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Sweet Cherry Pie

Title: Sweet Cherry Pie
Author: 61Below
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 4509
Summary: They’ve spent two years secretly together, but they have friends who love them.
…Unfortunately, those same friends are dense, loud, and have horrible timing.

Most memorable line: The Yale student section, the fucking charmers they were, taunted, “You got lucky!” a few times before the Wellies’ shouted back, “With your mother!” until the Ivy Leaged pissheads sat down. Shitty gasped with joy and pride.

anonymous asked:

Hiii, are you taking cuddling prompts? Can you make a just waking up and Faith and Bree joining in and spending time in bed the Fraser family. Thnks

It was early Sunday morning and the Fraser household was still asleep, save one. Jamie had slipped out just before sunrise to walk up the high street to their favourite bakery for pastries. Upon his return, scrambled eggs and streaky bacon were cooked while a pot of strong coffee brewed for his slumbering wife. The sun danced across the cutlery as he crept upstairs with a heavy tray of food. She wasn’t one to spoil herself but he lived for it, so today he decided on breakfast in bed.

“Claire, mo chridhe!” Jamie called. “I’ve a wee surprise for you!”

Three distinct giggles echoed down the hallway, sounds that made his heart leap. After Claire finished her degrees and he built up the family business they decided it was time to add to their family. First was Faith, their impatient oldest child who fought so hard to live through infancy. Brianna came as a welcome surprise soon after with love for everyone along with a protective streak a mile wide.

“Da! You can’t find us!” Bree giggled from under the duvet. Her head peeked out then quickly covered by her sister’s admonishing hush.

“I suppose your Da will have to eat all this delicious food by himself then.” Jamie teased. “Mmmmm! Bacon!” He set the tray down on the bedside table and as the scent wafted towards the bed three heads popped out from hiding with their eyes wide.

“You joke about eating my bacon, Laird Broch Tuarach?” Claire joked. “I’m quite affronted, sir!”

Jamie knelt in front of their bed with his hands clasped over his chest.

“Oh my dear lady! I humbly beg your undeserved forgiveness.” he replied with a wink.

Da is our knight, Mama!” Faith signed. “And he brought breakfast!”

Bree nodded excitedly, “He is my favourite Da

Claire reached over and brought his face to hers. She smiled widely then peppered his face with kisses.

“You’re my favourite too.” she whispered. “I plan on showing you as soon as it can be arranged.”

Both girls lept at their father, interrupting the exchange. After the giggles died down the family turned their attention to the delicious task before them - breakfast in bed.

With Faith and Bree tucked in between their parents the food was doled out between the four plates. There was animated chatter about their big plans for later in the day until everyone was satisfied. Fortunately for the adults when little bellies are filled they tend to make the owners quite sleepy.

Tiny snores filled the room making Claire and Jamie contented. It took some manoeuvring but the couple made themselves comfortable tucked into each other with the children between them.

“Have I told you lately how thankful I am for you, and them?” he murmured.

“Every morning and every evening, Jamie. It’s worth the effort, isn’t it?”

“Oh, aye mo nighean donn.Aye.”

A Queen for a King (part 2) (Viserys Targaryen x Reader) (Request)

Gif Not Mine

hiccuplovver: I loved A Queen for a King! you illustrated my idea perfectly. do you think you could do a part two? like where it’s a few years later the reader is pregnant with baby number three, Viserys has a well paying job, you have a little boy and a little girl, live in a lovely house, and everything is perfect. Yet one day a wondering dothraki see’s you and reports back to Danny. she comes to visit and her brother gets scared that she’ll take his family away, but she just leaves her blessing. please thx

Word Count: 1730

Extra: A Queen for a King (part 1)

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Dude... Knight Alfred going out hunting with Prince Ludwig, and then they get chased by something big (could be a bear or pack of wolves, or even an angry moose or whatever) and Al just sweeps Ludwig off his feet and sprints to safety, and after they calm down and get checked for injuries Al is thinking about how amazing Lud's thighs feel when gripped tightly and Lud is thinking about how nice it feels to have Al carry him around <3

Ludwig is a pretty big dude and not many people can carry him like that but zoo wee mama this little knight just totally picked him the fuck up and RAN with him with a full suit of armor and shit WOW Ludwig would probably be pretty turned on

Serve The Princess [knight!mikey]

anon requested: Knight!Michael pls omg  

The only shit I know about kingdom-like things are from watching Game of Thrones & Reign lol don’t judge me if this is shit okay? I basically winged this entire thing, but AT LEAST I TRIED DAMN IT. But kudos to the anon who requested this and made me try it; I don’t challenge myself as it is lmao. This ended up like 4 pages in Microsoft Word ahahaha

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- will dress up in a simple costume; he’ll be a mummy (i feel like he’d be a mummy because being a ghost is overused) and dress nigou as a little egyptian deity just for fun. Who said dogs can’t be gods as well?
- the two of you will give out candy. Every time the door rings and you answer it, Kuroko will make tiny sound effects to get into character and try to earn a few laughs from the kids visiting to make them happier.
- Kuroko will pout if you call him cute for doing so when he doesn’t want to be called that 

Coming closer to you, you stepped back, feeling the wall against your skin. With a hand pressed beside you, you gulped, gripping the bowl of candy tighter. “Please stop saying I’m cute ____-san.”

- will be dressed up in an elaborate costume; Kise could seriously pull anything off, but he’ll choose to match you for this event! Be prepared for an overly estatic Kise who will definitely wow everyone and you.
- wants to go to parties to dance, eat and have fun with others
- sometimes you’ll catch him staring at you and if you meet his eyes he’ll give a knowing look before laughing quietly

You gulped as Kise’s hand trailed across your collarbones. He gently pressed his fingers against your hair, feeling the softness of it on his skin. “This isn’t fair…” He murmured. “____-cchi looks too…..”
“Too what?” You whispered.
Smirking, Kise leaned down and shared a giant grin. “Nothing, Let’s go dance!”

- Gladiator! Ready to fight and everything Aomine is definitely not the type for fun and adorable costumes.
- Because of his teammates he’s forced to take you to a party and becomes protective of you since he wants you all to himself
- If he sees you eating candy, Aomine will take it from your hands and tease you

Holding your piece of chocolate in between his fingers, Aomine smirked. “Tell me if it tastes sweeter ____,” He said as he placed it in his lips; forefully pulling you to him; letting you taste a bit of the sweet before his lips met yours.

- Lets be honest, Midorima would be a total geek about halloween but because he doesn’t want to appear overly excited, he’ll refuse to dress up.
- You’ll open your door to see him dressed as Sherlock with Takao by his side as Watson-cheeks flushed
- Party? Nope, the three of you plus a few others will be going to a haunted house where Midorima will act unfazed by everything and try to console you if you get scared

Feeling you clutch his arm, Midorima sighed again, letting you hear his supposed annoyance with you. As you opened your mouth to say sorry once again, you yelped instead. Midorima pulled you to his side, holding you tightly and began to walk. “It’ll be over in a bit, so stop being so scared of this stuff ____.” He muttered, face red with embarrassment. 

- Will be a titan? Will he be a tree? Nope! Murasakibara will lazily wear an animal onesie and hold a trash bag by his side
- the two of you will be running around the entire place getting candy and laughing the night away at the little decorations you two will see
- Afer the night Murasakubara will lay on the couch and use you as a little body pillow. You’ll end up watching old Halloween favorites and eating sweets until one of you pass out

“______-chin, the movie’s done.” Murasakibara said as he munched on his chocolate. Stopping in mid-bite he tilted his head downward, looking at you breathing steadily. Frowning he poked you with his sweet. “____-chin?” Sighing, he smiled at you and patted you head, “Sleepy _____-chin is an even cuter ______-chin.”

- Finds Halloween slightly childish sadly, but he won’t tell you because he doesn’t want to make you sad and for his own sake. However, he wants to have a repeat of his childhood-one where his mom use to take him trick-or-treating and dressed him as a knight.
- Akashi will dress up as something less astounding; but nonethless has the hint of perfection. (In all honesty I feel like he’ll still go as a knight because mama-boy Akashi is still a pure cinnamon roll)
- one look at you and he’ll lose his composure for a moment. Dressed as royalty he will treat you much more gently

Holding a hand out to you as you walked down the stairs, Akashi gave you a sweet smile. Kneeling on the ground, he lowered his head, looking up; meeting your eyes. “Your carriage awaits, my queen.” Feeling his hand interlace with yours, you gasped as he pulled you down into his arms and swung you around so his back turned to the steps. His cheek rubbed against yours for a brief second; his breath tickling your ear. “Happy Halloween ______.”
[NOTE: i was going to say you dressed as Daenery from Game of Thrones buuuuut, nahanhanah, since not everyone has read the book or watched the show!]


EXTRA: I did write a scenario earlier of the gom + hanamiya going through a haunted house soooo enjoy!