mama and mike

Tillie Baker-Lawson. Owns 2 Padres jerseys but hasn’t worn either because Mike and Ginny can’t agree on whose number she should have. Ironically they both want her to wear the other’s number. Her three favorite words: Mama, Papa, Padres. Mike calls her Rookie Jr. She can be found every Saturday in the Padres clubhouse. It’s tradition to rub Rookie Jr. for good luck.

More Than Average

Hey lovely people, just a warning while this is far from smutty, sex is mentioned so don’t read if it makes you uncomfortable. If you want me to make a part 2 then let me know :)  

Sammy and I were never serious. But to me what we had more than just fun. I thought he felt the same way up until two and a half hours ago when I walked in on him with another girls legs around his head. Quietly I shut the door and let them carry on. Who was I to tell him to stop? 

I’m not devastated by what happened, but my ego is definitely bruised. Was I not good enough, did I not sexually satisfy him? What was it? It’s made me think about things. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m sat on a beach reassessing my life. I have never been in a serious relationship. My entire adult life has been a series of brief flings and dry spells. Something needs to change. 

The sand is soft and warm underneath me, I’m sitting peacefully and watching the sun rise. It helps me to feel calm. I need that feeling more than anything right now. What if I live and die a tragic spinster…no. I tell myself to snap out of it and focus on my environment. The sky is a blue canvas, flecked with one thousand shades of orange and pink. Someone cast’s a shadow on the sand in front of me. I assume it’s Sam and I’m ready to tell him that, whatever it was we had, is finished- it’s only Nate. He drops down into the sand besides me and stretches his legs out in front of him. He’s in his red jersey, and I can see a few parts of various tattoos peaking out from beneath the fabric. His black hair is a mess, some girl probably had her hands in it. The sunrise casts a faint orange glow on his Jaw. He need’s to shave, his stubbles a day old at least.

“Hey Nate.” I say, sounding a lot more solemn than I mean to. Like the sky and beach, the sea is calm at the moment. Small, lazy waves roll onto the sand before sliding back into the ocean. The air is fresh and crisp and salty. 
“Sam was looking for you.” He tells me as he hands me a beer. I sip it gratefully. 
“Why?” I ask. “He only wants me for one thing, and from what I’ve seen he’s already got it covered.”
Nate doesn’t say anything else and neither do I. Instead he just stays beside me, picking up handfuls of sand and watching as it filters through his fingers back onto the beach. I notice that Nate doesn’t have a beer. I can’t help but smile as I sip mine. When was the last time a boy gave me his drink…actually I think this is a first for me.

“What’s wrong with me?” I sigh as I lean my head on his broad shoulder. 
“Nothing.” Nate says. 
In this moment I’m so grateful for Nate. He can be a fuck-boy at times, but he can also be a sweetheart. I had more than my fair share of experience with fuck-boys, so it’s easy to tell that right now Nate’s being genuine.
I’m conflicted, on one hand he’s a boy so I feel as if he should know what my problem is, but on the other hand our relationship has only ever been platonic, so why would he know?
“There must be something.” I mumble, “I’m twenty and I’ve never been in a serious relationship.” The waves are lapping gently at my toes, the tide must be coming in.

“You’re a boss lil mama. You know what you want and you won’t fuck around to get it. You’re fucking with little boys, they’re intimidated by you.” He continues to scoop up the sand, and it continues to trickle through his open fingers. I sip my beer and watch the ocean. Lil mama, I like that. “I mean I love Sammy and all; dudes like my little brother. But it was apparent from day one he couldn’t handle you.”   
I can’t help the amused laugh that slips from my lips, “Oh really?” I say, removing my head from Nate’s shoulder so that I can see his face. He looks surprisingly sober, considering the party we threw here last night. 
“I mean you two have been going at it, for what, three weeks?” I nod, he’s about right. Then Nate, in the most conversational, casual manner goes “Tell me how many times he made you cum?” 
I almost spit out my beer. I sit and just gawk at Nate. “He did just fine!” I eventually manage to scold Nate, but I’m blushing furiously.
“I sleep next door Y/N and you’re not that good at faking it: Oh my god!” He moans in a high pitched voice, throwing his head back. “Sammy you’re so good,ooo mmm yeah. I’m totally about to cum!! UHHH!!” 

By the time he starts thrusting I’m laughing so hard that tears are rolling. “What, and you think you could do any better?” I challenge, but I don’t expect him to step-up.
“I know so.” Nate grins, showing of his dimples.
 Just for a nano-second the thought crosses my mind. But then Nate is on his feet, he offers me a hand and pulls me up too. The thought’s gone. “Sorry Maloley, I’ve made up my mind. My day’s of fucking around are over. You were right. I need to find a real man if I want him to appreciate me and treat me like I deserve.”
“I respect that lil mama. But make sure you stay true to yourself, and more importantly make sure he can make you cum. Twice.”
I chuckle and take one last sip of my beer before handing it back to him. “Thanks Nate. I’ll keep that in mind.”

 I turn and make my way back to the beach house where we’ve been staying all weekend. I’m going back to it with a clearer mind than when I left with.
“Y/N for the record,” Nate calls after me, “I never meant just fucking around.” 

I turn and stare at him dumbstruck. My heads not so clear any more. Nate just stares back and sips the beer. Then he turns away, back towards the sea, sit’s down in the sand and lights a blunt. I head back to the beach house more confused than ever.