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Fic: Just a Touch of Magic (4/4)

Title: Just a Touch of Magic
Summary: After another squeeze of Emma’s hand, Snow let go, patted her knee, and stood. “If anyone can figure out how to communicate across realms, it’s you and Elsa.”
Spoilers: Up through 4x11, “Heroes and Villains.”
Rating/Warning: PG-13, mostly for language and some (perhaps uncharacteristic for me) suggestiveness. Here be Charming Family, Captain Swan, and Frozen Swan goodness.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I’m just trying to pass the time until hiatus is over.
Author’s Note: And we’ve come to another end. I just couldn’t let the goodbye between Elsa and Emma be permanent, so I was glad to give them this little outlet. Thanks for once again being the best readers ever! You guys are awesome.


At and below.


For a little while, the bedroom buzzed with excited voices. Anna had knocked on Elsa’s door to ask her opinion on something wedding-related but as soon as she saw everyone in the mirror, whatever question she’d wanted to ask was quickly forgotten. “Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed, crouching down beside Elsa in front of the mirror, much to everyone’s amusement. “I’m so glad you’re all okay! Well, I mean, of course you’re okay but we did kind of leave things kind of up in the air with Mr. Gold knowing me and what that all meant and … you know what I mean.”

Emma hid a smirk. She did indeed know what she meant. “We’re all fine. So you and Kristoff are finally getting married?”

“In two days! We know it’s kind of fast but really, it’s been, what, three decades in coming? And most of the stuff we needed was still here anyway, like the decorations and everything. It was just the food that needed to be remade.”

David chuckled. “Only in circumstances like these could weddings be delayed thirty years and then carry on again with just the tiniest of hitches.”

Emma could practically feel her mother’s wistful eyes on her. Sometimes the circumstances did indeed fall as David said. As they well knew, however, sometimes circumstances didn’t allow for people to just pick back up three decades after they left off.

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