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How about gail and holly having a little spat and generally avoiding each other and Rory sorts of senses it? Can you make with a bit of drama when he tries to bring them back together.

A/N: This is more of a misunderstanding than fight. Hope that’s OK. I’ve had this sitting in my drafts since you sent it, sorry it took me so long to be happy posting it! It just needed some tweaks. Thank you for a wonderful prompt!

Holly walks into 15 hoping to surprise Gail after finishing work early, they have both been really busy lately and have barely seen each other in a week. Holly can’t wait until Gail is officially moves in with her and Rory in a few weeks and she can finish work every day knowing she will see Gail at home. Chloe spots Holly and directs her to the locker room, saying she saw Gail go in there with Traci a few minutes ago. Holly pushes the door open slowly and is about to interrupt when she overhears Gail speaking angrily ‘Trace, can you just leave it alone? It’s just too much too soon and I don’t know if I’m ready’.

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Gail x Holly prompt: "The munchkins are awake Hols, it's your turn"

Hi Anon!  I read this line and immediately thought of The Lion King.  I hope you like your prompt :)


It seemed like a good idea at the time, it really had.  Being a woman of science, you knew the statistics, the chances of an embryo taking, let alone being carried to term,were between 20 and 35%.  So why notdouble down?

When Gail took a pregnancy test a week after her trip to their OB/GYN and the digital readout said ‘pregnant’, you were both ecstatic.  The physician in you knew it was possible to miscarry, but the mother in you was already in love.

The joy of Gail’s pregnancy made it easy to take when you noticed a light period one day, a few weeks after your own insemination.  You just assumed the embryo didn’t implant, but then you started to feel nauseous.

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You Did Good - Epilogue

Pregnant Holly fic.

Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

Summer was in full swing. Gail breathed in the smells of grass and trees in her vicinity, and a barbeque future down the street. Lizzy’s giggles filled her ears as her 3 year old daughter played in the backyard while her wife moved around the house to unpack the last few boxes they had left. She reached for her glass of juice and sipped in delight, revelling in the calming environment. Not even the nasty taste of Holly’s healthy juice could ruin this day. Normally the weather would be too hot for the blonde to even step outside, but it was a beautiful day and for once the sun wasn’t out to kill her. Gail took the chance to lie down on the lounge chair and enjoy the nice weather. She cracked open a book but still managed to keep an eye on Elizabeth while she read.

When she had finished the chapter she was on, Gail took her eyes off her book to look over at her beautiful daughter. She had dark curly hair just below the shoulders, brown eyes just like Holly’s and a pout that her wife and everyone else said looked exactly like her own. Lizzy also loved cheese puffs as much as Gail, much to Holly’s dismay.

“Mama!” Elizabeth looked behind Gail as the brunette emerged from the sliding door.

Gail watched as Holly walked towards their daughter, squatting down and listening attentively as Lizzy showed her wife the new set of toys Uncle Steve had bought for her. They played around for a bit before Holly placed a kiss on the girl’s head and stood up to sit at the bottom of Gail’s lounge chair.

“Are those the last of them?” Gail closed her book and placed it on the table beside her.

“Yeah. All done.” Holly nodded as she started to massage Gail’s feet. The blonde sighed at the delicious pressure.

Holly spent the rest of the morning after breakfast unpacking the rest of their stuff from the boxes, putting them away in cupboards, shelves and in the basement. There wasn’t much to do, just a few boxes of clothes, cutleries, toys and books. But now that it was done, they could all sit back and live comfortably in their new home and wait for the latest addition to their little family to arrive soon. Holly sighed fondly at the prospect.

“I would’ve helped, but,” Gail pointed to herself, to her massive baby bump. “you know…”

“Yeah, yeah.” Holly wiggled one of Gail’s toe and smiled at her wife. “I think we both know even if you’re not pregnant, you still hate moving.”

“But I’d do anything for you, my dear.” Gail feigned shock, blue eyes wide trying to look innocent.

“I know,” The brunette moved higher up the chair, her hands on Gail’s stomach stroking her bump lovingly. She could feel a gentle kick and Holly gasped softly. It always came as a surprise every time Holly witnessed it. She could never get used to the feeling. “you’re doing it right now.”

She looked up with a lopsided smile at the blonde, her eyes and her heart filled with so much love for her gorgeous wife. Gail returned the affectionate look and placed both hands on top of Holly’s which were still on her stomach.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Holly looked around them, at their green backyard, the white fences, the beautiful stone pavements that led to the front of the house, their amazing new place to call home. Her daughter was happy, her pregnant wife was happy and the sun was shining. The future was bright and full of promises, and once again Holly felt like the luckiest woman in the whole world.

“We did good, honey.”

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I'm sure you've probably already been asked but a prompt idea for Rory: the school sports day.

Sorry this took me so long! And I kind of mixed two prompts together for this one hope that’s ok.

Other Chapters

‘Rory dinner is ready can you clear away your books so we can eat?’ Holly calls to Rory as he finishes his homework at the table.

Rory and Gail work in silence setting the table and help Holly carry the plates from the kitchen, but as soon as they hit their chairs Rory looks up with a mischievous look on his face. ‘So…’

‘Yes Rory?’ Holly asks.

‘It’s sports day in two weeks’

‘Yeah I saw that, the school sent us a letter about it, what events are you going to do?’

‘Well I want to do the egg and spoon and maybe one other but also will you guys please please do the parents race? Gail you’re super fast at running’

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Prompt: Gail and Holly with kids ! <3

Bonjour, Anon.  I hope you like your prompt. 


“Mom!  Charlie said abad word!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!  She said ‘poop’!”

“If ‘poop’ is a bad word, then I guess you just said a bad word too,” Gail told her son as he tattled on his sister.  She was trying to read the recipe but the kids were lobbying hard for her attention. Dustin didn’t quite know how to respond to that and Charlie looked pleased with herself.

“Well, she also said the ‘b’ word,” he tried again.  This time Gail was more interested although she tried not to let it show.

“What do you mean? Which ‘b’ word?” she asked. Charlie looked sheepish and wasn’t defending herself, so Gail knew she was guilty.

“Uh uh, I’m not saying another bad word,” Dustin said with determination.

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