with him, and a bond with a child is generally stronger than a bond with a spousal figure so I can only imagine how she’d be with her kids. Maybe not in front of others, but she’d love her babies to death.
Only drew Aricka here but yeah.


Mama!Mako again! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Mama Papa Mako and Mama Korra taking their little baby to visit Gran-Gran and Granpops at the Southern Water Tribe and Mako freaks out frequently a few times during the trip lol  (kinda part 2 for this one)

#I miss mama mako #mama!mako freaking out gives me life #is it too weird if i portray Korra wearing a skirt just like her mom #and is it too obvious i got too lazy to draw their faces in the last one

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Seriously, I read a couple of your other ficlets too. Your Lin Beifong and Korra characterization are to die for. How many stories have you written for the ship? Any novel-length ones?

Ahh thank you!!! I’ve written a few, they’re all under the Korralin tag. Today is my day off so I might as well go rummaging around for them so you don’t have to.


Oh Yes I Did – the second I saw Lin’s face I knew I had to write Lin/Korra. This was back when all we had was promotional art. We didn’t even know Lin’s name! Once we did, I went back and edited this.

Korralin Fluff – Just them snuggling in bed

All Fancy Pants – another drabble

Some More Fluffy Korralin – Korra is so fucking gay

Some Fic Where Korra Learns Metal Bending – Self explanatory

Pocket Change – Korra is gay and broke but doesn’t wanna feel like Lin is her Sugar Mama. 

Swoony Metalbending – Korra and Lin chase a criminal through the city!!!


Catching Up – During S1 I thought Korra’s encounter with Amon would give her wicked face scars like Lin

Tickets – Lin buys tickets to see a pro bending match with her scandalously younger GF

Prank War – Lin seems super serious but she and Korra have a deadly, ongoing prank war between them.

Caught By Tenzin – Self explanatory.

Korra, You’re A Mess – Korra and Lin have dinner together.

KEEP THE BEAT STEADY, LIN – Korra starts rapping for no reason and Lin doesn’t keep the beat. “So this is a form of spontaneous poetic reflection?“ “Yeah, freestyle!”

Longer Fic

Bad Shoulder  – Lin is getting old. She feels like she’s falling apart. What’s she doing with a woman who could be her daughter? Grand daughter?

The More Things Change – Many years in the future, Korra survives her partner Lin Bei Fong and jokes around with her granddaughter while she stops a bank robbery.

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Thread – Lin and Korra learn metalbending. On Hiatus?

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Omegaverse- Asami's first child is not sired by Korra

(I had an idea come to mind when I saw the prompt. And this isn’t an Asami cheats on Korra thing. I wasn’t feeling evil enough to write that out.)

Korra didn’t know how to react to the one year old clinging to Asami’s neck.

When she first returned to the City after her impromptu rescue from Kuvira’s wrath, Tenzin had noticeably tensed up when she asked about Asami.

“Things are a bit different now,” Tenzin hesitantly informed her.

A brief bolt of panic struck her heart, “Is… she isn’t dating anyone else, is she?” A lump rose in her throat, “She’s not mated, is she?”

Tenzin quickly shook his head in the negative, “No, no. She hasn’t been dating anyone for over a year as far as I know. There’s just been a slight change in her family.”

“Oh,” Korra blinked, “Like a cousin or something? She find some extended relatives?”

The airbending master sighed, “It’s not my place to tell. Besides, I have a feeling she’ll want you to find out from her. It’s not something she’s made exceeding public yet.”

Well now she perfectly understood why.

Asami had a kid, a little boy with green eyes, brown hair, and light skin was looking curiously at her, his little nose twitching as he took in her scent.

The alpha didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t uncommon for omegas to become parents at young ages, most were the products of heats.

And due to the fact that she couldn’t smell another scent etched into the CEO’s clothes, Korra had a feeling a heat was what probably caused the little ones’ conception.

Asami adjusted her hold on the squirming child, smiling happily at the newly returned alpha in front of her, “It’s been a while Korra. How’ve you been?”

“Besides getting my but handed to me by evil dictators?” Korra poked fun at herself, “I’ve been… finding myself.”

“I heard,” Asami sighed as the boy made a demanding sound, pointing at the ground with a determined, “MA!”

“Fine, fine,” the omega set the toddler onto his feet, watching carefully as he wobbled for a minute before finding his balance, “Go say hi to Korra for mama?”

He grinned toothily up at the Avatar, and she found herself kneeling down so that she was eye-level with the one-year old hobbling to her, “Hey there.”

The kid managed to reach her outstretched arm and latched on to her hand in order to steady himself, before responding to her greeting with a bright, “Hi!”

Korra lifted him into her arms and inspected the joyfully looking boy, “He’s cute. Who’s the dad?”

Asami grimaced and let out a sigh, immediately making Korra feel guilty for asking the question, “I’m sorry. If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.”

“No it’s okay,” Asami assured her and walked closer, lovingly placing a hand on her son’s back as she worried her lip, “He was a beta, one of my business associates from Omashu. My heat came early during a meeting with him, and this little one was made.” She patted her mini-me on the head.

“Oh,” Inwardly Korra still didn’t feel satisfied; her growing feelings for Asami also seemed to include jealously about previous lovers, “So he’s not around or?”

“He keeps in touch, and I send updates about Ren every now and then,” Asami answered, “But he didn’t really want to be a part of Ren’s life.”

“So he’s not courting you or anything?” Korra tried to ask as casually as she could, but she knew her jealousy could be spotted from miles away.

Asami shook her head, “No.” She smiled at the babbling toddler, who was currently fascinated with the Avatar’s arm gloves, “It’s just us two right now.”

“Oh,” the master of the four elements looked down at the floor, “That’s cool. I guess I’m still a little off-guard about the whole thing. You didn’t mention having a kid in your letters.”

Asami winced and shrugged a bit guiltily, “Sorry. I just… I kept thinking it would be better to tell you when you got back. It didn’t feel right telling you about Ren over letter.”

Korra nodded and looked at the child, who squealed and hid his face when he noticed the alpha staring at him, “Ren? Nice name, it certainly fits him.”

“Nice to know,” the omega laughed, “It was actually Jinora who came up with his name. I guess she heard it in one of her novels, and told me.”

“You named your son after a character in one of Jinora’s romance novels?” Korra snorted and tried to stop a bigger laugh from escaping.

“Hey!” Asami pouted and crossed her arms, “I thought it was cute.”

“It is,” Korra reassured and stepped forward to hug the woman she was secretly in love with.

Asami relaxed and wrapped her arms around the Avatar, being careful not to jostle the boy wedged in between them, “I missed you.”

The alphas’ eyes softened, and she nuzzled her face into Asami’s shoulder, “I missed you too. So much.”

“Well we’ll have plenty of time to catch up at the restaurant,” Asami pulled away and smiled, “Mako got us reservations.”

“Awesome,” Korra beamed, “I can tell you guys all about my adventures.” She grinned at the tiny toddler in her arms, “What do you say? Want to hear about the great Avatar Korra?”

The smile that crossed Asami’s face as Ren giggled and clapped his hands was enough to cause a pleasant warmth that overcame Korra’s heart.