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austintrench  asked:

So how would aku reveal himself to bunny? And would any father son games they be like Scotty and Doctor evil?

(I haven’t seen austin powers so i am not sure??)

And Aku would’ve revealed himself… dramatically, of course, but he doesn’t do it right away. He waits for months, telling himself that it’s just to make sure that she doesn’t get scared and run off before the baby is born. But even once that happens, he drags his feet about it.. and he’s not sure why. It couldn’t be because he CARES, obviously. He’s betrayed thousands of creatures in the past, and it’s never mattered to him before… 

Even when he does finally get to revealing himself as the all-powerful master of darkness, he offers her riches, power, magic, anything she could ever want if she goes along with his plan to raise an heir.

But for all of his careful planning, she turns him down HARD and takes her baby with her into a different time/world. He’s surprisingly half-hearted about chasing them down, and eventually gives up. Partly because Johnny had no powers to speak of and partly because of a broken heart, even though he would never ever admit that. He becomes even more cruel than usual for the next century or so afterward.

Bravo mama! M-ai transformat intr-un monstru si tot tu te plangi de fata pe care o ai! Apreciez faptul ca mi-ai demonstrat ca nu pot avea incredere nici in familie, d-apoi in prieteni..
—  (Via pierduta-in-multimee)

I’m so not sorry for this : )



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Zenny The Rainbow Unicorn

HERE COMES ZENNY BRAVO,in all his magnificent narcissism and over-board flirting.

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