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If I Stay (2014)


Lucky cat mama! 💖

i work in a greenhouse year round and it’s honestly one of the most meditative spaces to be. it’s almost like a calm sets over the customers, and folk have told me many times how tranquil and relaxing they feel around the flowers and plants. there’s just something about nature that everyone can relate to and it’s such a beautiful thing.

Hiatus from Mama...?

Hello, fellow fans. Mod Mama here with a quick announcement:

So I am in some trouble due to personal issues (that are not my fault, but just for my anxiety), which then resulted in my phone getting taken away.
This means that posts related to the plot will either be very slow or won’t be made at all until my return.

I apologize for this, as I am unsure how long this is going to last. May be a couple of days until the situation is resolved, or may take even longer.

Thank you for your time.


Bendy: “Welcome everyone to m-”

G. Freddy: *cough*

Bendy: “OUR Arcade and Dinner. Take a seat and we’ll send someone to take your order.”

((So, this is an ask blog for really a bunch of indie horror characters, and some ocs who in this AU run an Arcade/dinner called: Scream n’ Feast. I will add more characters in the future, and will probably change the current design for Boris. I Will also take some I guess… ‘Artistic liberties’ with the definition of indie horror, but this is just something I wanted to do for a little while. So, thanks to anyone who reads this and the ask box is always open.))