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sanguinepsycho asked:

You know, I don’t think we ever learned who you paired Lucina and Morgan with.


ahah, no, I’m kidding. In my games I paried Lucina/Gerome and Morgan/Kjelle, buuut it’s not that I’m really affectionate to these. I’m fine with every kids couple really :°D (hides the kids under the coat and runs away). Totally fine! (bye)


Kameko, wife of Saizo the Fourth and mother to Kaze and Saizo the Fifth.

A traditional Hoshidan priestess with an air of quiet elegance and grace, she has an insatiable wanderlust within her. She settled down with her husband and two sons, but started traveling again after her husband’s passing. She cares deeply for her sons and is worried especially over Saizo, who she feels is too consumed with revenge over his father. With a calming and warm demeanor she is quite likable, but she still has a secret grief over her husband’s death.

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avalon821  asked:

I have a sudden need for Xander fluff with a baby Kana and a little Siegbert please write one sorry if this sounds kind of demanding I haven't really been on tumblr long and I really like your stories XD

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“Come along, son.” Xander’s hand was closed around Siegbert’s, taking his son along with him as the pair headed down the corridor. “You don’t want to be late.”

“Late for what?” Siegbert asked, curious as always. He’d been left in the dark about some sort of mystery, something involving his mama and papa. Xander’s smile was soft, a tiny spark of amusement twinkling in his eyes.

“Our surprise.” He responded cryptically, leading his little son further into the castle. “You remember that conversation we had, some time ago? About you becoming a big brother, soon?”

Siegbert nodded, brow furrowing. “Of course I do, Papa! I promised I’d protect my baby sibling with all my heart!” He declared as bravely as the day he’d said it not too long ago.

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i think none of us can believe how much effort i put into the silly idea of “if pants are illegal in nohr, niles and shura need some LAW ENFORCEMENT”

if sophie has to ride her horse in a thong, these two get to run around in them.

(also check out that absolute territory, o mama)