mama isles

About my excitement over season 7 renewal when I regularly post ‘shit’ (anon’s words, not mine) about this show;

I’ll admit I am a big critic of this show. I nitpick little details that are wrong in the story and filming a lot. 

But I am also one of this show’s biggest fans. I think the time I put into making gifs and the cross-Atlantic travelling to see if I could have a shot at visiting the set and meeting the actors proves that. 

So why am I still excited over a new season? Other than the fact that it means more Sasha on screen? Because I so desperately want it to be good. I want this show to be as good as it once was. And no matter how many eff ups we see in the show, I still have that fool’s hope that it could, miraculously, get better.

This post will contain a lot of words and some gifs so I am putting it under a cut.

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Ally crumples to the side of her bed, panting as she feels tears stream down her face and drip down to her shirt. A sob broke through her as she rocks, feeling old, horrible memories surface through her mind. It was December 29th, the anniversary of the Massacre of Wounded Knee. The day her mother and so many of her people, her CHILDREN, were killed. “Mama…Mama…Mama..“

Memories flashed through her mind as she tore at her short hair, sobbing between her breaths of air. Mothers shot dead with their children dead with them against their breast, children scattered around the ground like broken dolls. A few of the soldiers that massacred her people laughing as others looked mournfully on. And then there was her Mama right beside her, fighting against some of the men until one of the bastards plunged a bayonet connected to their rifle into her heart. Nakoma was already to weak and she crumpled to the ground as blood bubbled to her mouth and seeped out of her wound. “MAMA!!“