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New York Comic Con with Marvel Contest of Champions  ²⁰¹⁷
Caestridge + Chloe: Milk and pyjamas.

I just feel like May has really become Mama May, she’s become the mother hen of the group. These are her children.
—  Ming Na Wen on Melinda May’s relationship with the kids of SHIELD. (x)

I kinda missed it at first but in the beginning of the Skye may scene may noticed Skye didn’t eat anything and got her something to drink to make sure that she kept eating and I can see Skye growing up being hungry in foster care all awkward limbs and being too skinny and not eating because some foster parents can be really mean and so she starts associating being “bad” with not eating and Melinda noticing so she makes sure Skye eats because May notices everything and is trying to show that she cares about her team because she is like her mom and thinks that actions speak louder than words and she isn’t a robot she cares so much and brb I’m overwhelmed with feels

ps this gif was created by booasaur you are brilliant and awesome