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Nordickish Livestream!

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This Saturday at 8 pm EST Kontalia will be hosting a Nordickish… Livestream!


Finland (Zach): Yes

Sweden (Cube): Maybe

Finny (Iceland): Yes

Denmark (Power): Yes

Norway (Middleton): Maybe

Sealand (Jay): Yes

Ookami will also be joining us (Since shes another director) and possibly one or two others!

Any questions put into the box pre-stream will be answered first in the stream! Remember just put an * before the ask! Ask box go ask now!

Hetalia Families at Christmas
  • FACE: They just want to have a nice family Christmas dinner, but somehow it always gets ruined. America brought KFC as his contribution to dinner, France got drunk, England burned the house down...
  • Romanics: All about the food. Everyone pitches in to make a huge feast and have a good night. The wine is flowing but no one is going crazy with it or anything. Everyone scolds Romano for his language and someone probably makes Italy cry, but what else is new.
  • Germanics: Now this is a party. Austria has the big mansion, so it's always there, and literally everyone gets roaring drunk. Austria always makes enough desserts for an entire army, then spends the rest of the night playing Christmas carols. Prussia is reliably the first one to pass out.
  • Nordics: An actual cute, relatively peaceful and family friendly Christmas dinner, well, maybe except Denmark, filling the role of the drunken uncle. They have to celebrate on Christmas day rather than Christmas Eve because mama Finland is busy being Santa.
  • Soviets/Kievan Rus: Another drunken party, but it's less fun and more scary. A fight will break out, Belarus might pull a knife, the Baltics are cowering in the corner...
  • Asians: New to this whole Christmas thing. They could really care less about the actual holiday, but giving gifts is nice and they suppose it's family bonding time and stuff, even with no one really socializing most of the time.
  • Oceania: Beach party, bon fire, barbecue. It's summer down there so they spend it in flip flops and bathing suits. This all makes Christmas a lot more relaxed than it is for most of the other families.
DenNor Uncles & Nephews Headcanons

{ Because I’m always a slut for DenNor uncles and nephews bonding… }

1) Ladonia is closer to Norway, and Sealand is closer to Denmark due to having more in common with the other. Regardless, they all love each other equally.

2) Sealand was insecure about this at first with Norway. He worried that the latter didn’t love him as much as Ladonia or even at all. When Norway discovered that Sealand felt this way, he proceeded to smother him with hugs and kisses. That reassured him.

3) On that note, Norway just loves pinching and squishing their cheeks. They’re never amused by this.

4) Denmark plays Vikings with them, and lets them win every “battle” with their toy swords and axes.

5) He also teaches them how to fight. Many wrestling matches are included, in which Denmark also pretends to “lose” every time.

6) Denmark once actually let them touch and try (key word being “try”) to lift and use the axe… until Norway caught them and fLIPPLED THE FUCK OUT. Never again.

7) Denmark and Norway were super excited to become uncles both times! Especially when Ladonia was adopted, because he was their first nephew.

8) Upon finding out that Sweden and Finland adopted England’s micronation kid brother who was always trying to sneak into the world meetings, they were quite shocked.

9) The shock quickly turned to anger, however. They were angry that England just seemed to abandon him so easily. Denmark had to physically be restrained at the next world meeting from giving England a piece of his mind (and his fists). In Norway’s case, it put a strain on their friendship for awhile. During his meetings with his fellow magic-users, he would only speak to Romania and Belarus, while giving England the cold shoulder the whole time.

10) Sealand just loves Denmark’s bear hugs. They make him feel warm and safe. Ladonia, on the other hand, prefers Norway’s softer, more gentler hugs.

11) Their favorite things about Norway are his baking and lullabies. Their favorite things about Denmark are his stories about the Viking Ages and his adventures with the others, how he plays exciting games with them, and how he reads Hans Christian Andersen tales to them before bedtime.

12) Both boys are comforted by the fact that Norway looks somewhat like Mama Finland, especially when they start missing him while sleeping over at their uncles’ house.

13) Norway, again, loses his shit on Denmark if he thinks his husband’s being a bad role model or letting them eat unhealthy foods, putting them in danger, etc.  So it’s all “don’t tell your Uncle Nor or he’ll kill me!”

14) They tend to spoil both both boys rotten, much to their parents’ chagrin.

15) Sealand and Ladonia never fail to wear them out by the end of the day. But when all is said and done, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hetalia Nicknames America Style
  • England: Iggy or Princess Leia
  • Canada: Baby Bear
  • France: Kermit the Frog
  • China: Dragon King and Panda Bear
  • Russia: Commie or Jabba the Hutt
  • Germany: G.I. Joe
  • Japan: Spock
  • Italy: Mama Mia
  • Romano: Luigi
  • Spain: Spanish Jack Sparrow
  • Prussia: Brother from Another Mother
  • Hungary: Hungry
  • Austria: Piano Man
  • Switzerland: Ranger Rick
  • Liechtenstein: Angel
  • Belarus: Psycho
  • Ukraine: Fairy Godmother
  • Estonia: Twin
  • Lithuania: Sidekick
  • Poland: Pony Boy or Barbie
  • Latvia: Cry Baby
  • Sealand: Seaworld or Mini Me
  • Finland: Mama Bear
  • Sweden: Chewbacca
  • Denmark: Viking
  • Norway: Jack Frost
  • Iceland: Ice Cube
  • Hong Kong: Karate Kid
  • South Korea: K-Pop
  • Taiwan: Mulan
  • Seychelles: Seashell
  • Greece: Sleeping Beauty
  • Turkey: Turkey Burger
  • Belgium: Waffle
  • Netherlands: Big Bird
  • Romania: Transylvania
  • Australia: Crocodile Hunter
Sealand's Contact Names
  • America: FREEDOM
  • Canada: Mr. Maple Hockey
  • Australia: Crocodile Hunter
  • England: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Republic of Ireland: Lucky Charms
  • KugelMugel: Coolgelmoolgel
  • Molossia: Damn
  • Hutt River: Rich People
  • Seborga: Fancy Tomato
  • Italy Veneziano: Potato's Tomato
  • Italy Romano: Angry Tomato That Doesn't Like Being Called Tomato
  • Scotland: Uncle Braveheart
  • Monaco: Don't Bet With Her Again
  • Seychelles: Seashell
  • France: Hon Hon Hon A La Baguette
  • Russia: ^L^
  • Belarus: Black Widow
  • Ukraine: Farmer Lady
  • China: Oldasaurus Rex
  • Hong Kong: Yo
  • Prussia: Awesome Hero
  • Germany: Potato (+ dogs)
  • Austria: Beethoven
  • Ladonia: Bro
  • Iceland: Fire And Iceland
  • Norway: Uncle Butter
  • Denmark: Uncle Pineapple
  • Finland: Mama Bear
  • Sweden: Papa
  • Estonia: Uncle Glasses
  • Latvia: Friendo
  • Lithuania: Clipboard Dude
  • Poland: Ponyland
  • Switzerland: GUN
  • Liechtenstein: gun's nice sister
  • Netherlands: Uncle MONEYMONEYMONEY
  • Luxembourg: Luxbourgini
  • New Zealand: New Zzzz
  • Greece: Spoiler Alert I Want To Pet Cats
  • Turkey: He EmphaSIZes THE Wrong SylLAble
  • Spain: Happy Tomato
  • Portugal: Port U Gull
“Imagine your icon getting followed around by little ducklings that think that your icon is their mom”



“finland help”


“Look Mr. Sve! They’re so cute!”





Concept: Imagine Sealand, shortly after Sweden adopts him, being left in the care of his uncles overnight while his parents go out on a date. Imagine him being wary and even somewhat scared of Norway at first, because to him, he seems cold and emotionless. Imagine him worrying that his Uncle Norway doesn’t like him/likes Ladonia more.

Now imagine Sealand finding out that, while Norway may not be as cheerful or smile as much as Mama Finland, he’s actually just as kind and nurturing. Imagine him having a terrible nightmare that night, a nightmare that causes him to wake up screaming and crying… when all of a sudden, he feels somebody taking him into their arms and cradling him close to their chest, cooing to him that it was going to be all right. Much to his surprise, it’s his Uncle Norway. And for the rest of the night, Norway stays with, cuddles, and mothers Sealand.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how Sealand discovered that his Uncle Norway is actually a pretty nice guy!

DenNor headcanon that when Norway is reading on the couch or something Denmark will silently shuffle over and without even needing to say anything Norway will lift up his arms to let Denmark sit in his lap and wrap his legs around Norge’s waist.  He likes the physical affection and usually ends up falling asleep like that, Norway becoming stuck there when he’s done reading so he usually falls asleep with him.  Later, Fin comes and wraps a blanket around the two of them

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The Nordics' reaction to Icey coming home drunk from a party he snuck out to?

Ah, Icey why you go and do this to yourself man? lol

Sweden: Sve would be like a dad. He loves Icey and seeing him like that would actually awaken a very dadish kinda thing with him. He’d be disappointed but also somewhat fear for his life due to what Norge was going to do to him. He wouldn’t have to say much, just giving Icey a sure fire look of disappointment. Then think to himself  how he was going to really mess with Icey in the morning when he had a hang over. Cheeky Sve ;)

Finland: Mama Finny would be all over that business. He’d lecture about how he was too young to be doing this and how that was just so immature and about sneaking out, bringing out all of the good mom lines like “what were you thinking young man?” Classic. Icey probably too far gone to really focus, but Fin would pull the mom card anyway. Taping his foot and putting his hands on his hips.

Norway: Norge would be THE scariest one. He’d give off the scary kind of aura Russia does. Not only for coming home drunk but for sneaking out and going who knows where with who knows who! If there as anything that would have a shot of making Icey sober up a mad big bror would totally do it. Norge giving that “if looks could kill you’d drop dead,” glare to him.

Denmark: Den would have a huge mix of emotions. Worried that Icey snuck out, but also really kinda oddly proud of Icey for some reason. Almost wanting to pat him on the back but knowing that that wasn’t right and he’d probably be killed for it. Yet the Dane was never one to shy away from a beer or drink himself. So he’d probably stand behind Norge being secretly proud and mostly too scared to cross the angry Norwegian. he knowing it was best at that point to just shut up, nod and agree.

Hetalia Nicknames - Poland Style
  • America: Captain
  • Canada: Ghost Dude
  • England: Bushy Brows
  • France: French Fry
  • China: Papa Dragon
  • Russia: Yeti
  • Germany: Erwin Smith
  • Japan: Pan-Pan
  • Italy: Taly
  • Romano: Jack’s Wife
  • Spain: Jack Sparrow (pirate!Spain)
  • Prussia: Red Eyes
  • Hungary: Soul Sister
  • Austria: Bach
  • Switzerland: Sniper
  • Liechtenstein: Bubbles
  • Belarus: She-demon
  • Ukraine: Baby Mama
  • Estonia: Glasses
  • Lithuania: Liet
  • Latvia: Crybaby 1
  • Sealand: Little America
  • Finland: Big Mama
  • Sweden: Frankenstein
  • Denmark: Sexy Viking
  • Norway: Fairy Queen
  • Iceland: Popsicle
  • Hong Kong: Twin
  • Taiwan: Princess
  • Seychelles: Butterfly
  • Greece: Kitty
  • Turkey: Turk
  • Belgium: Waffle
  • Netherlands: Godzilla
  • Romania: Dracula

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Okay I'm about to go into high school and I was wondering if mama Finland could give me some guidelines to having a healthy, stress free year? I'm super nervous!

Preparing for high school is very similar to preparing for a trek in the tundra!

  • Pack light, but pack what is necessary. 
  • Do not forget snacks, and some form of entertainment to while away the quieter moments.
  • Wear layers.
  • Prepare for the uncharted and unexpected, but gather information from the locals to help guide you.
  • Engage with your surroundings.
  • Practice awareness.
  • Only use the restroom when you are sure the environment is secure. 
  • Keep your head above water.

Amongst and above all of these points, it is advisable to enjoy and value the time you put into your adventure as best as possible!

Hetalia Nicknames - America Style
  • England: Iggy, Caterpillar (referring to his eyebrows), bro (to creep him out), and British Babe (to annoy him)
  • Canada: Can-Can
  • France: Francey
  • China: Jackie Chan
  • Russia: Commie or Red October
  • Germany: Blondie
  • Japan: Jappy
  • Italy: Pasta
  • Romano: Angry Italian Man or Chiquita
  • Spain: Combo
  • Prussia: Bro
  • Hungary: Miss Hungary (he doesn't mess with her)
  • Austria: Schroeder (from Peanuts)
  • Switzerland: Commander Swiss
  • Liechtenstein: Cutie
  • Belarus: Marionette
  • Ukraine: Sis
  • Estonia: Steve Jobs
  • Lithuania: Bud
  • Latvia: Lil Guy
  • Sealand: Mini Me
  • Finland: Mama Bear
  • Sweden: Papa Bear
  • Denmark: D-Dog
  • Norway: Wizard
  • Iceland: Ice Queen
  • Hong Kong: Brother from Another Mother
  • Taiwan: Tai-Tai
  • Seychelles: Shelley
  • Greece: Cat Man
  • Turkey: Turk
  • Belgium: Waffle
  • Netherlands: Druggie
  • Romania: Vampire
  • Australia: Crocodile Hunter
  • New Zealand: Kiwi